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Four friends revisit a movie every week to see if it holds up and go on numerous tangents in the process!

Plain Zero Plain Zero

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    • 4.9, 18 Ratings

Four friends revisit a movie every week to see if it holds up and go on numerous tangents in the process!

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4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Big Natalie ,

More Like Plain Awesome!

Was searching movie related podcasts and came across this one. The concept is interesting, but the conversation between the hosts is the real draw. Really get the idea that you’re just listening in on friends. Definitely would recommend.

nikkeya1004 ,

One of my favorites still

This is still one of my favorite podcasts!!! Even if life gets busy I try and always listen to the Halloween episodes and the Christmas themed movies.

Heathers was the first episode I listened to from this podcast and I was laughing the entire hour! I’ve been laughing ever since. Some of my favorite episodes include The Heathers, Twilight episode, all the Pauly Shore movies, home alone and 10 things I hate about you.

Every episode begins with the hosts talking about hillarious topics from immitating movie punch lines to arguing about who sits down to pee. At the end they always ask if the movie holds up in modern day.

I like that all the movies are 10 years older or less. Most are movies from my childhood (90s) so it’s fun to relive the memories. There have been a few movies that I had never seen but watched because I saw it was on this podcasts. These movies quickly became some of my favorite movies (even the one about the mullet lady with tassles on her boobs).

Highly recommend this podcast. 3 years later and I say it still hold up to standards!

Tahneemc ,

Hooked on Nostalgia

I always find myself reminiscing about movies that I loved as a child so this podcast is the perfect fix. I have been listening for 2 months now and look forward to the next episode each week. I really enjoy the hosts. You can tell they are close friends the way they push each other's buttons and always having a good time. I also like the fun facts they may have on a movie. It's interesting to know what's going on behind the scenes. Great show!

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