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Exploring our Spirit to understand our lives. I am on the journey with you. As a mystic, I have a deep inner life that brings a rich sense of oneness. Together, we will explore spiritual practices, philosophies, religions, spirituality, life stories, insights, spiritual teachers and more! Let’s have fun awakening to our True Self!

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Exploring our Spirit to understand our lives. I am on the journey with you. As a mystic, I have a deep inner life that brings a rich sense of oneness. Together, we will explore spiritual practices, philosophies, religions, spirituality, life stories, insights, spiritual teachers and more! Let’s have fun awakening to our True Self!

    Joyful Radiance

    Joyful Radiance

    Kate Heartsong is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, life coach, financial coach and Reiki Master/Teacher.  She is honored to facilitate the process of evolution on the planet. Kate shares from her unique gift of receiving profound and uplifting wisdom while meditating, as well as the understanding she gained from successfully overcoming her childhood trauma. 

    Kate's journey has provided the passion, dedication, authenticity, and compassion she has to empower her readers, clients and audiences in knowing their brilliance, helping them create the positive change they desire, and living more joyful lives.

    After a deep meditation, she heard loving words - so she started taking dictation for guides for her life. In the days, months, and years following, she became more trusting. She realized the writings were messages not just for her.

    Since childhood she dreamed of making the world a better place for all. It's not surprising she has received the inner guidance to create her empowering articles, and workshops. Her books are "Humanity’s Cry for Change" and "Deeply We Are One".

    Her childhood trauma has been a springboard into the life she now lives. She lost most of her hearing and the age of 2½ when she fell out of a window and landed on a patch of grass. The hearing loss caused great shame and a low self-esteem. Family dynamics caused a lot of upset as well. In her early 20's, she realized that she did not need to live with that level of anxiousness. She witnessed other people being happy. Tired of being unhappy, she made a shift in her life to have more joy in her life. She started self-healing and over time, she became equipped with the capacity to help others heal as well. Her Joy and depth of compassion for others came as a result of this journey.

    She was involved in transcendental meditation, and this helped her connect with spirit. Having practiced for over 25 years, she recognizes that her day is off without meditation. It connects her to her inner guidance. It helps her to center.

    Kate has the heart of a true humanitarian. It’s her knowing that when we start with one person at a time, a ripple effect occurs supporting peace on a global level, because we are all interconnected. Kate's own inspirational quote says it best: "Peace within, peace on earth."

    A lot of Kate's workshops have a theme to embrace our greatness. Kate discovered Reiki 18 to 20 years ago. She started feeling warmth in both her palms. The chi (life force energy) was coming through. She was drawn to learn Reiki. She moved to the teacher level about 15 years ago. She does long distance reiki as well as reiki on herself.

    In her book, there are chapters devoted to authenticity. She invites readers to embrace their greatness, and the shadow side as well. She encourages people to live a life of purpose. She believes it’s such a joy and honor to be of service! She encourages people to transcend difficulties in life.

    Kate has a loving relationship with her guides, such as Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene - who helps her to write books.  In her meditation, she can feel immersed in that love energy. Through Mary Magdalene, Kate gets feminine energy, kindness and a deep sense of compassion. From Archangel Michael, she gets strength, conviction, knowingness, and communication. Kate feels anchored, aware and alive when connecting with these guides. She emanates love and joy.

    Subscribe to her website:  https://www.joyfulradiance.com/category/the-joyful-radiance-center and you will receive two calming meditations for free:
    Playful Heartspace for Creating Inner Peace meditation and Three Blessings for Daily Living meditation plus an empowering and insightful monthly enewsletter.

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    A Fourth Dimensional Thing

    A Fourth Dimensional Thing

    Liza Swedarsky, MD currently practices as a gynecologist and minimally invasive surgeon, and is dedicated to eliminating gynecologic and surgical option disparities for women of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds.  She is an Associate Gynecologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Founder and CEO of Heath Vows. She is also a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. Liza has been named as one of Boston’s Top Doctors for the past five years.

    As a teenager, she thought deeply about how women can live healthily. Her mother was her greatest teacher about faith and taught Liza that God is real, and faith is foundational. She saw her parents' light and love, but also the dark side and the challenges that then penetrated Liza's own being, and her own body. She had an inner knowing at a young age about this internal power. Things would show up in her physical body when there was discord in the home. She started writing letters to God at the age of five. 

    In her first year of medical school, she became educated about the relationship between the environment and the body. She had her own health challenges at age 23, and she realized - after a mystical experience - that the experiences and energy that we navigate directly affects our health.

    Liza is also a licensed practitioner through the Centers for Spiritual Living and is a seeker and mystic who affirms her consciousness as one with God/Spirit informs her assignment as a medical doctor. She believes in the art of spiritual healing as well as conventional modalities and bridges both worlds to facilitate healing. 

    One of Liza's mystical moments that she shared is when her father was big into corporal punishment.  At six years old, she had a very tough day. That night, an energy woke her up. The Presence told her (without words) that her life is so much bigger than this. She looked for that Energy. She worked on her spiral graph in the middle of the night. Energy was the way she first experienced God.

    Another mystical moment Liza shared was when she was a third-year medical student. She started having stomach pain. She tried to convince the doctors there was an issue. Her father was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and she had an inner knowing that she had an inflammatory bowel disease. No one would take her seriously. She was having a pity party, asking God why she is experiencing this colitis. She got a message in the middle of the night to go to Jubilee Church on Sunday. The service was about healing and sickness. The pastor talked about how disease shows up in the body to teach us something. A Buddhist friend and she talked about intuition. He invited her to ask it what it is showing her. She had an insight. She went into clinical remission and has been for 20 years. She learned to listen to the voice. 

    The voice told her diet is everything. She became conscious about how her body felt around certain people and in certain environments. The process of birthing a baby and the expectations on the doctor when so much happens in the womb, and the team dynamics was hard for her. So, she stopped doing obstetrics. She is internally guided. 

    She also studies ayurveda and is currently a student at the University of Metaphysics pursuing a degree in the Art of Spiritual Healing and Metaphysical Sciences. She has presented workshops bridging understanding of how to apply medical knowledge and spiritual practice to set goals in optimizing health. Her true passion is to care for the whole woman: mind, body, and spirit. She facilitates weekly workshops and presents activities to inspire behavioral changes to help women navigate the social determinants of health. She empowers women to recognize and harness their internal power. Find her on healthvows.org
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    Love, Relationships and Healing

    Love, Relationships and Healing

    Jeanell Greene is a passionate, no BS relationship coach and speaker who loves deep, vulnerable, and intimate conversations. She is a Certified Life and Relationship coach and works with both couples and individuals to find more power, freedom, and joy in life, especially within families.  
    As a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with 20 years of experience, she inspires people to live their best lives NOW and to strive to be better parents, partners, and people.
    She brings her love, experience, and training to people and families all over the world in a way that is unique, authentic, and refreshing to those who are looking for the fastest and easiest way to cause positive change that completely shifts your energy and confidence.
    Jeanell believes living an extraordinary life is absolutely possible when you have the right tools, and strategy, coupled with an experienced mentor, guide, teacher, and coach to show you what you’ve been missing. She is honest and direct, getting to the heart of the matter in order to cause the shift you’ve been waiting for. 
    She loves talking love and forgiveness as her parents separated when my her cheated on her mom, had a child and left Jeanell's family. Her dad returned home, and her mom forgave him, but she later discovered there was still trauma I had to deal with.

    Her life took a huge turn whenshe was going through divorce as a Filipino/Catholic, which was what led her to doing the inner work to heal herself. She loves sharing how she was able to get responsible for her own behavior and release her ex-husband with no malice or trauma. As a result, she only spent $80 for the divorce papers.

    She got her calling when she turned 40. She left her job in Corporate Sales while at the top of the pack and making $130k to pursue her passion of helping people heal and now creating the relationship and vocation of her dreams.

    She loves talking about mindset, integrity, breaking the rules, entrepreneurship rollercoaster, forgiveness, fear, love, infidelity, family, the importance of having goals,  and knowing your core values and your purpose in this lifetime.

    Jeanelle is the eldest of three children, was a straight "A" student and is a singer.

    Her website is Jeanell Greene 
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    Touched by Angels

    Touched by Angels

    Seph Deitlin (http://www.talktomyangels.com) is a human potential activator and a new thought leader.  He is a conscious filmmaker, content creator, certified hypnotherapist, an intuitive teacher, an angel psychic medium, an author and an energy healer.  

    Seph lived the good life as a successful realtor. He had a huge breakdown regarding a relationship and a couple of business matters. He felt deflated and depleted. In his upheaval, he wanted to leave the planet. While he had been a normally positive person, he asked God if he could leave. He had enough. Since he got no response, he asked for angels and proof that angels were there. Instantly, he felt peace. He had a knowing (and heard): "Seph, everything is going to be better than okay." It unlocked the angels' voices. They communicated through thoughts. They told him they had an agreement to work with him. Miracles began to occur. They would send him places where he could help people and help create miracles. He felt and feels like an ambassador on Earth.

    They let him know that God had bigger plans for this world than what it would become. He was told that through a collective spiritual awakening, we would move into a more powerful state of being. The existing structures will fall away. 

    Awakening to his higher self, he has been downloading insights, energy signatures and codes to help humans become aware of the New Earth. He wants to help people have smooth transitions so they can be heavenly guided. 

    Seph turned his back on a life about making money to a life that is about working with the Light and assisting humanity with an important transition.

    Seph is a human potential activator who assists people in living new paradigms where they are living from their highest self. 

    He is the author of the “Ascension with the Angels Tarot,” he facilitates courses and events designed to empower others to access higher levels of conscious awareness through communication with their angels and the quantum field of intelligence.  

    As an angel communicator himself, Seph’s message focuses on their revelations and guidance for humanity in heralding the new earth (a collective conscious revolution) and the transformational process that humanity is currently experiencing. 

    By awakening to your higher self and are aware that the New Earth is coming, we become heavenly guided. When you are connected, you will be at the right place at the right time, so you have everything you need. For those who do not wake up, it may not be as gentle for them. He works with the Light, the Divine Creator and the angels to help people through the transition.

    There is the spiritual (right brain) that is more infinite than the ego. When uniting through the divine marriage - we are uniting our Highest Self with our body. In this linear civilization, humanity has taken a long trip into darkness. When we illuminate Who We Truly Are and unite with the part of us here on Earth, we live powerfully and serve the Light very powerfully.
    Storytelling was an art given to shaman to illuminate others. Through creating content to help people find their Higher Self, he created a production company to uplift humanity. He also does hypnotherapy as a deep dive into the Higher Self. He uses it to access the Higher Mind. It silences the human mind so we can hear and know things that are otherwise eclipsed. From there, miraculous things happen. This helps us get to the quantum field - the source of all miracles. We can get to the part of our mind that is very powerful. We have multiple paths, but it takes spiritual awakening to access our good.
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    Shamanic Journey

    Shamanic Journey

    Martin Theis is a spiritual teacher who focuses on the art of shamanic journeys and the application of the Medicine Wheel, a holistic approach to finding well-being, balance and inner peace in life. His coaching practice Light Trails Co.'s mission is to assist others on their journey from suffering to joy. He helps people with seeing life itself as the greatest teacher. He is a facilitator in a high vibration. In his own life, that doesn't come as easily.
    Martin has learned from his encounters. He sees himself as a student. He asks how he may serve and how can he be more loving. As a spiritual teacher, he finds inspiration and growth in his personal life. He has been studying with Eckhart Tolle about Presence. 

    Over the last year, he has been in many conversations about shamanic journeys. These shamanic journeys are not always plant medicine-induced. Martin does shamanic journeys that are not plant medicine-induced. His teaching is from the Great Plains Lakota. They use the drum to facilitate their journey into non-ordinary reality. In North American shamanic journeys, there is less plant medicine usage for approaching the shamanic journey.  The non-ordinary reality is similar to dreaming - the context of reality is not ruled by the physical laws. They can communicate with plants or animals, and they can shape shift into animals and beings, and learn from different aspects that they are meeting in this journey. They can do this astral travel while their bodies are still in the physical reality. Depending on the journey, they may or may not be noticed.

    He has gone through this life before and desires to help others find empowerment. 

    He is in the process of building a decentralized network of non-profit organizations that aim at building low entrance barrier refuges for people to find healing and regeneration all around the world.  People can go to ayurvedic clinics, but they are expensive. The vision was to build a sanctuary in Hawaii. Others may be interested in building similar spaces. There can be different locations that people can learn different tools. There are different approaches. Martin uses coffee as an income to set up the sanctuary - as opposed to raising donations. The network can support each other in building these spaces without the need to follow certain rules. We carry wounds and we need more places to heal. This network can help change that paradigm. As a spiritual coach, he helps his clients and the people around him through Presence in combination with shamanic education.  
    He lives with purpose and incorporates a strong set of values that are the result of his journey and experiences. His life is a statement of love and being of service.  His heart feels most alive when he is in Hawaii and near the Pacific Ocean.  The feeling, the energy feels like home. The Aloha spirit is the core of the community - making sure everyone has enough. There is a high frequency, a lot of energy there. Surrender to it or leave.

    Martin used to try to run from the pain and to find remedies, peace or happiness elsewhere. The opportunity to reinvent himself was appealing. A new environment and exploration helped him to let go and find peace. 
    He used to hate Germany (where he came from), but now when he returns to Germany, he sees the beauty of it. Martin can find compassion there now. Coming back helped him to find more peace with himself. 

    Martin values animals. He does not consume animal products where animal exploitation is involved. It breaks his heart to see the state that a lot of plants and animals have been in. He chooses to stand up for the things he believes in because he sees something that is not right. He does his best to not add to that.
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    Awaken to Who You Are

    Awaken to Who You Are

    Award-winning health expert Nicole Kerr is the co-author of Eating the Rainbow: Lifelong Nutritional Wellness—Without Lies, Hype, or Calculus. She has appeared on CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, the Food Channel, and a host of other TV and radio shows to share her unique perspective on wellness, lifestyle, and nutrition. 

    For the past 30 years, Nicole has worked in all sectors of society, including in government (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), non-profit (American Cancer Society), military (United States Air Force Medical Operations), academia (University of Hawaii), healthcare institutions/hospitals (Adventist Health Castle and Queens Medical Center), corporate settings (Sea Ties, LLC), and private consultation. Nicole’s warm, engaging presentations have earned her a place in front of international audiences ranging from corporate food producers to health and medical associations. Throughout her career, she has focused on supporting people from every walk of life to make realistic, meaningful, happy choices for lifelong health and well-being.

    When she was a 19-year-old cadet at the United States Air Force Academy, Nicole would be forced to learn how to live and love differently following a terrifying and transformative Near-Death Experience. Her memory of the crash came back 20 years later, and it has taken Nicole almost another two decades to align her soul, spirit, mind, and body, proving healing is certainly a non-linear process.

    A disabled veteran, Nicole now maintains a private practice primarily using Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) targeting the often overlooked domains of emotional, energy, and spiritual well-being. 

    Download a free chapter or get a copy of her book You Are Deathless: A Near Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death by going here: http://www.nicolekerr.com/
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

modernmedicinelady ,

Magical AND Grounded

Celeste creates a warm welcoming space for her guests to shine. I love how she asks questions to draw out deeper answers. She brings a perfect combination of mysticism, magic and grounded presence to the table.

Ganeshananda ,

Treat Your Heart To The Light and Love Of Celeste’s Heart

I so loved being with Celeste on Mystic Magic. During our conversation under the title “Our Heart and Our Path”, Celeste’s love, questions and insights pulled so many treasures from within my memory banks that can assist anyone in discovering more of the mystic magic they are and how they can use that Mystic Magic to make every aspect of their life sparkle in miracle after miracle. Thank you so much for creating this Podcast to help people grow in unimaginable ways!

Margaret of InHisFootsteps ,

Her love shines through

I enjoyed my time with Celeste and was honored to be her guest after listening to her other podcasts. Well worth a listen.

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