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Engaging conversation on relevant topics, real life stories, and encouraging survivors on the journey of healing from sexual abuse.

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Engaging conversation on relevant topics, real life stories, and encouraging survivors on the journey of healing from sexual abuse.

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5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

ProfessorAlan ,

Great and Much-Needed

An important podcast bringing a voice to those hurt by sexual abuse and exploitation.

Mel Sachs ,

The REAL deal.

Nicole and Mary are honest and vulnerable in their own journey's and bring to light some beautiful examples of healing and what is possible through finding your voice and taking each step on the healing journey. They touch on topics that so many survivors need to hear. They get under the surface of the tough stuff which makes so many feel less alone. They speak to the hearts of survivors on any and all steps/phases of their journey. They talk openly about Faith, The Power Of Forgiveness and How God Has His Hand On Each Of Our Individual Journey's. This can be so comforting for some. As a survivor who began my journey many years ago (close to 13 now), being able to relate to so much of this and be inspired and encouraged in my adult life now working as an advocate for Child Victims and their Families, is so awesome. So many of the topics are exactly what so many of us need to hear in certain seasons of the journey (The Most recent Episode #24 on Joy is so aligned with where I'm at and what I'm trying to focus on). Nicole and Mary remind us that Healing Is Not Linear and It's okay as successful adults (like in my own situation) to still have things we face from our past. Nicole and Mary in their own way give us Hope that this Journey will continue to be worth it. Nicole and Mary are honest and bring Humor into the conversation when they can which speaks to the inner child and the longing for the freedom laughter can bring for many of us. We all need laughter and a little help to get by from our friends, and that is the feeling you get when you listen to this Podcast (That you are listening to friends talk about the real things survivors face, no limits, and with the care and compassion a friend would have for you, Nicole and Mary give you that here). Through the podcast they always remind us that we are all in this together. Nicole and Mary paint a beautiful mosaic of this in their vulnerability, in the way they share their experiences and hearts with the world and the way they use their voices through this podcast to show survivors they truly care and that Survivors are NOT ALONE, wherever they are on the Journey, Nicole and Mary will meet them there. I highly recommend this for any survivor along any step of the journey and anyone at all who knows, loves, or wants to support a survivor in their life. This podcast is for anyone who wants a first hand look into a survivors Journey, what survivors face and how you can help. This podcast is for Survivors Anywhere and Everywhere; listening will for sure help you feel less alone, to learn that you are loved and cherished every step of the way as you should be.

Ruckerbe ,

Excellent, informative and crucial to hear!

Although I am not a survivor, I work with children who are survivors as well as vulnerable kids. The resources, parenting advice and overall knowledge has been overwhelmingly relevant. I am so grateful for Nicole, Mary and her weekly guests. From a school psychologist...

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