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Hosted by Tom Andry and Rob H., this team answers your questions about home theater and AV.

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Hosted by Tom Andry and Rob H., this team answers your questions about home theater and AV.

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4.4 out of 5
106 Ratings

106 Ratings

Jcr159 ,

Love the style

Love the non nonsense and practical approach from the hosts. Tune in. Learn something. Boom!

boydr ,

What you really have is money envy

It seems to me when listening to your podcast that you have an aversion to spending money for audio equipment whatever happened to the old adage you get what you pay for you can’t get good stuff on the cheap.

II realize that you’re young and don’t have much disposable income so you have to compensate for that that’s all well and good but don’t try to tell me that when you buy something cheap it’s better than something more expensive there are many things other than sound quality that qualifies the product to be considered high-end such as build quality ease-of-use and longevity of the Products and pride of ownership all of these things together make a product better and worth the price in my opinion

I also think you should pay more attention to some of the older hi-fi reviewer’s maybe you might learn a thing or two As opposed to just arbitrarily dismissing what they say these guys of been in the business for a long time most of most of them longer than you’ve been on the earth so maybe you should pay attention

Lord Dazz ,

Real talk for home A/V

Tom and Rob give an earnest and genuine take on home A/V. They’re not out to sell you anything. As of recent note, they often recommend not spending too much. If you have questions about building, setting up, or tweaking your home A/V system, then give this podcast a listen.

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