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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom with Dan Betzel of Betzel Wealth Advisors in Columbus, OH.

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Weekly investing and financial planning wisdom with Dan Betzel of Betzel Wealth Advisors in Columbus, OH.

    How Does Flying Relate to Retirement Planning?

    How Does Flying Relate to Retirement Planning?

    You don’t need to be understand the basics behind flying but you’ll need some guidance from a professional to grasp the finer points and nuances to the actual process. Believe it or not, there are a number of parallels between flying and retirement planning and that’s what we plan to tackle on this episode.
    Today's rundown:
    0:29 – What’s on today’s show.
    1:01 – Dan has some news to share about the podcast.   
    2:02 – In the News: Trend in the wedding industry where couples are taking out loans for their ceremony.
    3:00 – There’s really no correlation between a wonderful ceremony and the amount you spend on it.
    6:13 – Introducing the main topic of flying and retirement.
    7:01 – The first you do before you fly is you have a flight plan.   
    9:44 – Sometimes you have to deal with turbulence along the way.
    14:49 – There are times when you need assistance. When you aren’t sure what’s ahead or you just need some navigation help.
    18:46 – Getting to know Dan: What job would you be terrible at?
    22:44 – Mailbag question: I’m retiring in six months and worried about whether we’ll have a market crash before I get to the finish line. Will I be okay for the next six months?
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    Challenges That Millennials Face in Financial Planning

    Challenges That Millennials Face in Financial Planning

    It’s easy to take shots at millennials and joke about many of the stereotypes that follow them around, but that’s not always fair. That younger generation faces many new challenges that weren’t around 15-20 years ago, and it makes it difficult to start saving and planning for retirement. We’ll address those issues in this episode.
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    Today's rundown:
    0:37 – Dan is preparing for his annual trip to Israel.
    3:10 – Financial issues that might impact millennials.  
    4:15 – Education has changed so much and it’s difficult financially.
    6:13 – It’s also harder now to buy a house.  
    8:00 – So many overqualified job candidates are underemployed.
    9:34 – Many people I meet with are now caring for their aging parents.  
    13:26 – Getting to Know You: Who is someone that always makes you laugh.
    15:57 – Mailbag question: What kind of annual return should I be seeking on investments in retirement.

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    Potential Financial Pitfalls for Someone Entering a Nursing Home

    Potential Financial Pitfalls for Someone Entering a Nursing Home

    When facing the decision to put a loved one into a nursing home, the last thing you want to be concerned about is their safety and security. That’s true of financial and physical health. There are some financial pitfalls that you need to know about so you can protect your family.
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    Today's rundown:
    0:28 – Dan is celebrating a milestone.
    2:36 – Introducing today’s topic of elder abuse.
    3:42 – The first thing you need to do with your parents or children if you’re getting older and a nursing home is in your future.
    4:10 – It’s important to interview before putting someone in a nursing home.
    5:00 – Be aware that some nursing homes offer financial seminars.
    5:40 – Another thing that nursing homes might try to ask of you.
    6:21 – Some of these facilities even have banks.
    7:41 – A recent case Dan read about that had nursing home abuse.
    10:51 – Getting to Know You segment: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with that extra time?
    13:14 – Mailbag question 1: I’m retired now and need income off my investment. Should I invest in dividend-paying stocks?  

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    Things You Should Consider When Inheriting a Home

    Things You Should Consider When Inheriting a Home

    Inheriting a home can be major life change and it bring with it a number of decisions that need to be made. Depending on who else was included in the inheritance, you’ll have to figure out what you want to do with it. Every decision brings a different set of pros and cons so understanding those will help you determine what option is best.
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    Check out today's rundown below: 
    2:55 – The situation that surrounds inheriting a home.
    3:45 – When you inherit a home, you essentially have these 3 choices.
    4:08 – Capital gains will likely be much lower than you expected.
    4:33 – Insurance issue you might face if you don’t plan on occupying the home.
    6:37 – Pro and cons to renting the home.
    8:17 – Dan shares his own family experience and what decision they made with an inherited home.
    9:51 – Estate planning falls under the holistic approach to managing your portfolio.
    11:28 – Getting to Know You segment: What hobby would you get into if time and money wasn’t an issue?
    14:09 – Mailbag question: Should I capture my recent 401k gains and take the risk off the table or should I continue on?  

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    Weaknesses in 401k Retirement Plans

    Weaknesses in 401k Retirement Plans

    One of the most popular retirement plans that people utilize is the 401(k). It’s often the easiest place to start when you begin saving for your future and a many times a employer will offer the option as part of a compensation package. The 401(k) definitely serves its purpose but there are some weaknesses that might make you look to other investment opportunities.
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    Take a look at the full rundown of the show below and click the timestamp to skip to a specific portion of the episode.
    1:19 – Quote of the Month from Zig Ziglar
    4:28 – Get to Know Dan: Any discipline you’re proficient in outside of finance?
    7:50 – Mailbag: I thought I’d be in a lower tax bracket after retirement but that’s not the case. What went wrong?
    12:11 – Weaknesses in many of the popular investments offered.
    12:30 – How administrative fees became common and why you should pay attention to them.
    15:06 – Limited assets classes can shrink your options.  

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    Finding Financial Security

    Finding Financial Security

    “Financial security” might mean different things to different people, but for nearly everyone, finding financial security is the most important part of their retirement plan. So, how do you define financial security?
    Full show notes: http://betzelwealthadvisors.com/2019/07/finding-financial-security/
    Tactical Points:

    In The News
    1:15 RMD age change
    Congress is working on a bill that would raise the RMD (required minimum distributions) age from 70.5 to 72. Would this be a good thing?
    Dan was really excited when he first heard about this change and he is all for it.
    There’s increased life expectancy and sometimes people need more time to save.
    This will give more choices to people and opportunities to do some effective tax planning.
    The change is part of the SECURE Act which has been proposed.
    Getting To Know Dan
    2:59 Danger Dan
    What’s the most physical danger Dan’s ever been in?
    Dan shares a story about a plane ride with his son that included a potentially treacherous landing. It luckily ends with a bit of humor.
    7:26 Angie: Long-term care
    Angie in Pataskala says she hasn’t found a long-term care policy that she likes. Are they all this expensive?
    A lot of people don’t take the time to dig into this area of risk management.
    When we’re younger, we need life insurance but when you’re older you still have risk but it’s a different kind of risk.
    Traditional long-term policies are very expensive, so also look at hybrid life insurance with riders for long-term care.
    Financial Security
    10:09 What Does Financial Security Mean To You?
    Dan looks at five elements to put together an approach to build financial security.
    You have to work on your portfolio to think about how it is being designed. Do you have enough income in retirement?
    Taxes need to be considered because some people don’t factor in how much they will be paying in taxes. Also, look at the risk you will take. Are you going to be exposed to long-term care expenses and high healthcare costs?
    Estate planning needs to be handled so that everything is taken care of when you’re gone.
    12:15 Definition #1: “I don’t want to be a burden on my kids, regardless of my health situation”
    You want to make sure you have the right documents in place for your family members to make decisions.
    What does being a “burden” mean to you? Solving this question helps a lot of people feel more financially secure.
    13:22 Definition #2: “I want to be sure that I never run out of money”
    This is the biggest reason most people come to see Dan and it’s the solution that provides the most financial security for folks. There are a lot of variables but going through a process to be clear on your budget will give you confidence.
    Sitting down and planning with focus and intensity is what’s needed for retirement.
    15:01 Definition #3: “After I retire, I want to be able to work part time if I want to, but not because I have to”
    More often, people aren’t retiring FROM something but are retiring TO something else.
    Think about how you want to spend your days when you retire.
    16:40 Definition #4: “If I need a knee replacement or a new transmission, I don’t want that to prevent me from spoiling my grandkids at Christmas”
    When you retire, make sure your debt is paid off and have a good cash cushion.
    You need to be able to pay for unexpected medical expenses or emergency expenses.
    Before you retire, make sure you have all the pieces in place.

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