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This podcast is a hub for makers and thinkers, a place where I can talk to people about the things that inspire them.

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This podcast is a hub for makers and thinkers, a place where I can talk to people about the things that inspire them.

    Dena Fisher | Home Cook and Founder of Dinner In

    Dena Fisher | Home Cook and Founder of Dinner In

    Thank you for tuning into another episode of Muse Room Table! I am so happy that you are here, whether you’re returning, or just joining us. This is a community for cooking and food enthusiasts whether you’re a professional restaurant chef, home cook, or simply cooking curious. This place is for you!

    In this episode of Muse Room Table, I am talking to Dena Fisher. I first met her at The Cleveland Flea when she catered lunch at a co-working event I attended. Since then I have followed her journey online and we have slowly become Instagram pals. She is a genuine and cheerful gal who loves good food, and is passionate about providing it to her family and friends.

    For Dena, cooking isn’t just about mastering the perfect crispy chicken thigh and it’s not all about the Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt you may or may not have in your pantry. While we talk about both of those things during this episode in grave detail, cooking for Dena is about bringing people together, whether that’s at your family table, or over Zoom. For her, food is about creating community.

    In this episode, I hope you get a taste for that community that Dena refers to. We talk about so much:

    Her inspiration from seasonal foods

    Her obsession with a good “matchstick” cut (knife cuts really can change the texture of your food which will in turn change your eating experience!)

    Her first memory in the kitchen

    How cooking with her grandparents and parents has influenced her cooking today

    How food brings people together

    Fridge and pantry staples that Dena always has on hand

    How people can become more comfortable in the kitchen

    Her tried and true process for a perfect crispy chicken thigh

    Why Dena started Dinner In and how Covid-19 has impacted it in recent months

    And much more!

    I also ask her some fun quick-fire questions and she shares all about this episode’s recipe!

    If you'd like to get the full recipe for Dena's Braised Chicken with White Wine and Garlic, head over to www.museroom.space.

    To connect with Dena, find her on Instagram @denas_table and on her website, www.denastable.com.

    To connect with Katie, find her on Instafram @museroomtable.

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    Thank you for your support and we shall talk again on the next episode of Muse Room Table.

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    Ann Marie Elaban | Baking Enthusiast and Aspiring Food Stylist

    Ann Marie Elaban | Baking Enthusiast and Aspiring Food Stylist

    Welcome back to Muse Room! I know it’s been quite a long time but I am so excited to be back talking to people that inspire me. This podcast is going to be a bit different going forward. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I changed my handle to @museroomtable. I am diving into something that I’ve always loved and that is food. Cooking is something that has fascinated me since I was a child and it’s something that makes me really happy. So from here on out everyone you hear from on this podcast will be somewhat related to the world of food - whether that is an avid home cook, professional restaurant chef, food blogger, you name it.

    Starting out I am going to keep this relatively simple. I ended up putting a lot of pressure on myself with Muse Room when I first started and with me being a one-woman show, I need to keep my sanity in check. So for now, I am going to try (keyword being try) to commit to a new episode every other week, and then we’ll take it from there. If there is someone you want me to interview please let me know by either emailing me at museroompodcast@gmail.com or sending me a DM on Instagram @museroomtable.

    This week I am sharing a conversation that I had with a friend of mine, Ann Marie Elaban. She’s a fellow (former) Bon Appétit fan (we’ll get into what that means in the episode), lover of baked goods, and an aspiring food stylist. She doesn’t call herself a food stylist but I think she should. Her photos are GORGEOUS. Head over to the show notes on my website to see the photo of an egg salad toast that Ann Marie mentions in this episode or just go follow her out on Instagram @annmarieelaban.

    In our conversation we talk about:

    Her first memory in the kitchen

    How to cook delicious food with what you have in the kitchen (I.E. the one time she made a shepherd’s pie in her tiny NYC kitchen)

    The power that spices have for making use of everything in your fridge

    How the pandemic has influenced her cooking and eating habits

    Her process for styling food and take photos of her food

    Her love of baking

    Why we can no longer “stan” Bon Appétit

    And loads more!

    Click here to get the full show notes with links to anything Ann Marie mentions AND the recipe of the week!

    If you’re a returning listener of Muse Room Podcast, THANK YOU for sticking with me. If you’re new, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

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    Miranda Scott, Founder of Coven on Witchcraft, Spirituality, and her Ancestral Work

    Miranda Scott, Founder of Coven on Witchcraft, Spirituality, and her Ancestral Work

    Welcome back to the podcast and hello from Nashville, Tennessee! 

    In this episode I am sharing a conversation that I recorded back in April with the founder of Coven, Miranda Scott. In our conversation we talk about her journey into spirituality, witchcraft, and her ancestral work. It is a long conversation with tons of takeaways so listen closely.

    DISCLAIMER: In our conversation we touch on some topics that may be triggering for some people. We touch on grief, loss, abuse, suicide and mental health. If you'd like to skip through that part of the conversation, it begins around 32:54 and goes through about 47:21. It does come up in bits and pieces throughout the whole conversation so if that is something you would rather not listen to, I totally understand and support you.

    Topics we discuss:

    -Having an identity outside of being a mother

    -Her brief excursion into Catholicism

    -The loss of her parents

    -Her journey into witchcraft and spirituality

    -Doing the ancestral work to break the cycle of abuse

    -Stepping fully into her identity as a queer women and witch


    How to connect with Miranda:

    -Follow Coven on Instagram.

    -Coven's Website

    -Visit Coven in Lakewood at 1384 Bonneview Ave, Lakewood OH., 44107

    If you want to try Honeybook, click this link and use the code: katherine72965 

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    Questions or suggestions for the podcast? Email me at museroompodcast@gmail.com

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    LIVE with Nikki LoPresti of Elan Styling

    LIVE with Nikki LoPresti of Elan Styling

    Tune in for the LIVE recording of my conversation with Nikki LoPresti of Elan Styling. We recorded our conversation in front of a live audience at the Cleveland Flea HQ.

    Connect with Nikki on Instagram.

    Interested in starting your own podcast? Sign up for my online course at the EARLY BIRD price for 25% off. The course is $198 and launches on November 1st but until October 1st you can purchase it for 25% off.  

    Thank you for listening!

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    (35) Rachael Koenig, Founder of Shore Society

    (35) Rachael Koenig, Founder of Shore Society

    Welcome back to Muse Room! I am so excited to share this week's episode with you. I'm talking with Rachael from Shore Society. Rachael is just lovely. She's smart, creative, intentional and so driven. We sat at her dining room table in her beautiful home and chatted about all things Shore Society. Tune into Episode 35 to hear about how she got into design, how she started her business, her creative process, what inspires her, and so much more.

    Topics in this episode include:

    +What currently is inspiring her

    +How creativity came into her life

    +Studying graphic design at Kent State University

    +The trajectory of her business

    +The line between inspiration and being too influenced by something

    +Balancing a full time job and a full time business

    +Her design process

    Rachael was talking about her collaboration with the Lakewood coffee shop, Brewellas. Find Brewellas on Madison in Lakewood and follow them on Instagram here!

    Connect with Rachael:



    Connect with me:



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    Founder of FOUNT, Jackie Wachter

    Founder of FOUNT, Jackie Wachter

    In this episode of Muse Room I sit down with Jackie Wachter, the co-founder of FOUNT. If you're unfamiliar FOUNT is a creative studio here in Cleveland that focuses on creating leather goods that are of the highest quality and are also sustainable for the environment. Tune in to hear my conversation with Jackie where we talk about fast fashion, sustainability, timing, how FOUNT started and how it has evolved and so much more.  Enjoy!

    Follow FOUNT on Instagram.

    Grab a ticket to my live podcast event that is happening this Wednesday evening, July 10th.

    Thank you for listening!

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5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

rachaelnovak ,

Inspiring Conversations

Katie does an excellent job with guiding the conversation with her guests, asking thoughtful questions, and keeping it authentic! I learn so much from each episode and all of the inspiring women she chats with.

ash15Oct!! ,

Very sweet podcast

Love the background music. This is a very educative podcast

missyrae ,


I love this podcast. The host is very engaging and I find it so inspirational! I look forward to every episode.

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