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    Plastic News Network Episode 75 "Who is Macy Gray?"

    Plastic News Network Episode 75 "Who is Macy Gray?"

    What's good beautiful people🤗

    It's been a mighty long time coming, but we finally got our guy @heartbreakhelly into the stu to cook with the GANG😤👨🏽‍🍳

    This week we talk about the foreign domination at the Oscars, Mett the Woo 2 and other new music, the youth's influence on music structure, and much more.

    Tuuuuuuuuuuune in for ya bois one-time and don't forget to like, subscribe and rate these episodes on whatever you're using to listen🤝

    • 1 hr 42 min
    Plastic News Network Episode 74 "Kobe"

    Plastic News Network Episode 74 "Kobe"

    It's not very often that we have more serious episodes but in light of last week's news, we didn't have a choice. On January 26th, in addition to 8 other people, we lost Kobe Bryant to an extremely tragic accident. It's been over a week and writing this caption still doesn't feel right...

    This week we talked about what Kobe means to us all individually, what he did for the game of basketball, some of our favorite memories, and a few other topics. Tune in.

    • 59 min
    Plastic News Network Episode 73.5 "Underground 2-D Mazes"

    Plastic News Network Episode 73.5 "Underground 2-D Mazes"

    OH BABY!!!

    We've returned to airwaves this week to bless your ears with and add some more wrinkles to ya brains. Tonight we discuss ways to improve NBA All-Star Weekend, Netflix's new Aaron Hernandez docu-series and the dangers of playing football, as well as reminisce on some of our random childhood memories😂

    Tune in and bless yourself BEBEY 😉👱🏿‍♀️🙏🏿⛽️🎓🐐

    • 1 hr 17 min



    • 38 min
    Plastic News Network Episode 72 "DIVERSATILE"

    Plastic News Network Episode 72 "DIVERSATILE"

    Hello and welcome all of ye scurvy dogs. As you may have guessed, we starting the new year off right by giving you guys a list of (fairly) new/emerging artists to look out for in 2020. From UK drill to alternative/pop we covering all bases to make sure ya'll know what's going on.

    Ring off in the comments and let us know who on our list you're most excited to hear from!

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Plastic News Network Episode 71 "2020 is Our Year"

    Plastic News Network Episode 71 "2020 is Our Year"


    If you have a Google Home, Amazon Dot, etc. in your room while our show is playing, please throw it out the window. Thanks.

    This week we catch up a bit and talk about tyler, the Creator's latest interview, Theophilus London's upcoming album, and more. We also take a step back to check in on everyone on featured on our 2019 list of artists to watch out for!

    Stay tuned for details on how you can have a say in who's included in our 2020 list...😈

    • 1 hr 12 min

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zzzzzzzzaaaaaaaappppppp ,

This podcast is amazing.

Anyway you guys can make the audio louder?

Giorgio Valenton ,


Music to sports to fashion. If that doesn’t interest you, you prob living in bikini bottom. This podcast is what you need. Instead of dwelling and hating your life sitting on the 10 freeway, this is a perfect podcast for the road or even in the background of whatever you’re doing. All 3 host have their own character which creates the trifecta of no plastic! #fullyboyz

BarryMcKawkner ,


Get a lot of music from this program. Love what they’re doing 💫

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