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That tug that you're feeling is calling you to step out of the routine, step out of the ordinary, and step into the extraordinary. We all, yes, every single one of us on this planet, are each called to live an extraordinary life. This can take many forms, because each of us has different callings that we are passionate about. Don't worry if you don't know what you are passionate about at this moment, because on the horizon is your path: the one specifically designed just for you and all of your experiences and gifts. What are you waiting for? Opt out!

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That tug that you're feeling is calling you to step out of the routine, step out of the ordinary, and step into the extraordinary. We all, yes, every single one of us on this planet, are each called to live an extraordinary life. This can take many forms, because each of us has different callings that we are passionate about. Don't worry if you don't know what you are passionate about at this moment, because on the horizon is your path: the one specifically designed just for you and all of your experiences and gifts. What are you waiting for? Opt out!

    Podcasting Like A Savage 🗣

    Podcasting Like A Savage 🗣

    It’s the new year sweet friend and your future is calling you? Do you have it on hold or are you ready to answer? Either answer is a good answer, what matters is that you know where you are and where you are heading. If you don’t know that’s okay too! We can help you! Countless studies show that planning with the end in mind builds motivation and increases your chances of success. Just ask this Mom CEO and Founder of “Mommin Like a Savage”, Suzi Dean from Suzi Talk

    Get Ready Y’all because I feel like this brand is going to blow up the social media space and virtual wine and coffee chats. My Kenieshi Sense is sparkling and usually that means something amazing is going to happen.

    REAL TALK: I meant to post this amazing interview like a MONTH AGO. Ugh, but now with the fresh aroma of the new year and the wine I’m drinking looming I am thinking it was divinely inspired. What a way to start your year off right. Whether it’s education, parenting, marriage, family or whatever, Suzi isn’t afraid to speak her truth and give you space to speak yours too! She runs some of the hottest rooms on Clubhouse and even has an exponentially growing FB community.

    Check this PHD CEO doin’ all the things like a savage!

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    Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me Your Story with 10K Tacos

    Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me Your Story with 10K Tacos

    Storytelling is a hot topic these days. We are seeing Storytelling being used in the corporate environment, marketing and even in personal development. If someone asked, “What is your Story?”, would you be ready? In fact, how would you like to feed me Tacos and tell me your story? Last month, Isidro sat down with me and shared some amazing lessons and insight based on his experience growing up as The Proud Son of a Tacquero. We also spoke about what taco expectations look like and even ways to find good tacos.

    Join me as I listen to some “Taquotes”, learn more about the benefits of storytelling and connect with 10K Tacos. If you are looking to build your storytelling skills, join our mailing list and we will send you some links to groups where you can practice story telling and if you are interested we can put together a Workshop with 10K Tacos and invite you all to build your storytelling skills and speak about avenues where you can use storytelling to improve your business, life and relationships. So, what do you think? Do you think you could be ready to Feed Me Tacos and Tell Me Your Story? Or even better, could you be ready to Feed anyone Tacos and Tell Them Your Story? 10K Tacos has a podcast about a Taco Truck. Make sure to check it out here. There is also a website where you can get taco swag, merch etc. here

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    Job Loss to Boss — The Adventure Startup with Trove Hospitality

    Job Loss to Boss — The Adventure Startup with Trove Hospitality

    Welcome to our newest Series within Opting Out! The Adventure Startup! Join us as we speak about How to Start a Business with Stephanie Verheyem. During the pandemic, this bold entrepreneur went from job loss to boss. In the midst of uncertainty, this Extraordinary Entrepreneur turned her post pandemic pink slip into pink parties and glass slippers. Now, she is becoming known around Nashville for her bachelorette parties and event planning for visitors to Music City. Trove Hospitality is a concierge event and trip planning service is becoming quite popular. This lovely lady and her start up has made a big splash! So much so that she has been noticed by an up and coming App, Bach! How exciting!

    This time has many inspiring entrepreneurs wanting to begin their own Adventure Startups. Well we here love the Start Up community and all that is associated, even those seasoned organizations that employ the start up culture, there is something so exciting about the concept and seeing it in action definitely energizes enthusiasts. Do you want to go from job loss to boss? Or just plain start your own thing? Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will receive updates for new episodes and information about upcoming events and promotions.

    See the form to customize our next event

    Stephanie takes us with her on her Adventure Startup so that we may take a look at the ins and outs of developing Trove Hospitality. We discuss how to start a business and go from job loss to boss. So, friends get ready for strategy around marketing, developing a Plan and even bold pitching tips!

    Trove Social Media Links:









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    Walking on Water with Confidence

    Walking on Water with Confidence

    Some people will stay in the boat while others will venture on foot in the sea, walking on water, which one are you?

    Identifying, Understanding and Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Did you know you were made to do great things? No, really, it’s true! It is why we love watching movies about adventure. Deep down we want that to be part of our story. Whether it’s opening a local coffee shop, traveling the world as a podcaster, planting a church or serving a ministry or cause in a developing country, there are extraordinary feats that we want to accomplish. Now, whether we actually try to accomplish them, that is a different matter altogether. What stops us from walking on water with confidence? Think of something that you have always wanted to do, now think of all the reasons you haven’t done it yet. Those reasons are often called Self-Limiting Beliefs. By Identifying, Understanding and Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs it makes what we thought to be impossible, possible.

    On another note, let’s get together! I want to hear what you think. It’s time to have a workshop. Virtual, Hybrid and in person. The Dream Big Again—Then Activate Seminar! How many courses, books, conferences have you attended and loved then found a few months later you felt like you hadn’t made the progress you hoped for? My prayer is to crack that code. To actually host events, programs, etc. that have measurable metrics of success and provide roadmaps with short-term wins. Events customized to your needs. I believe it’s possible!

    Join us and fill out our interest form here:

    Photo credit: https://faith-christian.org/walking-on-water/

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    Resurrection Sunday AKA Easter Sunday

    Resurrection Sunday AKA Easter Sunday

    What is Resurrection Sunday? It has been quite some time since we have been able to sit down for church service in the way I had come to know in my lifetime. For many of us, things look a lot different these days. I remember taking a stroll in downtown Nashville to visit a lovely Methodist church built over 100 years ago and the door were locked! I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I imagined myself desperately banging on the doors yelling “sanctuary!” waiting for someone from the inside to bring me in from the proverbial cold. Yes. that is an exaggeration, but where can the cold, hungry and desperate go when the church doors are closed? Back in the day, it was during the tragic personal and world circumstances that often drove people to visit their local church.

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    This Easter or Resurrection Sunday morning I awoke wondering what we were to do. I always love a good Sunday church service and our littles were also interested in attending church for Easter, although these days for them it means play time. As I prayer walked my room this particular moment, I felt God building something inside of me, I was supposed to do another podcast today! And He, God that is, had it all planned out. The name was going to be "Resurrection Sunday". Even a guest audio production specialist was willing to get it produced and ready for posting on the very same day, which is both a holiday and on the weekend. That my sweet friends is a miracle! And believe you me, EVERYTHING tried to get in the way! If I was running against the clock to deliver this podcast to the finish line, I had to jump over hungry dogs, children, dodge arrows, and get fancy with bobbing and weaving, ducking and dodging, as the distractions were launched. But here it is! Fresh out of the kitchen!

    My very first Sunday sermon teaching… unabridged, unscripted, completely unexpected, and a true opt out…

    *Update* I just found out my new favorite show, The Chosen released it's first episode of season 2 on Easter Sunday and they have a miraculous testimony and the show is amazing. It's free using a "Pay it Forward" approach. I feel a new revival or Great Awakening coming on...

    Produced by: Sterling Skye Sound - A Special thanks to this amazing company being part of this miracle!

    Referenced Podcasts: Know your Worth; Christianity & PR

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    When I Grow Up

    When I Grow Up

    When I Grow Up…

    Do you remember getting this question in childhood as well as answering the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Back in the days of being told that “you can do whatever you put your mind to” and if you can dream it you can do it”, we found ourselves dreaming of being astronauts, rocket scientists, firepersons, zookeepers, Michael Jordan, time travelers and working at the waffle house. (Btw, that last one was a real dream of a little one who loved eating there)

    Why should that stop once we are adults? Can we not still do what we dream or dare to think big? It would seem that there is an unspoken expectation that happens in adulthood. What once was “reach for the stars”, became “be realistic” or “don’t aim too high”.

    What in the world is that!!!!

    If we really think about it, we will see how contradictory this can be and how can we inspire the coming generations if we lose hope of doing what we love once we become adults?

    So let’s have some fun….

    Hello you! What do you want to be when you grow up? Dust off those old goals, dreams and plans and take another more serious look. You will be surprised at what is possible. If we have self-driving cars and a guest room in space, courtesy of the ISS, then it is definitely possible to do what you love during your lifetime. When the Wright brothers said they wanted to find a way for man to fly, I mean I wasn’t there or anything, but I imagine they were probably laughed out of whatever room they were in. Look at us now! Flying around the world is commonplace and people can even go into space!

    So what amazing thing excites you? This episode explores some of the ways you can take a dream, or idea, find motivation, create a roadmap, get support and begin the journey towards your destination.

    Podcast Ref: Your Extraordinary Path Episodes 1, 2 & 3

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4.4 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

onceuponawoolhat ,

Heartwarming, hilarious and soooo real hahaha

This podcast so boldly goes where even the more established podcasts fear to go. Seriously my heart leapt when I heard you talk about Jesus. Yes girl!! I have never heard such a balance as this: love and ON POINT life commentary, humor that is pure and clean, inspired thoughts and prayer, wonderful laughter, and words that speak to the heart and soul. Please keep doing what you are doing, I better see you on Oprah someday Kenieshiear

A Deedy ,

Helpful, Enjoyable, Inspiring

Looking forward to more encouraging and uplifting podcasts as we are taken through the different seasons in our life!

TXHomeschoolingWineMomma ,

Loving! I’m hooked.

As a person who has chose to “op-out” in so many non traditional things of life, I appreciate so much someone who shares this passion with the world. It is very hard today to have people around you with the understanding of why you choose to live the way you do! Love your Christmas story! We do not have traditional Christmas either... we wake up earlier than any other day and go serve the homeless community every Christmas! Let’s get out of the norm and change your view you won’t regret it when you opt out ! Happy launch and I can’t wait to hear more to come. Thanks House of Czetty 😁

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