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Sharing the lived experience of foreigners in modern Mongolia

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Sharing the lived experience of foreigners in modern Mongolia

    EP 06 - Sebastian from England

    EP 06 - Sebastian from England

    Sebastian has been teaching English in Mongolia for last three years. Besides Mongolia, he taught English in several Asian countries including Myanmar, which we discussed a bit about. Unlike the others, Sebastian has adapted to Mongolian weather much easily because he likes winter. Also I confessed about my procrastination of not uploading the episode on time in the beginning of the podcast. 

    Reach out to Sebastian: sebastian.jefferies86@gmail.com

    Reach out to the podcast: modernmongolians@gmail.com

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    EP 05 - Tim from USA: Teaching English and Planting Seeds in Far West Mongolia

    EP 05 - Tim from USA: Teaching English and Planting Seeds in Far West Mongolia

    Tim decided to accept the job offer in Uvs after visiting and seeing the beautiful Khyargas (Хяргас) lake. It was not only the Mediterranean view of the lakes in the region that convinced him to stay. He's also befriended the local businessmen who are committed to giving back to their hometown and working together for the local community. Because of the environmental issues (desertification, deforestation) in Mongolia, Tim is enthusiastic about teaching horticultural skills to the kids. Tim shared that he likes living in Mongolia because he always seeks a place where he can grow. We also had some mouthwatering moments when Tim recommended his favorite Korean restaurants and the best desserts in Ulaanbaatar. 

    Tim on Facebook: Tim Luea

    Tim's email: timluea@gmail.com 

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    EP04 - Karolina from Poland

    EP04 - Karolina from Poland

    Karolina is a historian, traveler, and minimalist from Poland. She lived in Mongolia for over 8 years studying, working, and traveling. We talked about her study, experience of being a student in Ulaanbaatar, making friends, and the feeling of spaciousness that she got from Mongolia. Karolina also described Mongolians as very resistant and music lovers. 

    Karolina's blog: thesilkroadminimalist.com

    Karolina on Instagram: Thesilkroadminimalist

    Karolina's email address: karolina.zygmanowska@gmail.com

    Contact with the Podcast: modernmongolians@gmail.com 

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    EP03 - Dima from Russia

    EP03 - Dima from Russia

    Happy 2021! New year, new episode!

    Dima shared about the challenges of working with locals, how it's like being a Russian, working with students and hitchhiking in Mongolia. 

    Dima on Instagram: dmitry.kosintsev 

    Dima's email: dmitry.kosintsev@gmail.com 

    Contact the podcast: modernmongolians@gmail.com

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    EP02 - Andrei from Romania

    EP02 - Andrei from Romania

    Andrei is from Romania, doing a cultural anthropology Ph.D in Shanghai, and has been "stuck" in Ulaanbaatar since February lockdown. We had a very interesting talk about how he's surprisingly finding a feeling of home in Mongolia. Andrei shared us he's liking Mongolian meet and bread a lot,  his interesting encounter with a local shaman and how he's exploring modern Mongolia. 

    Andrei on Facebook: Andrei Coltea

    Andrei's email address: andrei.coltea@gmail.com

    Contact with the podcast: modernmongolians@gmail.com

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    EP01 Atika from Indonesia

    EP01 Atika from Indonesia

    Atika is from Indonesia and she works at APU LLC in Ulaanbaatar, as an English teacher. She also has her own podcast "The Frontal Queens" with her friend. We talked about Mongolian food, weather, music, workplace and dating experience with local. 

    Atika on Facebook: Atika Mustar

    Contact: modernmongolians@gmail.com

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