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Podcast by Marquee Marc

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NickyC28st ,


I should be compensated for the time I wasted listening to these clowns. Where do I start? Not funny. Not intelligent. Annoying. Unlikable. Poor knowledge of the topics, which are mostly sports & politics. I’m not even sure why these guys do the pod. Who listens? He does coffee reviews on twitter and the whole skit is stolen from the Barstool pizza reviews. You couldn’t be more unoriginal.

jarvis325 ,

Not good


mister bungle's popcorn ,

Death of Comedy

If Cheesesteaks, Soft Pretzels & Water Ice represent the better of Philadelphia, this highlights the worst. I quickly gave up listening to my first & only piece of this garbage which, thankfully remains tucked away in the valley, in this case the taint, of poor podcasts. Blissfully Representing the vibe of that “yo cuz” crew, I knew I heard the voices before speaking To me, “Pizza - pick up or delivery.” “Not for nothin”, I thought they might be an act but they backup their inability to communicate via twitter which was the catalyst to check this curiosity out. You fail and that is the only thing done exceedingly well.

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