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The Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast is all about striving to be our healthiest selves, while living in the real world.

Plantbased, Not Perfect Elizabeth Coe

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The Plantbased, Not Perfect podcast is all about striving to be our healthiest selves, while living in the real world.

    #122. Haute or Not? Apple Cider Vinegar

    #122. Haute or Not? Apple Cider Vinegar

    Today's episode is on whether apple cider vinegar (ACV) is healthy or harmful for us. From it's supposed health claims: weight loss effects, lowering cholesterol, blunting blood sugar & improving diabetes, and skincare benefits - I deep dive to see if there is any actual research to support these claims. We also discuss how to implement ACV if you are interested and my personal takeaways.
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    #121. How to Stay Healthy & Fit through the Holidays

    #121. How to Stay Healthy & Fit through the Holidays

    Today's podcast episode is all about staying healthy through the holidays. I compiled all of the topics you shared on IG that you struggle with through the season and we get into tangible ways to deal, tips and tricks, insight and everything in between to help you stay plantbased, not perfect this holiday season.
    Navigating Events & Alcohol
    Using the 80/20 method
    Dealing with family who aren't plantbased
    Anxiety, mantras, non negotiables
    Overeating, Sweets & Binging
    What to do if you overeat?
    Motivation for Movement
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    #120. Food Therapy, Colonics and Living an 80/20 Lifestyle with ElizaG Wellness, Holistic Nutritionist

    #120. Food Therapy, Colonics and Living an 80/20 Lifestyle with ElizaG Wellness, Holistic Nutritionist

    In today's episode I chat with ElizaG Wellness, holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. From a major car accident and then experiencing the passing of her mother, Eliza shares her personal health and wellness story, finding a plant focused path and how she is dedicated to helping others find an anti-inflammatory and intuitive lifestyle.
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    #119. Leaning Out, Portion Control, Workout Motivation & LGS Tips

    #119. Leaning Out, Portion Control, Workout Motivation & LGS Tips

    In this episode I answer your hot health & wellness questions on: If you can lean out while eating nuts/nut butters? Whether you need to portion control on a plantbased diet? How to motivate yourself to workout after a long work day - top tips and tricks? and How to modify the LGS to the colder weather? Along with other top LGS questions received on IG. Study on how blackstrap molasses can benefit ADD/ADHD.
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    #118. Working 9 - 5 While Having a Side Hustle

    #118. Working 9 - 5 While Having a Side Hustle

    Todays episode is on the topic of managing a full time 9 - 5 job along with a side hustle; how to find and cultivate the time, tips to stay organized, ways to find discipline and much more. I also share how to avoid burnout, deciding if all the work is worth it and answer whether I think we can "have it all"? Also, if you want to start a side hustle but aren't sure where to start I give my advice to get you inspired and then we get into tangible tips and tools I use daily to stay organized and manage two jobs.
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    #117. Fiber Facts & Meal Plan Launch

    #117. Fiber Facts & Meal Plan Launch

    Today's episode is on FIBER because it is so vital for our health, longevity, gut health, digestion, weight loss and more. From the types of fiber and the plant foods (only) we can find the highest amounts in, to our gut health and aiding weight loss - fiber does it all. We deep dive into how fiber has been shown in studies to positively affect heart health, Diabetes Type 2, diverticulitis, period symptoms and endometriosis. I also share fiber supplements if needed and tips to ease more whole food fiber into your lifestyle.
    My new 7 Day Meal Plan the RESET has launched! It is a roadmap to help you set up a sustainable plantbased, not perfect way of living with principles, content, a 7 Day Meal Plan, nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks that will keep you full but aid you in optimal health, vitality, energy and a lean body year round. With a calorie density chart, 80/20 charts, printables journal prompts, pantry staples, kitchen tools, tips for smoothies, digestion and more - this Ebook is like having me teach you everything I have learned and implemented while also creating a distinct meal plan for you.
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
353 Ratings

353 Ratings

Isabella492949 ,

favorite podcast

every week I look forward to Elizabeth’s new episode! I walk after work to them and she does a wonderful job of breaking down the science of food and relating it to tips for people to incorporate day to day. For sure give this a listen if you are interested in becoming a healthier version of yourself.

NicoletteIvy ,

Favorite podcast

PBNP is one of my favorite wellness podcasts! I look forward to it every Monday and get excited to see what this weeks topic is. Elizabeth has such a fact based approach to plant based lifestyle, and the episodes are short and sweet, but packed with so much information!

Lilitaliagirl ,

Super Informative/Inspiring!!🍑🥕🍉💗

I found this podcast not too long ago and immediately started binging all of the episodes! Elizabeth does an amazing job coming up with informative and interesting content. She gives really good real world advice and I love that she gives recommendations on how to be budget savvy. I relate to her a lot and am inspired by every episode! Definitely give this one a listen🥰🙌🏻

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