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Host Tim Sinclair talks with some of the world's all-time greatest interviewers about their all-time worst interviews. They laugh a lot and learn a little. All in about 15 minutes.

My Worst Interview Ever RINGR

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Host Tim Sinclair talks with some of the world's all-time greatest interviewers about their all-time worst interviews. They laugh a lot and learn a little. All in about 15 minutes.

    MWIE 037: Glenn the Geek (Has a Chip)

    MWIE 037: Glenn the Geek (Has a Chip)

    If you run in podcasting circles long enough, it's easy to discover people in the industry who virtually everyone respects. A few have developed a gigantic following. Some have perfectly cornered their niche. Others have simply been podcasting since the very beginning. For me, several names always seem to come up: John Lee Dumas, Jeff Brown, Daniel J Lewis, and...Glenn the Geek.
    For those of us still trying to learn where we fit into the podcasting universe, Glenn is a role model. Not only has he developed a gigantic podcasting network based on a rather small niche, but he has done it with grace, with a smile, and without too many burrs in his saddle.
    Glenn Hebert (otherwise known as "Glenn the Geek") heads up the Horse Radio Network…which is now one of the largest podcasting networks in the world. Glenn’s network of shows have more than 7,200 interviews under their collective belts, with listeners in 92 different countries.
    0:28 - Glenn goes by many names, but out of all the options he gives us his preference.
    1:24 - The Horse Radio Network is one of the largest podcasting networks in the world...but how did it start?
    2:40 - Glenn actually has two "worst interviews"...including his first ever...which comes with a very valuable lesson for any interviewer.
    4:05 - The second "worst interview" started with some poorly-taken advice and ended with a scathing letter from Glenn's guest.
    7:10 - How do you handle it when you just don't like your guest?
    11:00 - Check out RINGR (how Tim and Glenn are recording) right now for free!
    11:51 - Lime disease changed Glenn's life forever in some very dramatic (and unexpected) ways.
    13:31 - Glenn and his wife have decided to never "own" again...and focus on experiences rather than stuff.
    15:54 - Find Glenn the Geek and the Horse Radio Network on their website or download the free app on iOS and Android.

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    MWIE 036: Jen Briney (Holds A Grudge)

    MWIE 036: Jen Briney (Holds A Grudge)

    Some people notice things. Other people do things. Some people talk. Other people act. Some people complain. Other people create. Our guest today is other people.
    After noticing discrepancies between what's true in Washington and what's reported about Washington--and a severe lack of transparency within Congress--Jen Briney decided to do something about it. She created the Congressional Dish podcast, which ultimately became hugely successful, and it's truly making a difference. Not only will you learn how to do interviews and podcasts from Jen...you'll learn about how to do life.
    Jen Briney is the host of Congressional Dish and is one of the fortunate few whose podcast is her full-time job. Jen digs into the bills being passed in Congress and reports on the important news within them that largely goes uncovered.
    0:43 - What is Congressional Dish and how did it start?
    3:18 - Jen's worst interview ever involved lies, deception, and (ultimately) anger.
    7:31 - Find out how to start a free, 30-day trial of RINGR.
    8:13 - What did Jen learn from her worst ever interview?
    9:34 - Studying abroad in Germany during college completely changed Jen's view of the world and of her role within it.
    14:56 - Connect with Jen and listen to Congressional Dish at the podcast website...and don't forget to download her free Congressional Dish app on iOS and Android.

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    MWIE 035: Buck Ballard (Gets Sick)

    MWIE 035: Buck Ballard (Gets Sick)

    It seems like nearly every podcaster has a "day job." A job that pays the bills and provides the knowledge and/or expertise a host needs for his show. Over the course of this podcast, one of my favorite parts has been learning my guests' wide variety of "day jobs." Accountants, consultants, developers, radio hosts.
    Today, I talk with Buck Ballard who--in real life--is a truck driver. And he managed to turn his knowledge of the road into a successful podcast with his son. His story is fascinating and should be an encouragement for any aspiring podcaster. It is possible to turn your experience and your passion--no matter what it is--into content that others want to consume. Buck did...and you can too.
    Buck Ballard is the co-host of "The Trucking Podcast" (along with his son Don) and of "The Tom and Kris Camping Podcast" (along with his wife, Kris)…but, primarily, Buck is a truck driver. It’s what he loves and what feeds his family.
    0:54 - In addition to being a podcaster, Buck is a truck driver...and it's what his podcast is all about.
    3:59 - Buck's worst interview ever was when he was a guest on a high profile show...and very, very sick.
    6:52 - Two must-know keys for podcasters that Buck learned from Glenn the Geek.
    10:41 - Check out RINGR, for free, right now.
    11:50 - The moment Buck decided to stop drinking changed Buck's life forever...as did a book called "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge.
    13:28 - Buck's must-remember quote from the book: "In the heart of every man is the desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue."
    14:07 - Connect with Buck at his podcast websites, The Trucking Podcast and Tom and Kris Camping.

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    MWIE 034: Philip Keller (Hangs Up)

    MWIE 034: Philip Keller (Hangs Up)

    As much as I don't want to admit it, I can be an "excuses guy." Miss an appointment with a client? Blame it on not enough sleep or a congested calendar. Bad night playing volleyball? Perhaps I ate too much or didn't stretch. It often feels like the last thing I want to do is admit that I'm the issue rather than my circumstances.
    Today's guest on My Worst Interview Ever apparently doesn't struggle with that same issue. He's blind...and yet most people would never know it. In fact, for years, his radio audience didn't have a clue. He was just "Trapper Jack", the fun-loving guy in the morning. But today Philip Keller is using his story of blindness to change people's lives...in the most miraculous of ways.
    Philip Keller is the host of the Blind Faith Live podcast, which is super-appropriate since Philip is blind and the show is about faith. He also used to do morning radio, which (in his own words) was done with “a unique blend of wit, civic pride and spirituality.”
    1:27 - Philip's radio career took him everywhere...as most every radio personality's does.
    2:52 - Philip hung up on George Carlin?! Yep. Right in the middle of his worst interview ever.
    8:01 - One listener actually thought the interview was SO bad that is was actually an April Fool's Day joke!
    9:13 - At one point do you move from offering "respect" to a celebrity to pushing back at them?
    10:19 - Tim and Philip are connected on RINGR. Check out a free trial now.
    11:14 - Philip is blind, but for years his radio audience never knew it.
    13:32 - We have a brief state capitals quiz!
    14:14 - What moment changed Philip's life forever. The answer is yes, and the story is...miraculous.
    16:49 - Connect with Philip and Blind Faith Live on his website.

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    MWIE 033: David Hooper (Loses His Guest)

    MWIE 033: David Hooper (Loses His Guest)

    Just like Los Angeles is filled with actors masquerading as waiters, Nashville is packed to the rafters with musicians waiting tables as well. The competition for available gigs is extremely steep and the odds for making a living are extremely long.
    Several decades ago, Nashville-born David Hooper realized that his skill set made him less of a candidate for playing music and more of a candidate for marketing it. So, that's what he chose to do. And he did so extremely successfully. Today, however, David has taken those marketing skills to "influencers" (authors, podcasters, bloggers, etc.)...as well as to his own radio show and podcast. The former of which left him with an amazing "worst interview ever."
    David Hooper is a 20-year veteran of the music marketing industry, as well as an author, podcaster and radio host. David enlists the techniques he used to help musicians to grow their fanbases, spread their music, and make money now help authors, bloggers, and podcasters grow their audiences.
    0:43 - David uses the tools and techniques he incorporated to help musicians market themselves with podcasters and authors and bloggers now.
    2:03 - A legendary rock star gets in a fight with David's producer and ultimately walks out of an interview on his show, "Music Business Radio."
    8:27 - Unfortunately, David is this guy's ride back to the hotel after the horrible interview. What do they talk about?
    10:24 - Check out RINGR for yourself, with a 30-day free trial, right now.
    11:07 - How do you get the most out of your interview guest? David has some powerful thoughts.
    14:35 - Getting married changed David's life...in more ways than you might think.
    16:49 - Find David online (and listen to his podcast) and his website.

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    MWIE 032: Kenn Blanchard (Gets Political)

    MWIE 032: Kenn Blanchard (Gets Political)

    They say there are two things you should never talk about at work: politics and religion. (Unless you work at FoxNews or CNN, I suppose.) There are just certain topics that divide people, start fights, and ultimately cause more problems than they solve. But don't tell that to Kenn Blanchard. Kenn adds race to the political and spiritual mix, and then talks about all three issues all the time. And, remarkably, he does it with great clarity and success. His background is something movies are made of, and his story is one you won't want to miss. After five years in the Marines and some time with the CIA, Kenneth Blanchard, Sr. is now a pastor, professional speaker, new media advocate, broadcaster, author, musician, firearms trainer, and entrepreneur. He's probably best known from his hit podcast called "Black Man With A Gun." SHOW NOTES: 0:18 - The "Black Man with a Gun" is also a Reverend! 0:53 - Kenn describes himself as "The Forrest Gump of Adventure." Learn why. 4:42 - A politician being super-political turned into Kenn's worst interview ever. He describes it as "20 minutes of pain." 8:39 -  When interviewing a person of influence, how do you best balance respecting the person vs. respecting your show and your audience? 10:36 - Tim and Kenn are connected and recording on RINGR. Check it out for free here. 11:22 - Ken's desire to be a "superhero" changed his life forever. He tells us why and how. 13:07 - Learn more about Kenn and check out the podcast, Black Man with a Gun.  

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4.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Todd-Ohio ,

Funny, Informative & Tim is Great!

As an interviewer myself, I love listening to these fun, informative, and interesting stories. Plus, Tim has an amazing audio presence and asks great questions.

Troystory3 ,


Another podcast created with the overdone interview format with little to offer the listener other than show (both interviewee and producer) promotion. Love Ringr. Hate this podcast.

Jeff @ Read to Lead Podcast ,

Great idea with lots of valuable lessons!

As a podcaster who takes pride in being thoroughly prepared for my interviews, I found the title intriguing. What you have in this podcast is a combination of great stories mixed with valuable interview lessons that will help you to become a better interviewer, a better interviewee, or both. I'm glad I subscribed.

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