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JIMMY CHUNGA IS ON RADIO RONIN! Radio Ronin is a slightly irreverent & politically incorrect look at current events, pop culture and the hosts' own daily misadventures starring Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer! New episodes every Monday and Thursday!

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JIMMY CHUNGA IS ON RADIO RONIN! Radio Ronin is a slightly irreverent & politically incorrect look at current events, pop culture and the hosts' own daily misadventures starring Chunga, Chandler, Josh and Spencer! New episodes every Monday and Thursday!



    ATTENTION: This episode was recorded on Saturday, before the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. We will have Matt Smith from The Matt Cave podcast in studio on Thursday to talk about the latest developments and the Super Bowl.

    HAPPY MONDAY!!! LET'S ALL RONIN!!!! Spencer found a cool new place and he says EVERYONE needs to go! Josh is showing courage ... he's taken a big step and has decided to legally change his name! Not only that, he's actually gotten the Ronin faithful to help! Speaking of name changes, the Raiders are now the LAS VEGAS RAIDERS!!! Chunga, Chandler and Josh FINALLY have a favorite NFL team!!!

    CHUNGA POLL: If you could SMASH anything... What would it be and what would you smash it with?

    Did you hear that the Obi-Wan TV series has been postponed? What do you think? On that note, are you watching Picard? Chunga isn't ... What??? Why? He has a reason! LISTEN NOW TO FIND OUT!!!!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    It's Sundance 2020!!! .... (sigh)

    It's Sundance 2020!!! .... (sigh)

    It's Radio Ronin time!!!! WHAT'S HAPPENIN' HOT STUFF?!?!

    Josh is celebrating a VERY special one year anniversary ... OH! Did he mention he got hit by a car? HE WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT! Spencer is spooked!! He says Chunga's Unseen Movie Reviews are "scary accurate" after it's revealed Dolittle is a complete flop!

    Radio Ronin is getting a new cast member! YAY!! Have you given up on your New Year's resolution yet? Chandler hasn't! None of the other Ronin have either! The coronavirus is on the loose!!!!! Run for your lives!!!

    Have you read the leaked Rise of Skywalker script from the original director? Was it better than the final version? PLUS, Chunga has a new Unseen Movie Review!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!!

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Do You Have Super Bowl Fever?!

    Do You Have Super Bowl Fever?!

    YO!!! YOU READY TO RONIN?!?! Radio Ronin is a day late this week due to Spencer's moving drama (ah ... we all love moving) ANNNNDDD!!! The guys wanted to wait until the Super Bowl teams were determined!

    Hey, do people still care about the Super Bowl commercials? Is that still a thing? What about the halftime show? CHUNGA POLL: If you were booking the halftime show at the Super Bowl, who would it be?! Disneyland finally opened Rise of the Resistance did people show up? Did they like it? LISTEN NOW!!!

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Josh Got Hit By A Car!!!!!!

    Josh Got Hit By A Car!!!!!!

    So .... Josh got hit by a car. No, he REALLY got nailed! Glad you didn't die Josh! Spencer is sooooo happy! Why? Because one of those sports teams won a championship or something. Chandler has a really fancy new job and gets to wear fancy new clothes! Chunga did something he vowed to NEVER DO... AND HE LOVED IT!!!!

    Hey did you guys hear the one about the baseball team in Texas that won the World Series by cheating?!? The Oscar nominations were announced and everyone's mad at Stephen King because of it, and Chunga has another Unseen movie Review!!! This week it's Dr. Dolittle!! LISTEN NOW!!!!!

    • 1 hr 30 min
    Jimmy Chunga and The Fast Crusade!!!

    Jimmy Chunga and The Fast Crusade!!!

    Every year at this time, for about two-months, the whole world falls into an entertainment "Dead Zone." Is there anything worth paying attention to? Well ... it's award season ... uhhh ... YAY!!!! Does anyone actually watch these things anymore? Grammys? Emmys? Oscars? Do you remember when these shows were huge? Do you even know who won the Golden Globes?

    CHUNGA POLL: The Oscar for your "Best Picture of All Time" goes to?!?!

    Chunga went to Cubby's again ... and had to leave work early. Do you have a Ring.com doorbell system? Do you trust it? Are you at risk of being hacked? LISTEN NOW!!!

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Chunga and The 80 Pound Crazy Lady!!!

    Chunga and The 80 Pound Crazy Lady!!!


    Yep, the holidays are over, Chunga's already been accosted by an 80-pound crazy lady in traffic! Chunga & Chandler are missing Christmas so much, they actually decided to celebrate Orthodox Chrismas! WOW, Josh is celebrating too and he brought presents!!! MERRY ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Spencer is moving ... he doesn't miss Christmas at all!

    Chunga is sooooo happy that cool Iran War Show is back on TV! Nothing gets him through the winter like WAR!!!!!!!! YAY WAR!!!!!!!! It looks like Disney is panicking over the sinking reviews of The Rise Of Skywalker. So ... look for a new, extended version of it to come at the end of January!

    PLUS Chunga has an all new Unseen Movie Review!!! This week it's Bad Boys FO-EVAHH!!!!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!!!!

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

kriskolob ,

Fun podcast!

So happy they are twice a week now! Here's to hoping for 5 TIMES a week! I need Chunga back five times a week!

tiffport ,


NOTE: I was going to just leave a basic review, but reading some of these comments are making me sick! @kendelleliason, @Mellie!mel and @Crew Dutler somehow seem personally victimized by Kenny's leaving the show. Grow up. The number of one star reviews ... for what? For Chunga finally having it with a co-host that wasn't all-in? It's obvious Kenny chose Baconsale over Ronin. I appreciate Chunga sharing the details with us the listeners ... who have invested OVER FIVE YEARS with this podcast. You don't get that kind of treatment from the radio! Do you remember the day Chunga was pulled off the air? No explanations ... he was just gone. Just stop with your petty little games. So dumb.

Anyways ... back to my review ...

I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!!!!!! It is the highlight of my week! I love Chunga, Chandler, Josh, Spencer and whoever is on the show! I've loved listening to Brenden, Kenny and Jess too! Thanks for making this the highlight of my week, especially now that it's twice a week!

Love, Tiff

Better Than Eliza ,

i AbSoLuTeLy LoVe ThIs PoDcAsT!!!!

Reasons I love this podcast!!!

1. CHUNGA!!!
2. CHUNGA!!!
3. CHUNGA!!!
4. CHUNGA!!!
5. CHUNGA!!!

Oh, and the return of WHAT'S HAPPENING HOT STUFF?!!!!!!!

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