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The Proclaim podcast features all things around sharing Jesus with others. Join Eric Chow, Brett Powell, Heather Khym, and Jason Jensen as they talk to inspiring disciples about how they live on mission.

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The Proclaim podcast features all things around sharing Jesus with others. Join Eric Chow, Brett Powell, Heather Khym, and Jason Jensen as they talk to inspiring disciples about how they live on mission.

    021: Making Our Homes and Communities "Missionary Outposts"

    021: Making Our Homes and Communities "Missionary Outposts"

    In this episode, Brett and Eric discuss the missionary dimension of the home. There are many opportunities in our everyday living that allow us to witness to our faith. This episode was recorded earlier in the year, but it has impact and relevance for us today. Proclaim is about inviting disciples to proclaim Jesus in their homes and communities and we can take small steps towards growing the missionary dimension of the home.

    • 28 min
    020: Relational Trust in the Role of Evangelization

    020: Relational Trust in the Role of Evangelization

    In this episode, Eric and Brett discuss the role of relational trust in evangelization - why it is important, how suspicion plays against trust, and some tips to building trust in our proximate periphery.

    1:19 Relational trust is the bond that exists between two people that allows for influence to happen

    1:52 The first step towards faith isn't always faith itself but being in a trusted relationship with a believer

    3:38 The Church is no longer viewed as the trusted lighthouse for society that it once was

    5:02 Suspicion is the opposite of trust

    8:43 Relational trust includes all those things that are outside the words of evangelization

    8:52 People don't care how much you know unless they know how much you care

    11:39 People are more likely to listen to witnesses over teachers, but listen to teachers because they are witnesses.

    15:00 Being relevant in people's lives is being present in their moments.

    16:25 Alpha as a great way to developing trusting relationships.

    19:28 Practical tips to building relational trust: listing to people's story, authentic curiosity, asking open-ended questions, expressing genuine interest.

    25:45 Building trust between parents and children who have walked away from faith.

    27:40 Parents are the best people to intercede for their children.

    28:30 Resource "Praying for your sons and daughters, and those you love, by Vernon Robertson"

    31:30 Brett's word of encouragement - the little things are the big things when it comes to building relational trust

    31:45 Eric's word of encouragement - you're not alone. We're all learning to build trust. Proclaim is here to help.

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    019: Listening well and intentionally accompanying

    019: Listening well and intentionally accompanying

    In this episode of the Proclaim Podcast Eric Chow continues the conversation with Deacons Raffaele Salvino and Richard Conlin. They discuss their experience with CCO's intentional accompaniment masterclass, prophetic listening, and the need to become great listeners in order to live out our missionary discipleship.

    0:50 Evangelii Gaudium 169 The Church will have to initiate everyone – priests, religious and laity – into this “art of accompaniment” which teaches us to remove our sandals before the sacred ground of the other (cf. Ex 3:5). The pace of this accompaniment must be steady and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and our compassionate gaze which also heals, liberates and encourages growth in the Christian life.

    3:47 Deacon Richard: What a privilege it is to enter into their lives because the Lord has chosen them and deeply desires to have a relationship with them.

    8:30 Discusses their experience of CCO's Intentional Accompaniment masterclass. A way to connect years of formation of seminary into living out the parish life.

    You can find CCO's Intentional accompaniment model https://cco.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/CCO-Intentional-Accompaniment-Booklet.pdf

    12:02 What were some of the ways you found yourself applying intentional accompaniment in your ministry?

    Deacon Richard realized that an email blast wasn't enough. "I needed to reach out to them personally..there has to be intentionality to invitations"

    16:30 Deacon Raffaele, we need to be prophetically listening - having one ear to the person and one ear to heaven.

    20:45 Deacon Raffaele, What is not prophetic listening - while they're talking, I'm not listening and crafting my apologetic response.

    20:40 "By your baptism, you're a prophet. The Lord has got your back!" Deacon Richard

    26:30 "If I can be a good listener, then I can be confident that the Holy Spirit can work through me" Deacon Rafaelle

    33:56 Christ modeled accompaniment with his disciples, and from there his disciples went on to accompany others. Deacon Raffaele.

    35:10 Deacon Raffaele's word of encouragement - Accompaniment is easier than you think.

    Deacon Richard's word of encouragement - listen well

    Eric's word of encouragement - accompaniment isn't just hanging out, it's also inviting people to deeper discipleship and knowing where to take them.

    Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!

    • 39 min
    018: The Impact of Intentional Relationships

    018: The Impact of Intentional Relationships

    Eric Chow has a conversation with Deacon Rafaele Salvino and Deacon Richard Conlin about the impact of relationships in their journey to discipleship and vocation. They discuss why relationships matter and the missionary skill of 'matchmaking': taking God's grace and matching it with people's needs.

    Deacon Raff Salvino shares his story

    Deacon Richard Conlin shares his story
    "Going to confession, that day I became an intentional disciple and a missionary disciple. I just had to go tell everyone what happened"

    How friendship witnessed to Deacon Raff: "I knew there was more, I wasn't sure where it would come from, but I knew it was possible. I encountered Christ in adoration as the fulfillment of all my deepest desires."

    Deacon Richard "Out of that commitment, the intentionality of journeying with someone, our ability to be a disciple came about. You're commiting to a person, it's not a program you're putting someone through, you're not trying to fix someone. You're committing to the person and that relationship brought us here. "

    11:40 -12:10
    "The Archdiocese of Vancouver wouldn't have Deacon Richard and Deacon Raff if there weren't a couple of people who wanted to commit to us. And out of that relationship we have a relationship with Christ and we want to share that full time, all day everyday, and that's what we have the privledge to do now. You being intentional about a relationship with someone...you never know what could come of that"

    Deacon Richard says "When you look at the people that you want to bring to Christ, you have to ask yourself if there's a genuine relationship of trust there. Are you only reaching out to them to invite them to events at church? Or do you hang out with them to build trust or text them to see how they're doing? Or is it always connected to 'can you come to this next event? "

    17:50 - 18:36
    Deacon Raff talks flag football and Christ

    18:42 - 19:30
    Deacon Raff missed faith study, leader came to his family's house.

    Deacon Richard discusses how preaching has helped him grow as a missionary disciple. The skill of "matchmaking" - taking the grace of the readings with the needs of the people, and you match them. But it's not just for preaching, this is a skill that all missionary disciples need to grow in.

    Being a missionary is challenging, and experiencing rejection in an invitation is a moment that strengthens us as missionary disciples.

    "Not having it all together is one of the greatest assets that you have (as a missionary disciple) because you're authentic. You're authentically striving to live a life for God, and the people around you see that. They see your flaws and they also see the beauty of that too, so that when you make that appeal to live a life for Christ, it carries so much more weight and authority."

    Deacon Raff dismantling the lie that "only the priest evangelizes" and "I don't know enough to be a missionary".

    Deacon Raff says"I would die with a huge smile on my face if I could see every single parishoner know that, by baptism, God has called them to be a missionary."

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    017: The Steps to Becoming an Evangelizing Parish with Fr. John & Mary

    017: The Steps to Becoming an Evangelizing Parish with Fr. John & Mary

    Some moments of particular interest:

    1:19 The story of OLGC, and the origin of Acts XXIX

    6:00 How Eucharistic adoration can change everything

    9:15 A powerful story of youth dropping their nets (literally)

    11:00 Taking a whole parish on retreat with Alpha

    15:00 “We all of a sudden had a tool that we could use for the unchurched.”

    21:36 The parish staff is the spinal cord of the body, and most parish spinal cords are broken

    26:59 The document Unleash the Gospel, and how it animates Acts XXIX

    31:38 3 essential principles for transforming the Church

    36:19 “Maintenance” in our era equals death

    39:29 Why programs don’t convert people

    Takeaway quote: “I’m just convinced that exposition (of the Blessed Sacrament) is a wrecking ball.”

    Want to watch the interview? View it here.

    • 45 min
    016: Seeing and Supporting Each Other in Ministry with Fr. John & Mary

    016: Seeing and Supporting Each Other in Ministry with Fr. John & Mary

    Some moments of particular interest:

    10:04 A vision of Jesus, a partial of surrender

    12:26 A surprise vocational call, delivered through Scripture and prayer

    15:55 (Mary) “I am a testimony of God’s patience and mercy as well.”

    18:11 “They spoke the name of Jesus unapologetically. That was something new for me.”

    20:47 Learning to pray from (non-Catholic) Christian friends

    22:18 Embracing God’s will in a serious illness

    25:50 Having someone accompany us in our discipleship

    28:00 Avoiding the temptation to let prayer become rote

    30:01 “For some reason, I don’t know why, God enjoys my company.”

    32:00 “Time is the currency of friendship.” If we are serious about being on mission, we pray

    39:40 When the enemy tries to disqualify us after a fall, Jesus restores us

    43:19 “There will not be parish renewal without priestly revival.”

    Takeaway quote: “If that’s really you, Lord, I need a desire for that. Because I don’t want to do that…

    “I woke up two days later with an insatiable desire to be a priest.”

    Want to watch the interview? View it here.

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