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Our goal is to spread the truth and share knowledge to free minded individuals. From government to religion. From the stars to our hollow earth. We will use this platform to expose the simulation and challenge your reality. 1 episode at a time! Visit us at ParanoiRadio.com

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Our goal is to spread the truth and share knowledge to free minded individuals. From government to religion. From the stars to our hollow earth. We will use this platform to expose the simulation and challenge your reality. 1 episode at a time! Visit us at ParanoiRadio.com

    VIGILANT! W/ Flashy_News1 & Trebles

    VIGILANT! W/ Flashy_News1 & Trebles

    Vegas, terrorists, Trump and Taylor Swift!
    IRON sharpens IRON!
    The threat of loosing our sons and daughters to a generation of gay velociraptors is upon us and war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.
    Unfortunately you never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice and like Flash once said, “it had to be this way”.
    Stocks are shifting and the contracts are being filled. The US treasury allocated war bonds and money specifically for an upcoming major event in 2023 and countries around the world unite against our way of life under the name of the biggest religion on the face of our hollow earth.

    In this brutal discovery of threats and unrest and violence I had to call in my cut throat specialist. The man that will help us understand, digest and ABOVE ALL stay vigilant.

    Please give a warm welcome to my personal friend, deep state correspondent, New Yorker, American patriot, father and amazing collaborator,
    FLASH FROM @flashy_news1 on IG!

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    EVIL SANTA 2! W/ Trebles & Tank

    EVIL SANTA 2! W/ Trebles & Tank

    Santa, child trafficking, moloch and Xmas!
    I bet you never heard this story of Old Nick. Google Websters dictionary and enter “Old Nick” and let it sink in for the rest of the show!

    Happy Holidays from @paranoiradio

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    THE FLOOD! W/ JB Renegade & Trebles

    THE FLOOD! W/ JB Renegade & Trebles

    The Great Flood.
    The story of the great flood is widely documented and one of the most known stories in the bible, yet once again we find that the story was written thousands of years before the bible existed.
    Today we continue to explore the amazing and undermined chronicle of the sumarían tablets, the seeders, the Anunnaki and the origins of our past and creation with one of the most iconic and talented persons I’ve had the privilege to share moments with. Aside from being a patriot, he’s also a light bearer and high frequency performing individual.

    Please give a warm welcome to one of the biggest voices in our production. Formally know as the host of The Fail Academy Podcast and now media producing mogul; Rogue1Media.com’s very own JB from The Renegade_Family_Of_ Light IG Page.

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    PERSECUTION! W/ John Kirwin & Trebles

    PERSECUTION! W/ John Kirwin & Trebles

    Persecution of conspiracy theorists, family complications, the mind of the truther and inside the head of a normie!

    If your journey down the proverbial rabbit hole has cost you friends and family, destroyed your marriage, convinced loved ones that you are crazy, and has made your life a veil of tears, this book is for you.


    Check out his book!

    Buy the book:
    The Conspiracy Theorist Survival Guide: A Guidebook For Persecuted Truthers
    Available on Audible & Itunes

    John's email pleasewakeuporelse@gmail.com
    John's website is : https://www.wakeuporelse.com
    John's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@wakeuporelse

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    PANIC IN D.C! W/ Flashy_News1 & Trebles

    PANIC IN D.C! W/ Flashy_News1 & Trebles

    Terrorist attack, J6 footage & Republican States!
    People’s indifference is the best breeding ground for corruption to grow and it’s funded by the poor. Unfortunately, the ship is capsizing. The rescue boats have all been deployed. There is no one saving these elite, luciferian, homo worshippers and the writing on the wall has never been clearer. I quote “Integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption have to be part of the culture. They have to be taught as fundamental values.” And quote - Angel Gurria
    Every single fragile minute they have stolen from us, every single splinter of gold, every single frail and shattered law, right and freedom they have pealed of our very bodies is now there worst nightmare. THE entire world has risen, on both sides the enemies of our nation are now brothers, the most influential capitals have voted red from to dusk to dawn the roaches in DC are scrambling to survive!

    Now, please give a warm welcome to a dangerous man, rising star, destroyer of fantasies, my friend, deep state correspondent, father, business owner and patriot! FLASH_NEWS1


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    KILL THE MOCKINGBIRDS! W/ Sean Chris & Trebles

    KILL THE MOCKINGBIRDS! W/ Sean Chris & Trebles

    Clones, flat earth, Mandela affect!
    We are obsessed, addicted and are visionless when it comes to living an ordinary life at the expectancy of 77 years of existence. It’s easy to believe that with modern science, medicine and access to corruption , we would live be 200, 500 and even 1000 years old. Perhaps we can! I’ve said it before in this show plenty of times, they haven’t only weaponized cloning but living in a digital avatar could very well be your next reality. But what’s the purpose of expanding your health or living longer if you can’t remember who you are. Better yet, if you have to see those you love perish. Consciousness is the gift and the real basis for ww3 and the next war is fought in your mind not on the ground and price is your soul not your gold. It would be redundant to stand here and tell you the world is like it’s told in man made books and echoed by evil doers across the sands of time. Even time itself is a mental and man made construct and the biggest lie to man kind, as I always say.

    To give a linear thought on an earthy plane and catch copy cat fingerprints in a gene spliced cookie jar, I had to call in my next special guest.

    He’s a Californian transplant now located in the Mich. In fact, Questioning the narrative & the establishment has been a huge part of Sean’s journey. Now he is combining his passions for truth, podcasting & music.
    Shattering the reality painted by propagandists.
    Please give a warm welcome to Host/ song writer/ rapper and engineer, creative director,
    SEAN CHRIS from Kill the Mockingbirds Podcast!

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    On IG :


    Kill the mockingbirds website


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49 Ratings

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