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Just a regular New York City guy who gets to interview some pretty amazing people... A conversation/hangout podcast with friends, athletes, authors, celebrities, fighters, and the world's most fascinating people

"the greatest podcast ever" - My Mom

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Just a regular New York City guy who gets to interview some pretty amazing people... A conversation/hangout podcast with friends, athletes, authors, celebrities, fighters, and the world's most fascinating people

"the greatest podcast ever" - My Mom

    Mike Safo with Brad Balukjian, author of "The Wax Pack"

    Mike Safo with Brad Balukjian, author of "The Wax Pack"

    Joined today by author of one of the best sports books of the year, The Wax Pack, Brad Balukjian. Brad and I talk about his friendship with The Iron Sheik, why the proposed book idea didn’t happen and how their relationship is now. He shares what inspired him to grab a pack of 1986 Topps baseball cards, open and it and travel the country with the plan of interviewing the ball players. We chat about how he got started on the project, what was his goal and what he thinks of the current card market. We discuss Richie Hebner, Gary Templeton and Carlton Fisk and how he had to balance not fan-boying out and asking difficult questions. Brad tells us about visiting his favorite ball player, Don Caren, growing up and what it was like to hang out with him and have a catch with him. Brad explains why he included personal details from his life into the book such as his OCD, his relationship with his dad and past relationships. From funny stories involving Rick Sutcliffe to the tragic heartbreaking interview with Doc Gooden’s son. Brad takes the reader on a ride through their childhood using our favorite toy, Baseball cards. Follow Brad and purchase the book here.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/bradbalukjian

    Website: https://bradbalukjian.com/

    Purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZQWSFNK/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

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    Mike Safo with Paul Knepper, Author of "Knicks of the Nineties"

    Mike Safo with Paul Knepper, Author of "Knicks of the Nineties"

    Joined today by author of the incredible book “Knicks of the Nineties: Ewing, Oakley, Starks and the Brawlers that Almost Won It All”, Paul Knepper. Paul and I chat about growing up in the Big Apple, why he moved to the Lone Star State and what he misses the most about New York City. He talks about this being his first book, what made him want to tackle the subject and the difficulties of writing a sports book by juggling games, stats and stories. We touch on the cornerstone of the Franchise, Patrick Ewing, what his expectations were, why he was perfect for NYC and why he is the most underrated superstar of our generation. We talk about the importance of Pat Riley and how he changed from Hollywood to a gritty defensive minded coach. We discuss the wars with Jordan and the Bulls, the Charles Smith missed layups and how there was always “one thing” missing from that illusive championship. Paul and I talk about the importance of Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, John Starks and the other iconic Knicks of the 90’s. We talk about 1994 in NYC with the Rangers and Knicks owning the back pages and OJ owning the TV. We relieve some of the classic rivalries during that time (Heat, Pacers, Bulls). From missed opportunities with free agents to Allan Houston and Spreewell coming to the Garden join us try to capture a special decade in New York History. 

    Follow Paul here and purchase this tremendous book: 

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/paulieknep

    Book: https://theknicksofthenineties.com/

    Purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Knicks-Nineties-Oakley-Starks-Brawlers-ebook/dp/B08KBLCKX7/ref=sr_1_1?crid=37JXHLUSHVO2Z&dchild=1&keywords=the+knicks+of+the+nineties&qid=1622393865&sprefix=knicks+of+nin%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-1

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    Mike Safo with MLB Veteran Scott Bradley

    Mike Safo with MLB Veteran Scott Bradley

    Joined today by former Yankee, MLB Veteran and current head coach for the Princeton Tigers baseball team, Scott Bradley. Scott and I chat about the Jersey Shore, where he grew up and his favorite beach down there. We hear about getting draft 2 times and why he didn’t sign with the Twins and decided to go to the University of North Carolina. He describes his time down at Chapel Hill with Michael Jordan, Worthy, Perkins and Dean Smith. Scott tells us about getting the call from his favorite team, the Yankees, that he was their draft pick, what NFL Legend was selected before him and why that trivia question won him a lot of beers. We chat about getting the call to go to the Bronx, where he lived while playing for the “Bronx Bombers”, and how it was entering a locker room with Yogi Berra, Donnie Baseball and other legends. He tells us about getting traded to Seattle, catching a no-hitter, and when he knew it was time to retire. Scott shares about the leaders and mangers that paved the way for him to be the head coach at Princeton, his recruiting style and how he almost landed Jack Leiter. From stories about Yankees old-timers day to what George Brett gave him after his first game. All this plus his unique answer to the “coolest person in your phone” question. 

    Follow Coach Scott Bradley on twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachBradley9

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    Mike Safo with Todd Radom

    Mike Safo with Todd Radom

    Joined today by author and legendary graphic designer, Todd Radom. Todd and I talk about growing up in NYC, what has changed the most and what food he craves now that he’s in Upstate NY. Todd talks about his obsession with logos and uniforms at a young age, and what draws him to the color schemes and intricate details. We talk about the Red Sox New Patriots day uniform, the ever changing NBA city edition jerseys and if the players actually care what their uniform looks like. We discuss his incredible new book “Fabric of the Game: The Stories Behind the NHL’s Names, Logos, and Uniforms”, what made him want to write a book like this, the difficulties of writing this book with a partner and the challenges of limiting each franchise to 4-5 pages. We touch on some legendary teams such as the Maple Leafs, Red Wings and Rangers to some obscure teams like the Quakers and the California Seals. Todd then talks about  what made him famous, and that's designing some of the most recognizable logos in the world of sports. We hear about how he designed a Super Bowl logo, the pride of creating the Brooklyn Cyclones logo and some of his other projects. Todd and I talk about the disappearing usage of ticket stubs, which sporting event he wished he could have witnessed live, and his unique brick memorabilia collection. All this and more with the Logo King Todd Radom. Follow Todd and check out his site here:

    Todd's site: https://www.toddradom.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToddRadom/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toddradom/

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    Mike Safo with Eric Hubbs, Barstool Sports

    Mike Safo with Eric Hubbs, Barstool Sports

    Joined today by Barstool sports writer and host of the “Short Porch” podcast, Eric Hubbs. Eric talks about growing up down in Jersey, where he partied down the shore and what made him take his talents to Syracuse University. We chat about his time at the ‘Cuse, how he got the gig at Barstool and how he slowly became the go-to Yankees guy for the company. Hubbs and I talk about the 2021 Knicks, how much fun they are to watch, what they need to go to the next level, and why they need fans in the Garden. We slide into baseball and talk about the cheating Astros, if the fans will still be fired up over what they did and some of the most hated players from that team. We talk about the upcoming Yankees season, expectations and answer some of the following questions: Did they do enough to bolster the rotation, what will the loss of Tanaka mean? Should they have gotten a left-handed bat? Will Gary Sanchez bounce back and will we be having a parade down Broadway in November? We have some fun talking about the hype surrounding Jasson Dominguez, Hubbs hanging with Tom Brady and much more. Follow Hubbs and check out his podcast here:




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    Mike Safo with Dave Wedge, author of "The Last Days of John Lennon"

    Mike Safo with Dave Wedge, author of "The Last Days of John Lennon"

    Joined today by the Boston Herald's award winning reporter and New York Times best-selling author, Dave Wedge. Dave talks about growing up in Boston, his updated and re-released Tom Brady book, (“12”), and his thoughts about watching Brady hoist the Lombardi trophy as a member of the Buccaneers. Dave shares his passion for music and the interviews he has conducted with the legends in the field, such as: Ozzy, Gene Simmions, Biggie and more. We talk about his incredible new book “The Last Days of John Lennon”, how the idea came about, how it was working with James Patterson, and the hurdles they faced in promoting the book due to the pandemic. Dave reveals the success and the shortcomings of John Lennon, how after 5 years in musical seclusion he was finally ready to take off for his second career and why his message of Peace and Love is needed more today than ever. We chat about Mark David Chapman, mental illness, gun control and how sad it is that his name is always linked with Lennon. We discuss how John Lennon would be viewed today with his outgoing expressions with various movements, will Chapman ever get paroled and how the Beatles still resonate today. All this plus we chat about Dave’s new crime podcast coming soon. Follow Dave here:


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4.9 out of 5
74 Ratings

74 Ratings

rg67777 ,

Awesome mix of guests

Mike has an aimable and laid back style of interviewing and connecting with his guests. And Mike has some great guests as very diverse. Amazing travelers, sports legends, famous authors, and much more!

Pop1aw ,

My Favorite Show

This is one of the most entertaining shows on here. Listen to it everyday driving to work. Nothing but straight entertainment. Some of my favorite interviews.

my boy beat cancer ,

Top notch

Safo straight up kills the interviews. Mike asks the questions every fan would want to ask and I LOVE his unwavering support of university of Kentucky. If you want to listen to an entertaining podcast, listen to SAFO!

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