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Following the happenings of the Pittsburgh Pirates!

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Following the happenings of the Pittsburgh Pirates!

    NS9 Podcast - A Sticky Subject With Travis Sawchik

    NS9 Podcast - A Sticky Subject With Travis Sawchik

    We are joined by a special guest, Travis Sawchik. We talk about his recent article about the substance use in MLB, his findings on the use of Spider Tack and other substances, thoughts how MLB is handling the situation, as well as how it potentially effects the trades that helped cost Neal Huntington his job.

    • 35 min
    Starbucs - Manfred Loathes Baseball

    Starbucs - Manfred Loathes Baseball

    First off, we talk the current 9 game losing streak of the Pirates. Things are pretty bad, but there shouldn't be too much confusion because this team was a pretty bad team heading into the year. One thing maybe not as expected was just how bad Mitch Keller has been and since he has now been sent down to Indy there has been some dialogue if that is the correct move. Jim & DiNardo tell you why it's the correct move and just who may really benefit from this not named Mitch Keller.

    Baseball has finally issued their policy on their substance crackdown and last night Tyler Glasnow finds out he has a partially torn UCL and has some words for baseball. Was he right or wrong? Well, DiNardo has a bit of a rant he has to get off his chest while Jim finds fault in everyone. Meanwhile, they do come together and ultimately feel the crackdown is good for baseball.

    Lastly, #RoansyDay was another fantastic day and we talk about some of the happenings and performances among the Pirates prospects.





    • 1 hr 16 min
    #NS9LIVE! - Hope Frazier Likes His Sox White

    #NS9LIVE! - Hope Frazier Likes His Sox White

    What can we say, the Pirates got swept by the Dodgers in PNC this week. We kick off the show with out Good, Bad, & Ugly and boy did it get ugly.
    There's been some chatter these past few days about what to do with Bryan Reynolds. Do they extend him, trade him, or let his contract run out. We talk what the Pirates should be looking to do and if trading him should simply be out of the question.
    Speaking of trading, Adam Frazier is still hot and the White Sox have now lost their 2nd baseman for the season. With what seems to be a market heating up for Frazier, what can the Pirates potentially expect, who lines up well, and what will Cherington look to do?

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Starbucs - First Base Is Lava

    Starbucs - First Base Is Lava

    Ok, so we obviously needed to talk about the home run that didn't happen. Its ok though, we talk about the rest of the bad mistakes that happened in last nights game as well as discussing the Marlins series. Lastly, we talk prospects!

    • 1 hr 13 min
    #NS9LIVE! - The Goat Is Back

    #NS9LIVE! - The Goat Is Back

    Pittsburgh has been anticipating June 3rd for some time now and it finally arrived. Young Hayes has made his return to the Pirates roster and didn't disappoint tonight. Hayes went 2-4 with a triple and plenty of defensive plays to get a fanbase excited (to the degree of excitement you can get this fanbase) once again.
    Not only was it Hayes return but a former friend in Starling Marte returned to Pittsburgh for the first time since being traded to the Diamondbacks. With his return came a radio hosts terrible comments once again which lead a bit of the old NS9 to come out.
    Howard, Crick, Holmes, and RichRod had a solid outing tonight and all have been doing it quite differently this year. Crick continues to fascinate as his overall numbers look good even though nobody inside the white lines has any idea where his pitch will end. His spin rates remain completely off the charts which leads into our final discussion...
    ...baseball has appeared to make an effort to crack down on foreign substance usage for these pitchers who appear to have been using for quite some time with a blind eye. Going forward, if caught, players will be suspended for 10 games. Will MLB truly enforce this? How? Who will be the first? Also, an article that Travis Sawchik released today goes into much greater depth of research in regards to how these substances really effect pitching.

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Starbucs - Smoked In Kansas City

    Starbucs - Smoked In Kansas City

    The Buccos get swept by the Royals after taking 2 of 3 from the Rockies including a double header shutout. Some thoughts on the series, plus some more on the major league hits and doubles leader. How impressive has Bryan Reynolds quietly been this year. Then to our Down On The Farm segment to talk Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects.

    • 1 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Matt Nigrelli ,

Best Pirates Podcast

The Pirates are completely undeserving of anyone’s love. But, like DiNardo and Tyler, some of us keep coming back for more. I’ve been a fan of the show for several years now, starting when Ryan was the co-host. I appreciate the guys keeping close tabs on the Bucs so I don’t have to!

The Pirates are bad and ownership is worse. That said, Pirates DIY media is the best around and these guys are the best of the bunch. I’ll seek DiNardo’s opinion over any cranky writer at the Post Gazette.

Mattt Roberts ,

Calling Pirates fans

If you love the Pittsburgh Pirates than this podcast is a must listen!

PiratesGirl915 ,

Finally good Pirates Baseball talk

I can no describe how happy and excited I was to have found this podcast. Within the first 15 min of listening to an episode I knew I would be listening to these guys weekly. They are sharing intelligent Pirates baseball talk. It’s so far to listen to the General fanbase whine about payroll and the Pirates and put all the blame on the Pirates when it’s not the team but MLB issues and stays positive while talking about things.

Die hard Pirates Fan, and happy to support this podcast!!!! #LetsGoBucs

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