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Real life advice, new approaches to parenting and totally inspiring stories from experts and other moms. Tune in to focus on empowerment over perfection.

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Real life advice, new approaches to parenting and totally inspiring stories from experts and other moms. Tune in to focus on empowerment over perfection.

    Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

    Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

    On this episode, I am joined by Nicki Hoffman to talk about her mission to eradicate childhood suicide by equipping kids with the skills and tools for mental and emotional intelligence & resilience.
    She and her business partner, Adrian Moreno, realized that by equipping kids with the skills, tools, and mindset early on, the next generation could grow up being able to handle anything life brings their way.
    She shares the warning signs to look out for, what NOT to do if your kids are presenting some red flags, and the importance of teaching our kids emotional intelligence as soon as possible. 

    Plus, she has one crucial tip for all of us parents on what we need to do in order to change the next generation. 
    To get in touch with Nicki and find out more about what she's doing, visit these links:

    • 35 min
    First Time Dad

    First Time Dad

    Fatherhood can be intimidating! And for some of us moms, we can’t understand the hesitations our guys have while embarking on the journey of parenthood.

    My guest, Kendall Smith, is the author of “Rookie Father: A playbook for men experiencing fatherhood for the first time.” 

    Being a child of divorced parents, Kendall always knew he wanted to provide a better experience to his future children and Rookie Father is dedicated to those men who may not have had fathers themselves growing up. The mission is to provide a stronger foundation for the next generation.
    This episode is jammed packed with great tips for dads, whether it’s your first time or fifth! We cover fatherhood, marriage, finances, and more!
    To get in touch with Kendall, check out these links: 

    • 38 min
    Live Aware, Not in Fear

    Live Aware, Not in Fear

    The world can be a scary place, but what if you could learn how to be more aware of your surroundings so you can enjoy life? 

    My guest, Valaire Horner, is currently the CEO of Bravo Maritime Group which was founded by her husband Jack. Through the work that they do, their mission is to train people of all ages and backgrounds on how to live aware, not in fear. 

    Valarie shares with us the challenges of having a husband in the military and raising two girls. Yet, fast forward years later after her husband's retirement, they saw a need to help people be more proactive in their life with their four pillars of safety and security training. 

    Listen in as she shares some quick tips that you can add to your toolbox today! 
    To get in touch with Valarie, check out these links: 

    • 36 min
    Trusting Your Intuition

    Trusting Your Intuition

    Do you know how to trust your intuition? Or have you been taught (like most of us) to ignore that little voice inside you? 

    So many of us, have been conditioned to ignore our intuition and that can affect our parenting in big ways. 

    Tune in to this episode to find out how institution plays a big part in parenting, how we can encourage our kids to trust theirs, and why finding your Human Design is essential.  

    Our expert, Amanda Stark, has seen this firsthand.

    She used to spend her days working as an attorney feeling stressed, sick, and stuck and her nights sobbing into her wine glass. That is until she started listening to and trusting her intuition and made a big change. Now she's a certified life coach, Human Design expert, and sparkly witch helping women who feel unfulfilled create purposeful magical lives.
    Get connected with Amanda through these links: 

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    Natural Healing

    Natural Healing

    Bringing natural options into your home does not have to be complicated! 

    Tune in to listen to my guest Lisa Mosbey, as she shares ways natural options can help heal us on various levels; emotionally, mentally, and physically. 
    We even touch on how using natural products can lead to a legacy for your family.
    Lisa's own wellness led her back to school for a 2nd career as an Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner and a Digital Business Adviser who supports wellness business owners on "how to" promote themselves online and continues to promote holistic living through online resources.
    Get in touch with Lisa through the following link:

    • 34 min
    Coffee Is Not Breakfast

    Coffee Is Not Breakfast

    We have been taught a lot of wrong information when it comes to nutrition. 

    Today, we are joined by Chrissy Seibel, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and fellow essential oil lover.

    Since walking through her daughter's autoimmune diagnosis, she has been passionate about helping busy moms live their healthiest lives through nutrition, essential oils, and healthy habits. Chrissy lives on an organic farm in Wisconsin with her husband and two children.
    She dives into the myths we know about nutrition, the importance of an actual breakfast, and ways we can pass on positive eating habits to our kids! 

    To get in touch with Chrissy, check out her links: 

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

ARW80 ,

Perfect Blend

This podcast is the perfect blend of relatable conversation and practical advice! And I love the essential minute at the end of the episodes with the scoop on an essential oil!

Elizabeth “Liz” Polinsky ,

Helpful topics for moms!

I found this podcast through being a guest on the podcast. It was really fun to work with Angie and discussing what is going on when couples find communication challenging. Through the interview, Angie’s fun and engaging personality really made the conversation fly by! I think this podcast can be helpful to many parents!

hhwritingmama ,

TRULY an essential for moms!

Being a mom is extraordinary and messy and all the things in between! Angie talks about and normalizes all the stuff. This needs to be on your must-listen to list!

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