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Midlife Schmidlife is a podcast hosted by Liz Applegate, a transformative life coach, entrepreneur and multi-passionate empty-nester. Join Liz each week as she interviews people over the age of 40 who are redefining midlife and going after their dreams or discovering new passions. Midlife Schmidlife is meant to inspire you to turn your “maybe somedays” into today.

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Midlife Schmidlife is a podcast hosted by Liz Applegate, a transformative life coach, entrepreneur and multi-passionate empty-nester. Join Liz each week as she interviews people over the age of 40 who are redefining midlife and going after their dreams or discovering new passions. Midlife Schmidlife is meant to inspire you to turn your “maybe somedays” into today.

    Finding Peace & Power in our Bodies with Cheryl Whitelaw

    Finding Peace & Power in our Bodies with Cheryl Whitelaw

    Ready to reclaim the meaning of fitness in midlife?
    Let me intorduce you to Cheryl Whitelaw a Move More Without Regrets coach, teacher, and CEO of Peace and Power Movement Services. She supports her clients to learn through their movement through body-based coaching, Mindful Movement classes, and hands-on work to support the functional activity. Her clients share a desire to live with vitality, keep going as they age, and often recover from life-changing conditions like MS, Fibromyalgia, or brain injuries. She found true joy in movement when she started training aikido at age 46. Currently, she is preparing for her black belt test.
    We have a deep and meaningful convo about fitness in midlife, war, social injustice, power and peace in this impactful episode.
    You can find out more about Cheryl and free monthly online workshops at https://www.kindpower.ca/awareness-through-movement-classes/
    Cheryl is also offering 5 free online discovery sessions for Midlife Schmidlife listeners to help them learn how to move more efficiently with less stiffness or discomfort. https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16538138&appointmentType=29112047

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    Being Phenomenal with Kim Romain

    Being Phenomenal with Kim Romain

    We are continuing with the series “Reclaiming Midlife.” This episode’s question before we join today’s conversation…how would your life be different if you accepted and celebrated all of who you are? 
    Think about that for a minute. 
    All the “flaws” you feel you have and are magnified in how you see yourself. While all of your gifts are downplayed. All the areas where you have been successful or are proud of that you brush away. Everything you’ve gone through that has led you to where you are…
    What if, instead of thinking it was no big deal - you thought “Hot damn, I’m pretty amazing!” 
    Sadly, we’ve been taught to not get too big for our britches. Or that bragging isn’t nice. That being boastful makes you arrogant. 
    I have a theory that comments like “don’t get too big for your britches” is what I call a “good girl rule.” We learned this as a child as a way to fit into the proper box of being acceptable as a woman. And here we are, over 40 and still living by those standards. 
    My friends, you can claim your brilliance without being a jerk. You can be confident in who you are as a person and not belittle others. In fact, by claiming yourself, you are giving permission for other women to do the same. You can point out your daughter’s, sister’s or friend’s magic and celebrate that for them so they can then see it in themselves. 
    And I think that’s one of the amazing attributes today's guest brings to the show. 
    Kim Romain is a holistic life & business strategist helping busy professionals move from chaos to clarity in their work and life. For years (decades, even), she thought there was something wrong with her because she couldn't settle on the "one thing" she was "meant to do" in this lifetime. She had 11 different undeclared and 5 different declared majors in college and has had 6 major career changes (not just job shifts) since then. When she was introduced to the concept of being a multi-passionate individual, she felt like she was finally able to breathe.
    Clearly someone who doesn't like to settle for one things at a time, Kim describes herself as an artist, theater-geek and D&D enthusiast, who is deep into the practice of meditation and mindfulness, loves playing the violin, working with her crystals and Oracle cards and will jump at any opportunity to whip up culinary delights in the kitchen or plan a super fun party with all the bells and whistles.
    Head over to the show notes to find direct links to connect with Kim online, previous Midlife Schmidlife episodes mentioned in this conversation as well as a photo of a dessert that Kim shares in our conversation. 

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    Brave, Bold, and Badass with Grace Howes

    Brave, Bold, and Badass with Grace Howes

    We are kicking off a new series, "Reclaiming Midlife." The concept was inspired by a meme I saw on Facebook - It's of the Golden Girls side by side with the characters of the Sex in the City reboot, And Just Like That. The meme lets us know that both shows' characters are the same age. Head to the show notes to see the meme.
    My mind started swirling around when I saw this. First, there was disbelief. Then, there was shock and horror. Then, finally, there was an acceptance that we've come a long way, baby! But also how we still have a long way to go. 
    And I believe that the journey of reclaiming starts with ourselves. And reclaiming midlife is both literal and figurative - why do we have such an aversion to the word "midlife?" This podcast is midlife Schmidlfie, all based on what the term implies. And figuratively, how are you choosing to show up during this time? Are we embracing who we are now? Or are we living in the past? When was the last time you asked yourself what's important to you now? Are you settling into a career that no longer suits you? Have you dreamed of having more in your life - only to feel guilty?
    It's time we claimed this time in our lives! And hey, I'm always open to a new word to describe where we are, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!
    And speaking of reclaiming, I have another podcast suggestion for you! The concept of a woman "circling the drain" conjures up negative imagery for some. But for the hosts of Circling the Drain Podcast, they've heard this phrase used so many times about perimenopause, menopause, and the plight of the aging woman that they've chosen to reclaim and repurpose the term in the spirit of humor.
    Co-hosts and longtime friends Ellie and Julia take a deep dive into the sometimes embarrassing, often hilarious, and always bewildering issues of hormonal changes in midlife. Through honest accounts, thoughtful interviews, and group panel discussions, their mission is to make you chuckle, nod your head in recognition, and hopefully make some scientific progress!
    Their episode from March 30th, My Face is Falling, is with a board-certified family nurse practitioner and certified aesthetic nurse specialist. Their convo is all about botox, injectables, and filler. I learned so much! And it shifted my view of what I'm willing to explore for myself. The best part? I laughed my ass off the whole time while listening. 
    Tune into Circling the Drain Podcast, every other Wednesday. Wherever you get your podcasts. Seriously, be sure to go and subscribe. 
    Now back to Midlife Schmildfte, my guest for today's show is Grace Howes. Grace and I have many similar life experiences and do identical work supporting women over 40 with their business mindset. And I've been very fortunate to know Grace through the Courageous Living Coach Certification. So we've even met in person! And our conversation in today's show makes it feel like yesterday. In fact, we were just talking about reclaiming midlife, and neither of us realized we had started the podcast conversation! So it's a good thing; I had hit the record button early. 
    Grace believes that women can achieve anything at any time and that her age should never be a factor. It was only in her early 40s after she started her 1st business when she realized that JOY was hers to have (she always thought she needed permission). However, that doubt didn't need to be her constant sidekick.
    You can find Grace on Instagram and Facebook at @kgracehowes. And since recording this conversation, Grace started her podcast for women in biz, Brave, Bold, and Badass. Here are ways you can connect with her:
    Are you ready to reclaim midlife? Let's drop into the conversation that I had with Grace. 

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    Preseason Reclaiming Midlife

    Preseason Reclaiming Midlife

    I'm blaming it on my midlife brain, but I forgot that I promised myself a 1-week break between seasons!  So I'm holding to the boundary I promised myself, and I hope you'll do the same. Remember, it's okay to change your mind. It's okay to say no, and it's more than okay to hold a boundary. 
    Join me next week, April 19, 2022, for the new season, Reclaiming Midlife, with my guest Grace Howes. 

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    Living by Trial & Error with Kerstin Martin

    Living by Trial & Error with Kerstin Martin

    Today’s conversation is with my guest Kerstin Martin, a leading SquareSpace Expert and Calm Business Educator who helps entrepreneurs simplify their business tech with the all-in-one SquareSpace platform.
    Kerstin also publishes the popular Eule Planner®, an analog business planner specifically designed for digital entrepreneurs. As an HSP and empath Kerstin’s approach to teaching and running an online business is calm and gentle, with a focus on delivering high quality content, service and training. She advocates and practices kindness, integrity and inclusivity. Kerstin is originally from Germany and lives in the Pacific Northwest with her American husband, fluffy grey cat 'Stinky', and their plane 'Ginger.'
    Best of all? Kerstin started her business in her 50's.
    We talk about the natural evolution of becoming an “accidental entrepreneur” and how Kerstin likes to be open to new opportunities by living by trial and error. She tries something new with the attitiude that is it doesn't work, she can try something else. This has led to having a 6-figure business without all the hype and hustle.

    I can’t help but notice how Kerstin creates what she needs and then shares it with her audience.
    You can connect more with Kerstin at kerstinmartin.com and on Instagram at instagram.com/kerstinmartin
    Interested in Human Design? Find out more here: https://www.jovianarchive.com/
    We mention Susannah Conway a few times. She is amazing and you can find here: https://www.susannahconway.com/
    This is the last episode in the “How they got started,” series. The upcoming series “Reclaiming Midlife” begins on April 12, 2022. This next series was inspired by the meme that recently circulated of the Golden GIrls and the Sex in the City roboot, “And just like that…” actors side by side, shocklingly letting us know the characters were the same age. I was in total shock so had to check and yep…Dorothy stated she was 55 in the very first episode of the Golden Girls.
    Head over to the show notes on the website to catch a glimpse of the meme. https://www.midlifeschmidlife.com/podcast/episode-46.
    Finally, If you don’t know my story, after starting my first business as a virtual assistant & online business manager at age 47, left my 9-5 18 months later and became a coach at age 49 and shifted my business around that new-found passion/purpose. I then in 2016, started this podcast when I was 50. I honestly feel that I came into my own in midlife. Since then, helping women in the "middle years" has been dear to my heart.
    I often say how you don’t need to be in business for this podcast but many of you have reached out to me wanting to know more about becoming an entrepreneur. I'm considering creating a group program to help you do just that.
    Not only will we be setting up the basics for your business, you’ll learn what’s really needed, what’s not -  we will also look at your business idea and get clear on what you are offering. And most importantly, we are going to look at developing your entrepreneur mindset. I always say that besides parenting, there is no greater growth opportunity than starting and growing a business. And having a successful business is less about strategy and more about the inner work that needs to be done.
    You can be just starting your biz idea or maybe you have a business and feel the foundational pieces need support. Whether it’s a side-gig, a passion project or maybe you eventually would like to be a full time entrepreneur - they all need to start with a good base and this program will help you do just that within a community of other women doing the same. 
    If you'd be interested in learning more, click here to add your name on the list and will be hearing from me soon. I will also be reaching out for your input! I'd love to hear where you need the most support and how this program can help. 

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    Learning New Things with Diane Diaz

    Learning New Things with Diane Diaz

    When was the last time you learned something new?  Something for the very first time? Like taking a class learning a new skill or hobby. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you back in the beginner's mindset.
    I have a theory that our confidence plummets when we quit actively learning. And this week's guest, Diane Diaz, feels the same. 
    Diane is a speaking coach and personal brand strategist. She loves working with women to help them find their unique voice and build their personal brand and thought leadership through speaking. Nothing makes her happier than seeing other women step into their power, tell their stories, and make a bigger impact.
    She loves seeing women's confidence and seeing more and more women move into positions of power and influence in our world in companies, on boards, and in political office. More women in positions of influence and power, please! :-)
    In our conversation, Diane shares how learning to swim in her late 30s catapulted her confidence into many new experiences. From starting a new career to competing in the Florida Ironman Triathlon in her 40s, and so much more.
    We are making our way through the "How They Got Started" series, and Diane's story is one to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone. 
    Be sure to connect with Diane:
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianediaz/
    Website: https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

isabellestepbystep ,

So good

I just found you and am listening to a few episodes. I just heard the one where you interviewed 2 other coaches and talked about confidence. So good. Now I'm listening to the latest on job and career.
I can't wait to hear more. I love your gentle voice and I feel encouraged already.

Alexandra Stockwell ,

warm, deep conversations

Love this podcast. The converation with Jenn Vertenen was amazing, inspiring, mesmerizing, raw, vulnerable, and opened my heart.
Love Liz's converational style and look forward to hearing more episodes!

MoiraCleary ,


Love listening to Liz and conversational interview style. I feel like I'm a fly on the wall receiving wonderful insight! So glad you are back for another sesson!

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