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the florida boys sit down and shoot the shit about how video games are propaganda for the deep state and mostly not great for your brain.


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the florida boys sit down and shoot the shit about how video games are propaganda for the deep state and mostly not great for your brain.

    episode 16 - sex with stalin (feat. jimmy falun gong)

    episode 16 - sex with stalin (feat. jimmy falun gong)

    back by popular demand, the one and only jimmy falun gong joins us once again to permanently cure us of all liberal tendencies. we talk about the worst game of all time and how they made a mockery of stalin the stallion's legacy. time to bring back stalin boys! that's right go bother your s****y brother to listen to this episode, we prove once and for all that the man is a hero (and possibly POC that one's harder to discern)

    • 2 hr 2 min
    episode 15 - metal gear solid v: the phantom pain (featuring dakota)

    episode 15 - metal gear solid v: the phantom pain (featuring dakota)

    the bog boys are back this time we've got dakota with us making his first appearance on a podcast! we cordially invite glenn greenwald to come on the show to bravely truthtell with us and then dive into MGSV to answer the important questions, including but not limited to is snake really bi-curious? did kojima blow up the world trade center? and what makes uncircumcised bullets so much cooler than cut rounds?

    • 1 hr 39 min
    episode 14 - jfk reloaded

    episode 14 - jfk reloaded

    well we missed mindgamez monday by about an hour but it's all good, better late than never! we're vibing tonight, the bog is steamy and we're all just soaking wet and itchy talking about committing regicide. we finally get to the bottom of who actually killed kennedy, people thought it couldn't be done and yet all it took was a couple intrepid sleuths from florida working through it

    • 1 hr 23 min
    episode 13 - manhunt

    episode 13 - manhunt

    it's SSRI night in the mindgamez bog as we explore the snuff film simulator, rockstar north's manhunt! it's bleak and depressing but you can hear alex getting pilled over the course of the episode which is good because really this whole thing has just been a long con to drive alex insane and it appears to be working. also in the intro alex bleeps me referencing the bag of fertilizer i have on my porch which is in no way to be construed as a threat towards anyone

    • 1 hr 45 min
    episode 12 - chess (featuring jonboy)

    episode 12 - chess (featuring jonboy)

    you may not have known but games are something you can play outside the internet too, like face to face with friends and family and even strangers and today we talk about a "real life" game called chess with one of twitter's foremost chess scholars @GoodluckJonboy! he teaches us how chess and driving cars are opportunities to play god and kicks each of our asses at chess at the same time. also we have some absolutely serene outro music by @doodoodarian

    • 1 hr 55 min
    episode 11 - wolfenstein 2: the new colossus

    episode 11 - wolfenstein 2: the new colossus

    we're back!!!! after a month (plus) hiatus we get back in the zone to discuss wolfenstein 2: the new colossus, but along the way we get sidetracked talking about the physics of pressurized systems and avian reproduction processes. this is a new leaf we're turning over, this is a science podcast now, no one will ever accuse us of being mouthbreathing swamp people ever again!

    also huge shout out to alex for turning 150 minutes of nonsense into something semi coherent, he pulled tf through frfr

    • 1 hr 29 min

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4.6 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

cbreezyyall ,

CJ, I'm begging you, please stop yelling in the mic

I heard about MINDGAMEZ when the boys made a guest appearance on Programmed to Chill and quickly added them to the p-cast p-list rotes (a little inside baseball term for podcast playlist rotation).

Parapolitics and video games is an ambitious crossover and they pull it off well. I personally think you have to have a meandering conversation to make coherent connections between the two topic and that the world deserves to hear the uncut 3-4 hour recordings I assume the episodes start out as. I'd even subscribe to a patreon for that raw content.

But please, CJ, back off the mic a bit. I'm from the south too, so I get it; you get rowdy when you're hanging with your boys. I'm just trying to relax before bed and listen to y'all talk about how the episode's game is hypotizing its players while I stay up too late hypotized by Civ 6 or WoW and I have to scramble to turn down the volume so I don't wake up my gf or my cats.

Still 5 stars. Also, I believe it's totally legal to make threats against people as long as you add 'in Minecraft' to the end. It's like 'allegedly'. I'm not a lawyer but people tell me I give good advice and I gotta go with my gut here.



The boys are amazing, the riffs and deep dives are always entertaining and insightful, and they touch on games that were really influential to a lot of us growing up. I cannot recommend this show more highly than I can, 10/10

anx endnfkowiqbavsgxuyx ,


trashy kids with trash ideas

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