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Each week Drew and Matt invite a guest to stroll down gaming memory lane.

Phoenix Down ZTGD Staff

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Each week Drew and Matt invite a guest to stroll down gaming memory lane.

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4.6 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Redfield70x7 ,

Excellent games-club style podcast

Drew and Matt are just fantastic at hosting - they have great personalities, are easy to listen to, are informed, and are passionate about games. They’re very humble and kind and it shows in the way they respect listener mail - taking time to respectfully read through and respond at the end of each episode. This leads to listeners actually feeling like they’re a part of the show and it’s great!

They essentially play through the entirety of a game and spend episodes at length discussing every beat of the experience in detail (ie, story, mechanics, characters, lore). They provide insightful commentary and opinions, and do so in a very casual way. They manage to always stay on track - this balance is very hard to find in many podcasts and it’s very much appreciated.

I’m so glad I discovered Phoenix Down. I wish more podcasts did this sort of review/analysis/discussion format - the kind that feels like a book club, except for games.

I couldn’t recommend it enough. Search through, find a game you’re interested in or have played before (they’ve done a ton), kick back, and enjoy. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Thanks Drew and Matt. You guys rock! Looking forward to many more years and many more games.

malibusmost101 ,

Good honest fun

I'll keep it short and simple ! Ever sing pod cast from this crew is always fun, light hearted and honest ! You can always found on ZTGD to be there when you need a laugh, honest opinion, explanation or even just to kill time ! If you love this show also check out N4G podcast & NEWSBURST !! You will not regret it !

Punod ,

Really trying....

I really love the long-form video game podcasts that really chew through a story bit by bit. At their best, these guys are really good with the format, but unfortunatly that is only about 30% of the time. The rest of the time it is incredibly obvious that they took zero notes going through the game they are breaking down, so they either frantically try to remember what may have happened next, or even worse, just sit and pull up Wikipedia. I recently listened to the Ready Player One podcast, and the host literally was flipping through the book trying to remember what happened. As I said, they really have the bones of a top-notch level podcast, and can get there if they do the work to tighten up their game. I'll keep monitoring over time to see if they improve.

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