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Podcast by Sarah Polacco

    How to Be a Better Coach for Clients with Anxiety and Depression Workshop

    How to Be a Better Coach for Clients with Anxiety and Depression Workshop

    In this podcast I talk about what I have been up to for the past 11 months and talk about my workshop I am launching at the end of the month!

    How to be a Better Coach for Clients with Depression and Anxiety
    September 30th 7:30 EST
    Pay what you can through Venmo or Paypal
    Recording can be sent if you cannot attend live.

    Click link to sign up:

    Email: sarahpolacco@gmail.com
    IG: @sarahpolacco

    • 8 min
    Episode 106: Fitness in Media Series with Tessa Yannone

    Episode 106: Fitness in Media Series with Tessa Yannone

    In this podcast I interview Tessa Yannone, the wellness editor at Boston Magazine. Tessa manages the health and wellness content of their online and print magazine. I wanted to talk to Tessa about fitness representation in media as she has access and experience with various classes, styles of fitness, gyms and wellness trends all over the city! The content that she puts out is really great, thorough, information and I thought she would have excellent insight for other content consumers as to what to look for looking for fitness information online or in print.

    To check out Boston Magazine's wellness section, click on the link below:

    • 30 min
    Episode 105: Fitness in media series with Leslie Green

    Episode 105: Fitness in media series with Leslie Green

    In this episode I talk with Leslie Green, a social media expert, all about how fitness is represented in social media. She gives really great tips for how to use social media as a consumer and as a creator.

    • 34 min
    Fitness In Media Series

    Fitness In Media Series

    This series is going to focus on how fitness is represented in media. I talk to three different individuals who are experts in the field of media and focus on fitness and wellness. In these podcasts we discuss how media is a tool and like any other tool, they have the power to be helpful and the power to be harmful. Its all in how you use it.

    • 6 min
    Episode 104: Intuitive Eating Series with ChristyHarrison

    Episode 104: Intuitive Eating Series with ChristyHarrison

    In this Podcast I talk with Christy Harrison, a RDN who is focused on intuitive eating and anti-diet culture. In this episode we talk about how culture and socioeconomics are incorporated in intuitive eating as well as athletics and weight classes, and how do use intuitive eating with alcohol. To listen to Christy's Podcast, click on the link here.


    • 56 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
45 Ratings

45 Ratings

danielaCRoberts ,

Keeps getting better

Sarah does a great job of bringing to light such relevant and importan topics in the fitness world that are often misunderstood, stigmatized, or necessary to bring up as a means to raise awareness and elevate the conversation around it. She covers topics like diversity and inclusion, anxiety, weightloss culture and the list goes one. It's clear she is passionate about these topics and she does an excellent job of bringing on relevant guests for each topic. With every episode I listen to, I hear Sarah settle into her style, find her voice, and continue thriving as a leader in the fitness community. Thank you for sharing your message.

N3twoEsses ,


Ms. Polacco,

I’ve thanked you before but I’ll do it here once again. Your podcast has helped me immensely. Not only be a better coach by applying different tips and experiences through the amazing humans that you’ve given a platform to share their knowledge, but to be a better human for myself.

I appreciate your honesty boldness and transparency to share your story. I’ve dealt with anxiety before but have tried to dodge the “label” for years... YEARS! ... YEARS!!!!!!!

After listening to your podcast I’ve been a lot more honest with myself, and more empathetic with the folks I am lucky to work with. That honesty has helped to open up some doors That would have otherwise remained closed and has made training sessions incredibly real!

Thank you for sharing your journey, and being curious and bold enough to create a podcast with such great content.

Normaj88 ,

Such a breath of fresh air!

Thanks Sara for putting out ‘genuine’ good content!
Strength has a greater purpose, and as a woman myself I love to hear this coming from other women and men who feel the same way!

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