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In Open Road, host John Amini chats with extraordinary people to discover what makes them great, and to hear their best “Dinner Party Story” in the hope of encouraging us all to hit the Open Road to find our next great story.

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In Open Road, host John Amini chats with extraordinary people to discover what makes them great, and to hear their best “Dinner Party Story” in the hope of encouraging us all to hit the Open Road to find our next great story.

    19 - John Marsh

    19 - John Marsh

    John Marsh is the Co-Founder of Marsh Collective, serial entrepreneur, and consultant helping steward over $1bn in redemptive real estate in small towns around America.  His story will blow you away.  He has comeback from deep pain and hopelessness to redeem communities and marriages.  Reigning from Opelika, Alabama, his way of communicating is unmatched and his storytelling unparalleled.  You won't want to miss this one, y'all.  So, pull up a chair and join us at the table as John and I discuss having hope, crafting vision, and just going for it.

    • 48 min
    18 - Matt Morris

    18 - Matt Morris

    My friend, Matt Morris, joins us on Open Road for a wide ranging and fun conversation.  Matt is an investor, advisor, Board Member and was the CEO of a publicly traded company.  Aside from his business successes, he is fiercely involved in the Houston community and an awesome husband to Melissa and dad to four boys.  

    Join Matt and I at the table as we discuss his time at the helm of Stewart Title, how his achievements and failures have shaped him, and what he is learning now as a father and husband.  Tune in for a Dinner Party Story that had me rolling.  Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 10 min
    17 - Drinks with Friends 04

    17 - Drinks with Friends 04

    Matt and Marshall are back.  In our fourth DWF, the three of us discuss recent changes in our life, along with our timely topic: fatherhood.  

    Over a couple of glasses of whiskey, we discuss how the beginnings of our fatherhood journeys have shaped us and inspired fresh perspectives on the world and our place in it.  Join us at the table as we share the stories and lessons learned through the wild adventure of fatherhood that have brought us to a heightened commitment to living the Open Road Lifestyle: to live with courage and purpose.

    • 1 hr 19 min
    16 - Mark Appel

    16 - Mark Appel

    Welcome back to Open Road!  After a longer than expected hiatus, we're back with my buddy, Mark Appel.  Mark was the first overall draft pick in the 2013 MLB Draft picked by the Houston Astros.  After leaving Stanford to join his hometown team, Mark battled injuries during his first few years in the minors.  After taking a break from the game, he's on the path back to the big leagues.

    Mark and I talk about what he's learned as a ball player who has had to battle his fair share of adversity.  Between the injuries, the voices in his head telling him to quit, and those around him who are telling him he can't do it, he has rolled back his shoulders and learned how to elevate his manhood via the struggle.

    Please enjoy our chat as we discuss how to better live the Open Road Lifestyle.  

    • 1 hr 8 min
    15 - Dave Eubank (Afghanistan Dispatch)

    15 - Dave Eubank (Afghanistan Dispatch)

    In our first episode back from a Summer break, we're back with something unique.  A friend of the show and a prior guest, Dave Eubank, joins me for an impromptu conversation in the middle of his preparations to leave for Afghanistan on a rescue mission.

    This episode doesn't have a Dinner Party Story and it skips the pleasantries of a biography.  The intent of this episode was to allow you to learn how Dave is running towards the fire and to discover how to be in his corner.

    Be sure to tune into the after the recording intro to gain some more insight into the nuances of our talk.  There was an element of bureaucratic maneuvering that we had to navigate through that I discuss in the intro.

    In the midst of such tragedy and chaos, Dave and many others are tightening their boots and running towards the flames.  My hope is that this brave selflessness shows you, as it has me, the capabilities of a life fueled by love.

    • 46 min
    14 - Judson Kauffman

    14 - Judson Kauffman

    As the glow of the fireworks from this past July 4th weekend unfortunately fades, launch yourself into this week with my conversation with Judson Kauffman, co-founder of Desert Door Distillery, CEO and Co-Founder of Terradepth and former Navy SEAL.  

    Full of passion, experiences and stories, Judson shares with us his experience as a SEAL in Operation Iraqi Freedom and how that shaped him into a pioneering entrepreneur.  As a co-founder to a Sotol Distillery, which is now one of the leading spirit brands in the country, and Terradepth, the company that is deploying an army of autonomous submarines to collect yet to be discovered data on the ocean, it's safe to say that Judson goes for it.

    In our wide ranging chat, some of the topics we cover are the importance of bravery, how his time in the SEALS and as an entrepreneur has refined his view on Leadership, and finally, a Dinner Party Story that simply left me speechless.  No exaggeration.  It's cinematic.

    Join us at the table for a conversation that is sure to light a fire in you.  

    • 1 hr 11 min

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Houstonian Business Owner ,

Really enjoy this podcast!

As a Christian man, and recently married guy this podcast speaks me.

John, I appreciate your storytelling and engaging questions. Challenging yet practical advice, after The latest “Drinks with Friends” episode I removed social media from my phone. So now I will need to login from my computer.

Keep doing what you’re doing, John!

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