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New and classic music from artists around the world. Indie artists in the Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass and anything else that pleases my ear and hopefully yours.

Mostly Folk Artie Martello

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New and classic music from artists around the world. Indie artists in the Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Bluegrass and anything else that pleases my ear and hopefully yours.

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 543

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 543

    Rita Hosking/How Many Fires /Burn
    Rigby Summer/ Kentucky/Geography
    Rigby Summer/Leaving/Geography
    Swamptooth/I Lost My Soul/B-flat Earth
    Ray Lambiase/The Road Ahead/The Road Ahead
    Efrat/We Just Need Love (Without Drums)/We Just Need Love
    Garrett Wieland/Dennis/What Keeps The Heart Afloat
    Christine Lavin/ Turn This Ship Around/Spaghettification
    Valerie Smith/The Great I Am/Renaissance
    Laurel Premo  /Father Made of River Mud/Golden Loam
    Dean Rochester/We've Never Met/Friends And Family
    Laura Love/Gentle/Uppity
    Nathan Bell/American Gun (Featuring Patty Griffin) /Red, White And American Blues (It Couldn't Happen Here)
    Andrea Von Kampen/Carolina/That Spell
    Patsy Cline/Anytime/The Patsy Cline Collection [Disc 3]
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    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 542

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 542

    Driftwood/I've Got A Secret/Driftwood: A Rock And Roll Heart
    Andrea Von Kampen/The Wait/That Spell
    Mike Younger Together/Burning The Bigtop Down
    Doc Carter/Heading West/High Tide for Low Times
    Tré Burt/Solo/ You, Yeah, You
    John McCutcheon/Bucket List/Bucket List
    Lili Añel/Got Me Thinking (Live From Wrti Studios)/Better Days Remastered
    Tiokasin Ghosthorse/Sunrise Moon/Somewhere In There
    Rita Hosking/Crash and Burn/Burn
    Daniel Johnston/Don't Be Scared/Don't Be Scared
    John Gorka/Down in the Milltown/Before Beginning
    Linda Marks /Monuments of Love/Monuments of Love
    Doug Kolmar/So Said Life/Folk Radio Singles - September 2021/Hudson Harding
    David Roth/Taking Our Turns/Folk Radio Singles - September 2021/ Hudson Harding
    Christine Lavin My Sister Mary And My Mother/Folk Radio Singles - September 2021/ Hudson Harding
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    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 541

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 541

    David Goldman/Take Me To The Canyon/Light In The Tunnel
    Béla Fleck/BaptistPumpkinFarm/My Bluegrass Heart
    Laura Love/Heart of Nat Turner/Uppity
    Bruce T Carroll What's The Rush/First Bird To Sing
    Bruce T Carroll Grandfather Walks/First Bird To Sing
    Clinton Davis/Old East Virginia/Clinton Davis - If I Live and Don't Get Killed
    Valerie Smith  / That Train/Renaissance
    Big Red Machine/ Latter Days (feat. Anaïs Mitchell)/How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?
    Laurel Premo/ Calloway/Golden Loam
    Everest Rising/Early May/New Home Found
    Marion Halliday/Time to Live Again/Time to Live Again - Single
    Laura Love/Uppity/Uppity
    John Hurlbut & Jorma Kaukonen/Knocking on Heaven's Door/The Complete Sessions
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    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 540

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 540

    T. Buckley/Frame by Frame/Frame by Frame
    David Potts-Dupre/Harmony/Vladimir and Irene
    David Potts-Dupre/Jesus Etc./Vladimir and Irene
    Mike Ward: Psychosongs/Career Advice/single
    Joe Troop/Heaven on Earth/Borrowed Time
    Grace Morrison Feat. Teddy Mathews/Things You Already Know/Daughter
    Trevor Tchir/Batchawana Bay/Sun & Moon
    Justin Sullivan /Dirge  /Surrounded
    Dar Williams/Today and Every Day/Today and Every Day
    Adrian + Meredith/Old Midwestern Home/More Than A Little
    Beth Whitney/Seattle Rain/Ukulele EP
    Luke LeBlanc/Too Early Gone/Only Human
    Mark Evans & Ben Plotnick/The Ballad Of John Mac /Madison Archives
    Rich Krueger/The Ballad of Mary O'Connor/The Troth Sessions
    Lizzy Plotkin & Natalie Spears/ Seasons Change/Just Over The Ridge
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    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 539

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 539

    Kalinec & Kj/Home In Scotland/Let's Get Away
    John R. Miller/Faustina/Depreciated
    Michael Kelly/Kingfisher/Kingfisher
    Terri Hendrix/You Got Gold/Pilgrim's Progress Project 5.5
    Skinner & T'witch/Ping/single
    Shawna Caspi/Hold the Light/Hurricane Coming
    Chip Taylor/Can I Offer You a Song/  Can I Offer You a Song
    Mara Levine/Tree Of Life/Facets Of Folk
    Tom Rush/A Cowboy's Paean/Trolling For Owls
    Carla Ulbrich/Boy Wonder/Her Fabulous Debut
    Carrie Newcomer/A Long Way Up/Until Now
    Watchhouse/Nightbird/ Watchhouse
    Francine Honey/Lightning/single
    Emmylou Harris & Willie Nelson/Gulf Coast Highway/Duets
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    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 538

    Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 538

    Jackson Grimm/At My Feet /Sober Again
    Midnight Shine/What Do We Do With You? /James Bay
    Alicia Viani/North Carolina Skies /Alicia Viani
    Ben Bedford/You're The Weather/Land Of The Shadows
    Adrian Sutherland/Politician Man/Politician Man
    Anne Sumner/Before+Things+Got+Crazy 2   /Lockdown Recordings
    Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs/Hi-Line /Through the Smoke
    Ben Bedford/The Pilot And The Flying Machine, Part 1/The Pilot And The Flying Machine
     Brett Ratliff/Glory Up Above/Whitesburg KY
    Terry Kitchen/The Favor/First Album
    Joy Zimmerman/ Let Us Not Close Our Hearts/The Canvas Before Us
    Rob Lutes/That Bird Has My Wings/Come Around
    Kate Taylor/He/Why Wait!
    Kirsten Maxwell/Butterfly/Kirsten Maxwell
    Indian City/Smile /Single
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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Aspiring Songwriter ,

Great Show!

Saw another review saying the host, Artie Mordello has an unusual voice. Since I’ve become a big fan of the show, I too noticed something familiar about his voice, but couldn’t quite place it.
Then it hit me the other day: “Radar” from Mash.
Thanks again for the great show. By the way, up until a few days ago, I was listening to the show on the Tune In App, but that stopped working. I listen now on iTunes.

Bojangles4ever ,

Great Music

I like every song I hear on this podcast. The host has an unusual voice but I like him.

Kachina Dabber ,

Mostly good music

I like most of the tunes played on here- the host is a little annoying though. Its not even that he's constantly bringing up politics (which he does- and is to be expected frankly with this type of music) It's the general repetition and overall whining which is grating on the nerves- complaining about the current president and towing the democratic party line in every episode. It's not so much that I disagree with anything he's saying as much as it's just unnessecary and not very tasteful. Let the music speak for itself. We don't need your input Artie- that's not why we're here.
3/5- needs a more focused host, by his own words this guy- "has a lot going on- like 8 different podcasts"

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