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4.7 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

Tgbranerman ,

Breathe of fresh air

Shout out from Ann Arbor, Michigan! It seems like Christians are often too afraid to speak out on the political issues of today, we need some truth and honesty in today’s culture and especially on our college campuses. Keep it up!

Roiley+ ,

My thoughts.

So what I like about this podcast is that it is fun. It is entertaining to, the hosts are funny dudes. My favorite part thus far was in episode three when they just ragged on a CNN piece about Obama shaking Trumps hand.

What I don’t like about the podcast comes from two semi overlapping angles.

1. I don’t think these folks are very well informed on the topics they choose to speak on. I think they have very one dimensional views. This leads them to come off as very disingenuous to the people they are speaking on. This wouldn’t be inherently bad if I believed this was a comedy podcast that’s just fooling around, but I can tell by they way the hosts talk about the subjects and the reaction of the commentators on this show that it is not taken comedically. This has some overlap with my second point.

2. The premise is a couple of dudes just chatting about what they think in an open, honest, “this is what I think”, hence the name Probably Wrong. The issue is that what this podcast is is not the premise. The language used, the words chosen, and the way it’s presented often if not exclusively indicates a definitive view. A “this is right and that is dumb” kind of view. The podcast doesn’t claim to be informative but it is has a few to many ways of presentation that it forms arguments and claims that invite people to believe what they believe.

2 stars, I’d watch it if you like or subscribe to their presented views and want fun and entertaining insight from said views.
I’d be weary of their disingenuous presentation of topics and other people and really take their title Probably Wrong to heart. Especially since they don’t present their views in a way that indicates the potential that they could be wrong.

Satisfiiiiiiied😎 ,


Great content. Great humor. More right than wrong. GOOD STUFF FOLKS!

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