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From Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London — Europe’s premier political podcast.


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From Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London — Europe’s premier political podcast.

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4.1 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Perkin Boggins ,

The Politically correct talking to each other

The Politically correct talking to each other

Tulip.be ,

Very smart way of explaining Europe

Having moved to the US after living and working in Brussels for 25 years, I think that Politico and Ryan Heath’s work to explain and add more transparency to “Brussels Bubble” affairs in an understandable way to the non-introduced is like a breath of fresh air. I listen to the podcasts on a regular basis and am always amazed at the depth of the analysis, quality of the guests and of the discussion. In a world of too much “fake news”, I think that you are doing something right. Please continue!

NervousFishdown II ,

Sponsored by military industrial complex?!

Really sad to see this otherwise informative podcast shoot it’s political objectivity in the foot recently, by accepting sponsorship from @Raytheon - one of the most disgusting corporations on earth. They don’t get much more military industrial complex than Raytheon: the corporation that lobbies politicians to buy their arms, promising them jobs for their constituents (among other kickbacks), while their shareholders sit back and salivate over the profits they are gleaning from the bombing of civilians (aka collateral damage), with so-called ‘smart’ weapons.

Raytheon hopes that it’s their ‘defense partners’ that are the audience to this show. But we all know that ‘defense partner’ is a euphemism for something much more sinister, and that the operative mantra here is full spectrum dominance. In other words, that the western way of life, with all its platitudes about democracy and liberalism, is really nothing other than an alibi for keeping the great global unwashed under control, and far away from our shores. Cheap resources? Tough. They’re ours now. Thanks Raytheon, we couldn’t maintain the empire without you!

Shame on politico for stooping to this.

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