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Matt Little and Brett White love comic books like Rogue loves Gambit — in a very unhealthy way that exhausts everyone around them. Join them as they dissect comic book culture with the focused totality of their nerd abilities.

Matt & Brett Love Comics‪!‬ Matt Little & Brett White

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Matt Little and Brett White love comic books like Rogue loves Gambit — in a very unhealthy way that exhausts everyone around them. Join them as they dissect comic book culture with the focused totality of their nerd abilities.

    Movie Recap: Guardians of the Galaxy

    Movie Recap: Guardians of the Galaxy

    The movie Matt never thought he’d see has arrived! An assassin, a
    scoundrel, a destroyer, a raccoon, and a tree have all come together to
    form the heart of what just might be the best movie of the summer. Get
    ready for some PRAISE. And spoilers, lots of spoilers if you haven’t
    seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet!

    Joining Matt and Brett are frequent guest Kevin Hines, as well as first
    time guests Nate Kushner and Lacroix Scott. Get out there and see
    Guardians of the Galaxy ASAP!

    Music: “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways,
    “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone

    "Movie Recap: Guardians of the Galaxy" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/guardians-of-the-galaxy.html

    • 37 min
    HeroesCon 2014: Image Artists Panel

    HeroesCon 2014: Image Artists Panel

    While at HeroesCon, Matt and Brett moderated the Image Artists panel
    featuring Ryan Browne (“God Hates Astronauts”), Jason
    Latour (“Southern Bastards”), Paul Azaceta
    (“Outcast”), and Paul Maybury (“Sovereign”).

    Music: “Artists Only” by Talking Heads

    "HeroesCon 2014: Image Artists Panel" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/heroescon-image-artists-panel.html

    • 56 min
    HeroesCon 2014: Image Writers Panel

    HeroesCon 2014: Image Writers Panel

    Matt and Brett had the pleasure of moderating the Image Writers panel at
    HeroesCon 2014, which features Matt Fraction (“Sex
    Criminals”), Kelly Sue DeConnick (“Pretty Deadly”),
    Bryan JL Glass (“Mice Templar”), and Justin Jordan

    Music: “Virginia Plain” by Roxy Music

    "HeroesCon 2014: Image Writers Panel" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/heroescon-image-writers-panel.html

    • 1 hr 2 min
    HeroesCon 2014

    HeroesCon 2014

    Matt and Brett have returned from their trip to Charlotte, North
    Carolina’s HeroesCon with a lot of new memories, a few new buddies, and
    a double quartet of interviews! Yes, double quartet. Octet? Probably.

    Anyway, while wandering the expansive Artist Alley at the comic-focused
    show, Matt and Brett spoke with:

    Mitch Gerads (artist on Punisher)
    Jake Wyatt (upcoming artist on Ms. Marvel)
    Joe Quinones (artist on Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell)
    Jordan Boyd (colorist on Star Wars: Legacy)
    Dean Trippe (writer and artist of Something Terrible)
    Kevin Wada (cover artist for She-Hulk)
    Matt Wilson (colorist for The Wicked + The Divine)
    Maris Wicks (artist for Primates and All-New X-Men)

    Music: “Easy” by Real Estate

    "HeroesCon 2014" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/heroescon.html

    • 42 min
    Special Edition NYC 2014

    Special Edition NYC 2014

    The summer con season is in full swing and this year – for the first
    time ever – includes another show in New York City. This was the
    inaugural Special Edition NYC con held in Manhattan’s Javits Center, and
    unlike the big ol’ New York Comic Con, this con was strictly comics.
    Brett hit the show floor and grabbed some interviews, catching up with
    old friends and making new ones.

    Will Sliney (Fearless Defenders)
    on Spider-Man 2099
    Marguerite Bennett (Joker’s Daughter)
    on writing Firestar in Amazing X-Men Annual #1
    Mike Norton (Battle Pug)
    on his hot hot Con Bowler meme
    Rachelle Rosenberg
    on coloring Superior Foes of Spider-Man
    and Star Wars: Legacy
    Maki Naro (Sufficiently Remarkable)
    on his time on StripSearch
    Annie Wu (Hawkeye)
    on the NYC improv comedy scene and her team Villain;
    cameo appearance by Kris Anka!

    Music: “Editions of You” by Roxy Music

    "Special Edition NYC 2014" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/special-edition-nyc.html

    • 52 min
    That Feeling When You First Find A Thing

    That Feeling When You First Find A Thing

    This week on Matt & Brett Love Frozen Yogurt, things take a slight
    detour towards comic books and ‘80s cartoons! But really, there’s a lot
    of froyo talk up top before we stroll down memory lane, reminiscing our
    teenage years discovering TV shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000
    and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Also, Matt’s been reading some comics
    on the Marvel Unlimited app! This is the first talk episode in a little
    while, so there’s some catching up to do.

    Stuff we mentioned:

    Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men
    X-Men (original animated series)
    G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (original animated series)
    “We just heard Duke’s going to be all right!”
    Transformers: “Call of the Primitives”
    Transformers: The Headmasters (series)
    Batman: The Brave and The Bold (series)
    Ultimate Spider-Man (series)
    Star Wars: The Clone Wars (series)
    Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (series)
    Space Ghost Coast to Coast (series)
    Craig Rowin’s It’s That Episode 40 with Space Ghost writer Dave Willis
    One-time Space Ghost guest (episode 30) Flip Orley
    Marvel RPG
    X-Files List of Mythology Episodes
    X-Files: “Small Potatoes” (written by Vince Gilligan)
    X-Files: “The Post-Modern Prometheus” (B&W episode)
    X-Files: “Bad Blood” (Rashomon-style pizza delivery vampire episode)
    The Punisher (Greg Rucka run)
    Brett’s six-inch Marvel Legends Black Widow figure
    Podcast episode with T.J. Dietsch where Brett talks about his X-Men toy conspiracy theory
    Podtoons: Batman is a Terrible Liar
    Podtoons: Spider-Man Goes Suburban
    Left Handed Radio: Tales from the Longbox
    Staten Island Clown

    Hey! Are you going to HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 20-22? We are! Let us know on Twitter (@brettwhite and @themattlittle) or on our Facebook page!

    Music: “Who Makes Your Money” by Spoon

    "That Feeling When You First Find A Thing" originally appeared at http://mattandbrettlovecomics.com/podcast/2014/when-you-first-find-a-thing.html

    • 1 hr 4 min

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4.9 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Trouper87 ,


I like it but that doesn’t like you will.

fujithebun ,

Keep Katy out please

Matt & Brett are great, and their guests are for the most part very complimentary to the hosts. With one, really annoying exception: Katy Healy Whatshername. High pitched and inarticulate, she defines the geek girl wannabe with a vapid heart.

moonshdw8 ,

Best Comics insight!

I listen to a lot of comics themed podcasts and each one has their various focus or niche, but Matt and Brett have, by far, the best insight and thoughtful commentary I've heard on any podcast about comics.

It so great to hear someone putting as much thought into comic fandom as they do. Keep up the awesome job!!

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