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OotiniCast is a podcast for those interested in a little news and some interesting discussion about Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

OotiniCast OotiniCast

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OotiniCast is a podcast for those interested in a little news and some interesting discussion about Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

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4.8 out of 5
120 Ratings

120 Ratings

12345()$&@ ,

The Best SWTOR Podcast!

I've been listening to these guys for quite some time now. I am impressed with their dedication to SWTOR despite all the trials and tribulations that the game has weathered throughout the years. OotiniCast is a top notch production. Chill and Teo's work ethic is readily apparent with each and every show that is released on a weekly basis! Yes, you heard right! These guys have been releasing a weekly show since the days of vanilla SWTOR! A stellar achievement in these days when so many podcasts come and go! OotiniCast IS the go to podcast for all things SWTOR. OotiniCast is structured quite thoughtfully and always with the SWTOR fan in mind. From the beginning of the show in which the guys review their latest achievements in game, followed by the Tip of the week which always manages to teach me a thing or two, followed by the Holofeed in which the guys discuss the current major happenings in SWTOR and last but not least there is The Academy where the show provides useful lessons for SWTOR that players old and new will find useful. Oh, I almost forgot, there is also the Sarlaac Digest where tweets and emails from the community are read. What are you waiting for!? Subscribe to OotiniCast now so that you may witness and experience how a podcast should be done! Long Live OotiniCast!!!

Lecto-Sama ,

The King of SWTOR Podcasts

Ootini is one of the longest running SWTOR Podcasts & it shows -- experience. Every week they deliver a very informative program with high production values. They may not be as funny as the "Bad Feeling" guys, but they make up for it with excellent insight & coverage. What's more, they've always taken to time to speak to me if I have a question about the game -- thank you!!

Inahuj from harbinger server ,


These guys have been around from the get go. The start of it all and they are one with the force (and the force is with them). Honestly they have brought all the good news and fun through all the ups and downs of the game. Always up beat and always with a positive spin. The show has a great format and the hosts are the best of any podcast ever; from a certain point of view. If you are new to the game, a vet, or returning like me, these guys will be the Jedi master to your apprentice.
If your looking for a great show that will give you all you need this is it, found it you have.

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