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Manhood, Purpose, Masculinity, Intimacy … Love? Join Bryan Reeves, Air Force Captain turned renowned Life Coach, on the search for wise, powerful, heart-connected men who can show us the essentials for living a truly masterful life as Men.

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Manhood, Purpose, Masculinity, Intimacy … Love? Join Bryan Reeves, Air Force Captain turned renowned Life Coach, on the search for wise, powerful, heart-connected men who can show us the essentials for living a truly masterful life as Men.

    Where Do We Go From Here (043)

    Where Do We Go From Here (043)

    In this episode I share with you how 2019 was for this podcast, including specific download numbers and insights, and also 4 powerful lessons I learned doing this.

    Also, given it’s the end of 2019, I share my Life Theme Mantra process and invite you to create your own for 2020 (see video below – my mantra for 2020 is “My Year of Hell Yes!”)

    Finally, I’ll answer a really great question from a new listener, Martin, who heard the last episode where I talked about some key differences between merely surviving and actually thriving in life, and wrote in to ask, essentially, how does masculinity evolve from here! .. I’ll share some really interesting thoughts and insights into that, as well … so definitely stay tuned to the end of this short episode of Men This Way …

    Alright …

    Let’s Dive …


    Amazing Year … 42 episodes … 55k downloads!

    Most listened to episodes of 2019:

    (1) E27 – Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her

    (2) E23 – Why Men Sex (Porn) to Avoid Pain

    (3) E18 – Why My Girlfriend Was Always Angry With Me

    4 Key Lessons from Podcasting This Year

    (1) You never know what’s going to work.

    (2) Don’t do it if it you’re not inspired to do it (because life is a momentum game).

    (3) Be supportive – we gotta have each other’s backs.

    (4) Be willing to NOT know how things are supposed to go.


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    Stop This Tragic Cycle (Ruining Your Relationship) (042)

    Stop This Tragic Cycle (Ruining Your Relationship) (042)

    Ever been stuck in a relationship cycle of disagreement, arguing, then breakdown?

    Do you dismiss feelings – yours or another’s – as invalid when they don’t make sense to you?

    Do you ache for more harmony and ease in intimate relationship?

    In this episode I dive into my popular blog:

    Stop This Tragic Cycle In Your Relationship

    Whether or not you’re in a relationship, this is going to be meaningful to you, because I believe this tragic cycle isn’t really about what is happening with another person, but rather what is happening with YOU, on this inside, and it’s just showing UP in your dynamics with others, and especially your intimate partner …

    This happens in all relationships, straight, gay, and otherwise.

    I’m talking about a masculine-feminine dynamic, which does NOT mean a man-woman dynamic. As I just stated, this tragic cycle is playing out inside us all … but for the sake of ease and illustration, I’m going to talk about it in the broadest sense that I’ve seen it, in coaching couples the last 6 years, and in my own relationship experiences too. That is, I’ll frame it as a Man-Woman dynamic, but again, I STRESS!!! … if you’re a man, and you relate more to what I describe as a woman’s experience, go with it. Same if you’re in a same sex-relationship. Don’t get tripped up by the details – like what genitalia you have – just take what resonates for you and discard the rest.

    But if you want to truly thrive in this lifetime, and experience TRUE FREEDOM along the way, keep listening … hopefully you’ll understand why I say that, shortly …

    Definitely stay tuned for my 3 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

    Alright …

    Let’s dive …


    “The Boundaries Program: Relationships Suck Without Boundaries!”

    “Conflict to Connection” 90-Day Couples Program

    “Love, Sex, Relationship Magic” Audio Program

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    5 Signs A Man Is Connected to Heart (041)

    5 Signs A Man Is Connected to Heart (041)

    Why is it important for a man to learn how to connect to his heart?

    What does it really look like when a man is connected to his heart?

    How can a man connect to heart without disconnecting from his balls?

    In this episode, I dive into those questions by diving into one of my popular blogs, 5 Signs a Man is Connected to Heart for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life. 

    I’ve worked with so many deeply well-intentioned men, even highly successful men, business owners, military commanders, even other coaches, who couldn’t really connect with or feel their own hearts – and they only knew that because despite all their successes, despite having even the relationship they thought they’d always wanted, on  some deep, essential level, they nonetheless couldn’t enjoy it or thrive in the experiencing of it all.

    Actually, it’s a curious and tragic thing, that so many men won’t begin to even explore what it means to be connected to heart, until they’ve lost what they later realized was most important to them.

    I had that experience, when Silvy and I broke up just 6 months into our relationship.

    That’s why I’m such a big fan of fully empowering women, because often I see that it’s a deeply empowered woman, one who is no longer willing to tolerate a disconnected man’s behavior because she’s no longer willing to suffer the hurts of his actions, who turns out to be the catalyst for a man to finally realize he MUST connect with his heart.

    And I am talking about my journey, my friends.

    So … definitely stay tuned today for my 5 Key Practices, any of which you can choose to work with for the next 7 days, to help you connect more deeply to your heart, at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

    Alright …

    Let’s dive …


    “The Boundaries Program: Relationships Suck Without Boundaries!”

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    There Are No Evil Atoms w/ Leigh McCloskey (040)

    There Are No Evil Atoms w/ Leigh McCloskey (040)

    Have you considered whether the daily questions you live in are sourced in fear? Or in wonder?

    Do you regularly spend time with what truly matters to you?

    Where do you go when you can’t run away (from your challenges) anymore?

    This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve ever had with another human being.

    Because I am a philosopher at heart, and Leigh McCloskey is one of the most intriguing, fascinating, inspired and inspiring minds alive on the planet today.

    While Leigh was a famous TV actor back in the day, a regular on TV shows like General Hospital and Dallas, and countless other daytime soaps and movies and shows like Star Trek and BattleStar Galactica, I’ve only ever personally known him as one of the most fascinating minds alive today, for in addition to being a strongly grounded human being, he is also a visionary artist and plugged-in-to-the-mystical-realms philosopher.

    I first met Leigh in person at his home in Malibu.

    I had no idea what I was in for when a friend invited me to a small movie screening one evening Leigh and his wife, Carla, were hosting.

    From the outside, his home, just a short walk from the wild Pacific Ocean, looked more or less like any modest Malibu home, by which I mean it wasn’t some grotesque mega-mansion snubbing its nose at the land and everyone around it, but rather a beautiful and expansive 2-story country home, sweetly nestled into the trees and hills surrounding it, the kinda place you’d expect to be welcomed with a glass of iced-lemonade and stories on the porch before retiring to a guest bedroom bigger than your living room.

    But what I stepped into was far beyond anything I’d ever imagined before.

    After the 9/11 tragedy in 2001, Leigh went to work on turning his entire 2nd floor into an artwork of epic, visionary proportions, the likes of which I’ve only seen rivaled in places like Salvador Dali’s fantastic home in Spain and artist Alex Grey’s mind-bending Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City.

    Anyway, I can’t even begin to describe Leigh’s home, and I want to get into this conversation, which, I caution you, you will have to listen deeply, and you may have to listen a few times, because interspersed throughout what may seem like an intensely philosophical conversation, Leigh says some of the most beautiful and profound things you’ll ever hear: like, “there are no evil atoms,” and, “I have to tell my wife and my daughters, it is their love that has healed me,” … and “We are coming out of the age of the father – I think therefore I am – and entering the age of the mother (“i love therefore I am”)”

    So, grab your lemonade and a seat on the porch – I saved a rocking chair for you – and listen well, all the way through to Leigh’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

    Alright …

    Let’s dive …


    5:33 ~ The recent Malibu fire

    7:32 ~ “There are no evil atoms”

    11:02 ~ Living well and navigating life

    16:07 ~ Coming out of the age of the father, and into the age of the mother

    23:20 ~ The modern disconnect between success and relationships

    30:12 ~ The questions of life

    38:33 ~ Defining our values without reference to others

    41:17 ~ Returning home and intimacy

    45:03 ~ The role of the Devil in our lives

    51:50 ~ The biggest challenge facing men in the world today

    56:14 ~ “5 KEY TAKEWAYS” FINALE

    56:22 ~ KEY INSIGHT: Trust yourself.

    57:17 ~ KEY MENTOR TO LEARN FROM: W. Brugh Joy (Author and Doctor), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Philosopher and Poet), William Blake (Poet and Painter)

    59:22 ~ KEY RESOURCE (most impactful, inspiring book, movie, podcast): BlacKKKlansman (Movie), Dave Wexler (Director), Flying Lotus (Musician), as well as “Memories, Dreams, and Reflections” by Carl Jung (Book)

    1:01:01 ~ KEY INVESTMENT (the best thing you spent money on,

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    Learn to Shift Your Mindset (Fastest Way to Change Your Life) (039)

    Learn to Shift Your Mindset (Fastest Way to Change Your Life) (039)

    Are you sure it’s your circumstances holding you back?

    Are you sure you don’t have everything you want because of too many things outside your control?

    Could it be that your mindset has far more affect on your life than your circumstances?

    Could it be that simply changing your mindset, can change your life profoundly?

    In this episode, I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life.

    In fact, in this episode I’m going to share a few deeply personal experiences when working to shift my own mindset changed everything for me. In fact, I’ve discovered that simply working harder, at whatever I’m doing, basically never works, at least not to bring me the experiences I want most.  

    Yet working with my mindset always has. 

    Now, I don’t do a good job of talking about science, or formal research, in my work. Which is interesting …

    But a lot of what I’m going to share with you today may be confronting to the part of you that wants to hear the science, but that’s the part of you that also argues you can’t have what you want, if you don’t see the money for it in your bank account. 

    And that’s exactly the part of you I WANT to confront today.

    There’s tons of books, some have reached icon status, like Think and Grow Rich, (Napolean Hill) and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”  (Dale Carnegie) … 

    Even my current teaching guide, Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” … which I believe will become iconic – and by the way he does a GREAT job of breaking down the science of how this mindset shifting game works, by illuminating how your thoughts unleash a biochemical chain reaction that ultimately creates your daily destiny, and how your thoughts get stored in your body, thus in a way becoming like your unconscious mind that makes all your choices for you … you know, like you know you’re doing things that aren’ good for you, like working too much, or smoking, or excessive video games or porn use, or eating, or not exercising … and yet you continue the pattern … because your subconscious mind, programmed into your body, and never confronted or dealt with in an effective way, it’s running the show. That’s why your life essentially continues to look the same, no matter how much harder you work at it, or how much money you have, etc.

    I believe we are on the leading edge of a profound paradigm shift … learning to tap into a deeper wisdom than just our rational minds. 

    It’s my hope today that this episode turns on a light inside you, or rather turns UP the wattage on the one already burning, so that you realize you are much closer to everything you want than you may now think, and that it has nothing to do with your bank account, or the condition of your body, or your parent’s disapproval, or who’s in political office, or the fact that you don’t have a partner, or that you do … but rather, it has everything to do with your mindset.

    So definitely stay tuned through to the end where I share my 3 Key Takeaways on Mindset work at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

    Finally, if you want to share feedback or share what this conversation inspired in you, email me directly at bryan@bryanreeves.com … I’d love to hear your thoughts … 

    Alright …

    Let’s dive …


    3 Key Takeaways:

    (1) Working harder can create incremental changes in your life. But only working to create a new mindset can create massive changes quickly.

    (2) It’s exceedingly difficult to do reliable mindset work without support. After all, you can’t see what you can’t see.

    (3) Your mindset, in any given moment, is rooted in only either fear, or love. You choose.


    Joe Dispenza’s MUST-READ BOOK: a href="https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1401938094/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative

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    Fix Less, Feel More (You’ll Feel Better) w/ Joshua Wenner (038)

    Fix Less, Feel More (You’ll Feel Better) w/ Joshua Wenner (038)

    Do you ever feel emotionally … stuck?

    Ever say (think) you’re over something when you’re just not?

    Could so many of your so-called “problems” actually resolve themselves if you could just BE with your feelings? (hint: yes)

    I love what Joshua Wenner is up to in the world, in particular his work to help men heal from deep physical and emotional trauma.

    While he does a lot of things, one thing I want you to know is that he leads emotional resiliency trainings up in the mountains west of Los Angeles for first responders, like policeman and fireman, and you’ll hear some remarkable stories in this episode about what becomes possible when men start simply being willing to open up about the hard day they just had with spouses and children; how that can even save lives.

    Despite being exposed to death throughout his childhood and young adult years, including a stint in the National Guard during which he deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, Josh’s real journey into grief and emotional literacy, or resiliency, really began after losing his brother in 2007 to addiction. Just three days after his brother had asked to come live with him, and he said ‘no’. He shares that story of what happened in this podcast. But that moment launched him into what has been a lifelong journey of grieving and healing and teaching men the same. He’s actually working on a documentary series called Grief to Grace, and the trailer is just electrifying, inspiring, heartwarming and touching. Go watch it!

    I’ve been able to spend some time with Joshua this last year in a variety of settings, including a men’s group called Man Cave Elite that we’re both part of, brought together by a mutual friend, Preston Smiles, who was also a guest back in the early days of this podcast.

    Anyways, I just really like Joshua. He’s easy to be around and clearly a deep soul who has been through a lot in life. Today we talk about men and loss, the ways we pretend and distract from our pain, the hidden costs of our suffering to both ourselves and our loved ones, and what we can do to begin healing every day from the everyday pains we suffer. So we can get our lives back and actually live with vitality, true contentment, and even joy. We both share some great practices that we do ourselves and we offer the people we work with to help process your pain in ways that are safe, constructive, and serve not just you but everyone around you. So definitely stay tuned for Joshua’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way.


    Let’s dive…


    6:01 – Disagreeing in Partnership and more on Joshua’s Grief to Grace series

    9:15 – Joshua’s Forgiveness Ceremony (11 years running) and Grief Yoga

    13:34 – Emotional Forgiveness

    17:01 – The Metaphor of Emotional Loss to Physical Pain

    22:00 – Sitting with Pain

    24:50 – The Importance of Grieving and Joshua’s Journey

    30:00 – Fixing vs. Accepting

    34:50 – Not Moving on too Fast and Allowing Yourself to Feel Anger

    37:45 – Awareness: Pain Not Shame

    40:15 – Sitting with Your Feelings

    45:10 – How Limiting One Emotion Suppresses the Rest

    48:22 – Core Wounds

    53:45 – Isolation and Loneliness 🡪 Building a Community of Men you can Trust


    54:28 ~ KEY TAKEAWAY 1: Love your body the way it loves you

    55:41 ~ KEY TAKEAWAY 2: Mentor – Ken Druck

    56:46 ~ KEY TAKEAWAY 3: Key Resource – The King, Warrior, Magician and Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gille...

    • 1 hr 5 min

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Rich Goesinya ,

Love this dude and love this podcast

He’s so cool and laid back but also reveals his own stories and struggles in his life.
It feels like listening to a friend.

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast!!

Bryan, host of the Men, This Way podcast, aims to motivate & inspire in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

mntnbkr68 ,


My girlfriend and I listen to every cast. What we have learned from you has changed our relationship so very positively. The personal growth I’ve experienced from listening is simply life changing. Bryan, I can’t thank you enough.... Chip

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