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A show about Spanish Horror Icon Paul Naschy and Other Films of the Golden Age of Spanish Horror

NaschyCast Rod Barnett

    • 4.9, 32 Ratings

A show about Spanish Horror Icon Paul Naschy and Other Films of the Golden Age of Spanish Horror

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4.9 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Billy Dunleavy ,


Excellent podcast. Both hosts (Troy and Rod) are very knowledgeable about the films they review. They point out the good and the bad about the films, no favoritism at all. They have great chemistry together and are entertaining to listen to. Definitely give the cast a shot even if you aren’t a huge Naschy fan you’ll enjoy it.

Blaise Bienvenue ,

Knowledgeable, Funny, Obsessively Complete

What's not to like about two guys from Tennessee with an obsessive love for and extensive knowledge of Eurocult cinema giving play-by-play run downs on Paul Naschy flicks and other Spanish horror? They are classy guys, generous to their peers and contemporaries, funny, and so far they haven't said anything to irritate me, which is actually rare. So many podcasts pick the best, most obscure old films out there to cover but then say stupid things about them to ruin it. These guys have the right chemistry, are humble and knowledgeable, and know how to ENJOY films for what they have to offer taken seriously on their own terms. The only warning I would give is do not listen to episodes about movies you haven't seen yet, as they go scene by scene through each entire film they cover. Would love to see .5's about BELL FROM HELL and WHO CAN KILL A CHILD.

DocPhibes24 ,

best podcast out there

This podcast is equal parts informative and entertaining - the research Rod and Troy do for each episode is thorough, and their analysis is both in depth and enlightening - the interplay between the two is informal, lively, and oftentimes downright hilarious - give them a try and let them guide you into the incredibly varied output of Senor Paul Naschy - you won't regret it

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