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Biblical Truth for Today

    Series: Romans Love in Disputed Matters 09/17/23

    Series: Romans Love in Disputed Matters 09/17/23

    Series: Romans
    Love in Disputed Matters
    Romans 14:13-23
    (Concentric circles of belief) graphic here
    loving those with differing convictions
    ü Determine to not cause another believer to stumble.
    ü Make sure your positions do not tarnish the gospel.
    ü Do your part to maintain healthy relationships
    ·      Pursue peace.

    ·      Build others up‌
    ·      Sacrifice for unity
    If a person is misunderstanding the gospel because of a conviction, we should gently correct.  In all other situations, deference to a weaker brother is our position.
    ü Realize that matters of conviction can affect the soul.
    Sin is NOT a matter of personal opinion.
    ‌            Christian liberty is not a license for selfish pursuits
    – it is the result of holding to faith alone.
    ‌Today’s Takeaways
    Righteousness is not obtained by behavior, but by faith in Christ.
    Faith in Christ should affect all of our decisions and our lifestyle.
    A believers’ choices can affect other believers—either directly or indirectly.
    Mature believers make loving sacrifices to help those who are not as mature in their faith.

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    Series: Romans Grace in Convictions 09/10/23

    Series: Romans Grace in Convictions 09/10/23

    Series: Romans
    Grace in Convictions
    Romans 14:1-12
    Concentric Circles of Belief 

    grace when convictions collide
    Develop a posture of acceptance.
    Recognize everyone is not in the same place in their walk with Jesus.
    Realize divisive issues will always exist among Christians.
    Wedge issues are typically: 
    1) issues of holiness 
    or        2) issues of church practice 
    Devaluing others because of held convictions is not acceptable.
    Be convinced that the gospel alone saves.
    Believe the best of those with different convictions.
    Remember you will give an account for how you live. 
    Today’s Takeaways
    ü Learn to discern between essential core issues, personal convictions and preferences. 
    ü Hold tight to your convictions while generously offering grace to others. 
    ü Resist the temptation to judge others.  
    ü Avoid being contentious.  It does not help the cause of Christ or your character.
    ü Remember it is grace alone—for you and for others!

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    Series: Romans The Christian Citizen 09/03/23

    Series: Romans The Christian Citizen 09/03/23

    Series: Romans
    The Christian Citizen
    Romans 13:1-14
    Let everyone submit to the governing authorities,
     since there is no authority except from God,
     and the authorities that exist are instituted by God. 
    Romans 13:1
    God designed humanity to live within authority structures.
    God’s Intention for the Government
    ·      Governments exist to allow and protect human flourishing.
    ·      Governments exist to restrain evil.
    The Christian Citizen
    ·      We are called to submit to God’s assigned leaders.
    The government’s rule is not absolute in our lives, only God has that right and role. 
    ·      We are expected to honor the installed authority.
    Do not owe anyone anything, except to love one another, 
    for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.
    Romans 13:8
    ·      We are commanded to live out the Golden Rule. 
    ·      We are commissioned to faithfully proclaim the gospel.
    Today’s Takeaways
    God has established government for the good of humanity, and Christians should seek to live peacefully within its structure. 
    Government often fails to fulfill its godly purposes, but that does not alleviate Christian responsibility. 
    No human institution can sustain hope for humanity, only Christ can bear that load. 
    Christians are to share the gospel to bring hope to broken people and broken structures.  

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    Series: Romans Loving the Hard to Love 08/27/23

    Series: Romans Loving the Hard to Love 08/27/23

    Series:  Romans
    Loving the Hard to Love
    Romans 12:14-23
    Christian love is evidenced most clearly in response to difficult people. 
    Loving the Hard to Love
    ·      Christians must bless people who mistreat them. 
    ·      Christians must empathize with those experiencing different circumstances.  
    ·      Christians must engage people who appear different.  
    ·      ‌‌Christians must associate with people who do not provide personal advantage. 
    ·      Christians must trust God, seek peace and forgive even when harmed. 
    Practical steps when you are wronged
    ü Think before you act.
    ü Remember your witness.
    ü Attempt to deescalate.
    ü Trust God’s justice.                        
    ü Actively show kindness to the offender.
    Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.
    Romans 12:21 
    Today’s Takeaways
    We will encounter people who are difficult to love.
    What a person does to us must not dictate our response.
    We can trust God to bring justice (in His time).
    We can respond in love, even when offended, if we will focus on Jesus. 

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    Series: Romans Love Like a Believer 08/23/23

    Series: Romans Love Like a Believer 08/23/23

    Series: Romans
    Love Like a Believer
    Romans 12:9-13
    4 Greeks Words for “love”
    ·      Ero (eros) = physical or sensual desire 
    ·      Storgeo (storgos) = affection that feels responsibility
    ·      Phileo (philos) = fondness for someone because of a connection/relationship
    ·      Agapao (agape) = God’s love.   
    An initiating, constant, unconditional love.
    The one who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
    I John 4:8
    A Believer’s Love
    Love should be authentic.  
    Love should hate evil and cling to good.      
    Love should be loyal to fellow believers.             
    Love should acknowledge the value of others.   
    Love should be joyful in service.                                          
    Love should be evidenced by faithfulness in hardship.                                                 
    Love should help those in need. 
    Love is not something we generate. Love is something that overflows.
    Today’s Takeaways
    1) Our love is the defining characteristic of true belief.  
    2) Our love for others is the greatest testimony to the power of the Gospel. 
    3) We love each other because God first loved us.
    4) We maintain our love by focusing on the cross.

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    Series: Romans Equal, Connected & Gifted 08/14/23

    Series: Romans Equal, Connected & Gifted 08/14/23

    Series: Romans
    Equal, Connected & Gifted
    Romans 12:3-8
    The Gospel’s Effect on Church Life 
    1.  It creates a healthy image of self and others.
    Humility is to be the primary characteristic of the people of God.
    Pride is disrespectful to God and is the root of a believer’s struggles.
    God has given all of us the same standard of faith: faith in the finished work of Christ. 
    2. It creates a deep connection with other believers.
    God has designed us to need each other.
    Trusting Christ does not diminish uniqueness; however, an unselfish individuality is developed. 
    3.  It motivates believers to live for the good of others. 
    Spiritual Gifts
    Spiritual Gifts are talents/skills/abilities/traits that are given to believers that helps us accomplish God’s work.    
    Every believer has been gifted by God to serve.
    God is the determiner of gift distribution.
    Every gift is for the common good.
    How can I know my spiritual gift?      
    ·      Ask yourself, “what spiritual activity brings me enjoyment?”       
    ·      Reflect on moments that you have excelled in service.      
    ·      Take inventory of activities that others have affirmed in you.
    ·      Do something and you will figure it out.
    Today’s Takeaways
    Realize every person in God’s church is valuable... including you! 
    Don’t let uncertainty about gifts keep you from serving
    Be faithful to your church community... they need you.

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