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How many coincidences are too many?

Midnight in Kentucky Midnight in Kentucky

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How many coincidences are too many?

    Kentucky's Serious Werewolf Problem

    Kentucky's Serious Werewolf Problem

    Known to the Cherokee tribe as the Limmikin, French settlers as the Rougarou, and those who would establish the Transylvania colony in Kentucky simply as Werewolves, something ancient and deadly has walked these hills and hollers since before a time when the bluegrass made them famous. The full moon has risen once again and Midnight in Kentucky is back with an in-depth look at just a few terrifying experiences with Kentucky’s own Dogman. Tonight, we’ll confront a few recently documented encounters with one of the Commonwealth’s most dangerous cryptids, including a tragic recent incident of the the killing of a child in early 2020 in Knott County, and the possibility of the creature’s involvement, as well as take a deep-dive into the storied history of the beast’s residence in it’s primordial hunting grounds here in our weird Kentucky home. Light the torches, load the silver bullets, steel your nerve, and journey with us as Midnight in Kentucky tackles Kentucky’s serious werewolf problem!

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    The Tragic Tale of Captain Thomas F. Mantell

    The Tragic Tale of Captain Thomas F. Mantell

    Just six months, three days, and 1200 miles removed from the infamous UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, on January 7th, 1948, something tragic happened in the skies over Franklin County, Kentucky, that would change the face of UFOlogy forever. At 2:30 in the afternoon, After repeated and coinciding reports around the region of a massive, white, circular object overhead, Twenty five year old Kentucky air national guardsman, Thomas F. Mantell, was dispatched to observe the unknown craft and report back to Godman Army Airfield, at Fort Knox. Around 3:15, Captain Mantell’s P-15 Mustang would come crashing down, into the Franklin County bluegrass below, ending the pilot’s life. What happened over the course of less than an hour on that January day, early in 1948, would redefine the golden age of the flying saucer phenomena and introduce a terrifying element of danger into the mystery that had come before. Tonight, on our first episode of 2021, and in commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of the unexplained and tragic death of Captain Mantell, we examine the series of events that led up to the crash, as well as the possible cover-up that began even before Mantell’s P-51 hit the ground. So keep a check on your altimeters, Nightowls, tonight we’re flying high into unknown skies, with all that and more, on Midnight in Kentucky: The Tragic Tale of Captain Thomas F. Mantell! 

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    Mysterious Kentucky 


    Mantell UFO Incident


    Gorman Dogfight 


    When a U.S. Fighter Pilot Got into a Dogfight with a UFO


    The ‘Pentacle Memorandum’




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    In Conversation with Paul Herring

    In Conversation with Paul Herring

    In the dense and darkened wood of the unknown, there walks a huntsman. In online hideaways, around digital campfires, he gathers the tales most others are afraid to even mention in a whisper. Podcaster, private investigator, and paranormal enthusiast Paul Herring is that Mysterious Huntsman. On his Youtube channel, and podcast, of the same name, Paul has heard the stories of hundreds of witnesses to the unexplained, supernatural, and highly strange. Tonight, in our last episode of 2020, we sit down around the digital campfire with Paul, to recount just a few of his collected stories, and discuss ongoing odd phenomena around the world, and here, in the south specifically. Not only will you hear of an all out war between a dogman and campers in the Red River Gorge region, and an encounter with a hairy inhumanoid by a law enforcement officer in Western Kentucky, but Paul shares with us some of his own incidents and encounters with the weird, as well as his thoughts on the heightening strange activity of the past year. So gather all you’ll need to survive, Nightowls, tonight we convene at the campfire to go in search of the unusual, arcane, and unexplained, with the Mysterious Huntsman as our guide, on Midnight in Kentucky in conversation with Paul Herring!

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    MH EP 33 Bear Hunter Finds Bigfoot!


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    Mark of the Bell Witch Review

    Mark of the Bell Witch Review

    In the December of 1817, some 200 years ago, the Bell family, along with the residents of Adams, Tennessee, became embroiled in one of the strangest, and most terrifying visitations of the supernatural on record. Soon after the patriarch of the Bell family, John Bell, opened fire on an unknown creature, unexplained scratches began being heard in and on the walls of the Bell homestead. These scratches would slowly give way to whispers, and then to the fully emboldened voice of The Bell Witch. Though we plan on doing our own look at the odd goings on in Adams later in 2021, tonight we’re turning our attention to the newly released feature film from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters, The Mark of the Bell Witch. The perfect blend of horror movie narrative and deep-dive documentary, The Mark of the Bell Witch explores the presence of the witch through various lenses, including the spiritual nature of the phenomena, the folkloric, historic, and mythological aspects of the story as it has been told, and the effects on the town and community of Adams itself. Capturing a moment in the adolescence of America when terror came to Tennessee, the feeling of isolation in the face of supernatural onslaught is made palpable to the viewer. So, Nightowls beware! Ethereal black dogs, otherworldly orbs, and disembodied demonic entities lie ahead! But perhaps, most dangerously, slight spoilers, as Midnight in Kentucky reviews and discusses Small Town Monsters, The Mark of the Bell Witch!

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    In Conversation with Philip Mantle

    In Conversation with Philip Mantle

    Philip Mantle is one of the foremost researchers and investigators on the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects, UAPs, and otherworldly encounters from the sky. Formerly the director of investigations for the British UFO research association, and England’s MUFON representative, Philip is the founder and proprietor of Flying Disc Press, and holds decades of experience in the field, and has written over a dozen books on the subject. Tonight, we speak with Philip on the recently released documents and photographs on and of UFOs from governments around the world, as well as his thoughts on the spiritual and conscious nature of unknown craft. Additionally, we discuss Philip’s latest book, Introducing UFOs: A Young Person’s Guide, and take a deep dive into some of the startling case files contained within. Philip shares his stories as a longtime member of the worldwide UFO scene, alongside such notable names as Whitley Strieber, Jacques Valee, Calvin Parker, and many more! Hear it here, tonight, as the full moon rises and flying discs zip through the skies toward the horizon, on Midnight in Kentucky, in conversation with Philip Mantle!

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    Introducing UFOs: A Young Person’s Guide


    Without Consent: A Comprehensive Study of Missing Time and Abduction Phenomena in the United Kingdom


    Hyper-civilizations: An answer to ET contacts on Earth


    UFOs over Romania


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    In Conversation with Lon Strickler

    In Conversation with Lon Strickler

    Lon Strickler is no stranger to the strange. As host of Arcane Radio and the Beyond Explanation YouTube channel, and guide to one of the most comprehensive compendiums of Fortean research in the modern age, Phantoms and Monsters, Lon has investigated and logged more experiences with the unknown than most of us have ever considered. In addition to his role as one of the leading researchers and field investigators of various phenomena, he has also lived a life inundated with the other worldly. From an intense experience of clairvoyance on the battlefields near Gettysburg as a boy to an encounter with the Sykesville monster while fishing in the early 80s, for Lon, the paranormal is personal. Tonight, hear of some of his strangest investigations and his own run-ins with that which should not be. In addition, we discuss The Chicago Mothman, upright canids around the nation, the occult and magickal aspects of the unknown, and much more, as Midnight in Kentucky goes in conversation with Lon Strickler!

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    Phantoms and Monsters


    Arcane Radio


    Beyond Explanation


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4.6 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

albany,ky ,

10 stars

The last post you guys just put up on Facebook is true. I seen it in early spring I stared at it for a while and after realizing it wasn’t a jet and it wasn’t blowing exhaust fumes out after a couple minutes I realized it was just floating hanging out but also moving. I looked at it through binoculars and it was the exact thing as the post i big white oval I do enjoy your podcast though the only bad thing about the podcast is that you guys don’t post daily lol

Hyperkinetic ,

Excellent content

I’m a fellow Kentuckian and podcaster and even as a skeptic I love this podcast. Keep up the great content!!!!!!

KYdozerguy ,

Excellent material!!

I found this pod cast after searching for a subject mentioned on Brohio podcast. And what a excellent find!

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