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From the hit Amazon Prime series Oddity Files, paranormal investigators Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott tell the tales of all things creepy, cryptid, and otherworldly.

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From the hit Amazon Prime series Oddity Files, paranormal investigators Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott tell the tales of all things creepy, cryptid, and otherworldly.

    Ep 90 Rainbow Magic

    Ep 90 Rainbow Magic

    It's that time again kids, time to get weird in all the best ways.  
    This week we cover all the crazy paranormal in the news and there's loads of it people.  We send Nick off to Yertville, and his mission is to find our guy Big Foot.
    Nick introduces us to the folklore of the Spectral Black Dog, and tells us the specific story of the hell hound who rocks the English town of East Anglian, Find out the stories of how this Hell Hound terrorized the city and how this story has turned into a pop culture phenomenon.
    Kitsie Tells the story of "The Little Green Men of Kelly" and how a family still to this day sticks to the story of Aliens visiting them one night In Kelly-Hopkinsville Kentucky.
    We Hear a tale of a listeners ghostly BFF and how it still taunts her family and pets to this day.
    Send us your stories at oddityfilescrew@gmail.com
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    Ep. 89 I don't know what that means

    Ep. 89 I don't know what that means

    Join Kitsie and Nick for another not so creepy dive into the paranormal.  Things get steamy in more ways than one.
    Kitsie has ghost stories told to her during her Botox injection, they talk about Folklore, but not the one you're thinking about, about the weirdest fashion statement yet that may help in finding Bigfoot, And all the UFO talk in our paranormal in the news.
    Kitsie dives deep into the steamy drama that is #witchtok and tires to find out just who hexed the moon. Thanks Listener Kellie for the heads up on this one!
    Then we have Nick's steamy story where he talks about Spectrophilia, once you have sex with a ghost, you love it the most!  Yep, let's talk about sexy baby, sex with spirits no longer from this world.
    And an amazing story from Larissa, who's childhood ghost friend saved her life.
    Take the #tellafriendchallenge and tell a friend about the craziness that goes on here every week!

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    ep.88 Baby’s First Conspiracy Theory

    ep.88 Baby’s First Conspiracy Theory

    Let's get weird, shall we?
    Let’s talk about these weird sightings on Mars Shall we, then let’s talk about Nick’s Yurt and his shorty shorts!
    In Nick’s story this week,  he tells the story of an undisclosed location going through a severe haunting.
    Kitsie tells the story of the Watertown, NY Vortex in Thompson Park.
    Theories abound again when Kitsie and Nick get together they get Weird
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    Ep. 87 Dick Christian ROCKS

    Ep. 87 Dick Christian ROCKS

    Happy weekend to our favorite freaks in the world!
    Kitsie and Nick get weird, philosophical, dark, dive down rabbit holes, and more!
    Nick tells us the story of those weird bat like creatures found in the waters of Southeast Asia. Kitsie tells a tale of Cults, Murder and Witches that ends in one hell of a haunting, and Nick takes us down the rabbit hole of Paranormal believers vs. scientists.
    We end with and amazing submitted paranormal story from a woman who lost her two year old after a tough fight with Cancer, only to have his spirit come back to comfort her.
    Guys, we appreciate you.  Please rate review and subscribe wherever you're listening, and do us a favor and tell a friend or 10.

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    Ep. 86 Thunder and Lightning Very Very Frightning

    Ep. 86 Thunder and Lightning Very Very Frightning

    Hey you weirdo you!
    Welcome to episode 86 of our weird little cryptid, creepy, and otherworldly podcast.
    We've got tales of a foul mouthed Spirit in the UK.
    Nick tells the horrifying story of New York Native Joe Cummings special guest.
    Kitsie dives into the haunting of 9860Easton Drive Beverly Hills California, and the creepy infamous tales that Sharon Tate and Hanz Holzer tell of the spirits that haunt this stunning location
    A creepy listener story and just an all around good time.
    www.paraboxmonthly.com promo code: OddityFiles

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    Ep 85 F*ck you Mercury Retrograde

    Ep 85 F*ck you Mercury Retrograde

    TGIF Weirdos.  We're in full fledged Mercury retrograde, and Kitsie has tips on how to survive.
    We've go another action packed episode for you, and you're not going to want to miss it.  UFO's in Russia, or is that a toy on a selfie stick?
    Kitsie dives into a crazy Urban Legend from her home town Bloomington, Indiana.  Have you heard of the Hatchet Man?  This legend is terrifying for anyone attending Indiana University.
    And Nick takes us to Enfield..... Illinois and schools us in the tales of the Enfield Creature.
    And an amazing heart warming story of a pet spirit who still loves the kiddos.
    Be sure to see the video of Kitsie interacting with her ghost Anna at www.patreon.com/OddityFiles

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
115 Ratings

115 Ratings

headholz ,

So much fun!

Love the podcast and the show! I appreciate the fun and curiosity of Kitsie and Clayton. Just found them about 2 months ago, so have been listening to podcasts starting from podcast #1. Looking forward to listening to episodes 35 to the present. Binged all the Amazon Prime shows, and cant wait for season 4! Keep it up. Love, light, peace, and positivity!

I just caught up to the present day and have listened to all of the episodes. The addition of Nick to the podcast is fantastic! Love his humor and rapport with Kitsie. Great stories, great fun!

Curious Spook ,

New obsession

Recently became a podcast listener and I am hooked on oddity files! Thank you guys for keeping me smiling.

Zendaniel ,


Love the podcast love the show!! Excellent content and hosts1

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