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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a podcast hosted by Rob Collie, CEO of
P3 Adaptive-A Gold Microsoft Partner. Rob and his guests share their expertise and insight about Business Intelligence , Power BI, and the world of data...with the human element! The Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast fits our "mullet" approach: business in the front and a bit of party in the back!

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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a podcast hosted by Rob Collie, CEO of
P3 Adaptive-A Gold Microsoft Partner. Rob and his guests share their expertise and insight about Business Intelligence , Power BI, and the world of data...with the human element! The Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast fits our "mullet" approach: business in the front and a bit of party in the back!

    The Software Hall of Fame, w/ Microsoft's Conor Cunningham

    The Software Hall of Fame, w/ Microsoft's Conor Cunningham

    Today, we bring you a little something different, in this episode, we focus not on people, but on the software itself. Today, we create the Software Hall of Fame, set the rules, and get down to building the inaugural class with special guest Coner Cunningham. Coner’s multi-decade software skill set combined with his fun personality makes him a perfect fit to be the final member of the initial tribunal of software critics. This tribunal will step up to fill a long-standing void in an episode that will run the gamut of emotions: Joy, anger, exasperation, and maybe even a little zen. Shockingly, this episode may even set a record for the most words spoken during an episode by co-host Thomas LaRock due to the sheer volatility of the topic at hand.  
    The rules are simple, to be approved the nominees must be a product (can be free but cannot be a protocol), be software, and be judged on three criteria: Novelty, Difficulty, and Impact. To be inducted, the product must achieve an overall score of four points or higher.
    As a bonus, we have compiled the software and have curated a special website just for this episode. It is a work in progress and you should be able to submit your feedback on our choices by leaving comments, questions, concerns, and/or character assassinations.
    Since no Hall of Fame episode would be complete without a sports reference (or two) Rob also includes sage wisdom concerning what constitutes a sport . . . or what SHOULD constitute a sport worthy of watching on TV. Some of those choices are sure to be more controversial than the software picks so be sure to listen to the end and see if your favorite sport made the cut and which could make the cut by implementing paintball snipers. It is sure to be surprising!
    As always, if you enjoy this episode, connect with us on social media to be a part of the conversation and to recommend future guests and topics.
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    The Software Hall of Fame
    Toward the Sounds of Chaos: 30
    Clerks, The movie
    Leaders Need Not be Flashy, w/ Microsoft VP Dave Gainer
    Leisure Suit Larry
    Red Dead Redemption

    • 1 hr 29 min
    A Most Generous Mentor, w/ Microsoft's Dany Hoter

    A Most Generous Mentor, w/ Microsoft's Dany Hoter

    Today, we welcome to the show the most transparent international man of mystery, Dany Hoter. Working on his 5th stint with Microsoft and living his best life in his 8th decade, Dany brings both wisdom and fun to those around him. He brings a passion and joy for teaching to his training sessions and always manages to create a connection between people and technology. Of course, he also has a long-storied past with Rob, and together they share the responsibility for what some view as the most expensive trip billed to Microsoft by non-executives. From luxury accommodations to indulgent automobiles, they expensed it all.
    It wasn’t all global jet setting, however, as these two comprised the Dream Team that put the polish on Power Pivot and laid the groundwork for Power Query. Their hard work and dedication paid off as Dany and Rob banded together in their shared time at Microsoft to save the world from an error-filled, rushed incarnation of bi-directional relationships. In retrospect, however, the conversation about this brought up a story that many may prefer to never hear. It seems that amidst all the jet setting, our dear host, Rob Collie, was busy launching a cruise missile with the sole purpose of pissing off the advanced pivot table users.
    What heinous act did he commit? Rob was directly involved in changing the default of pivot tables to compact.  While it did enlarge the user base by helping people feel more comfortable with pivot tables, advanced user rage is still alive and well on Twitter.
    All of this and more on this episode of Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, where data meets the human element. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave a review on your favorite platform to help others find us!
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    Tinkering is a Way of Life w/ Darinee Louvau
    Yoda Chong and the Treehouse of Wonder, w/ Donald Farmer
    The Italians – Marco and Alberto
    Ikigai Venn Diagram
    Silicon Valley: Movember clip - mustache filter
    Kusto v SQL
    KQL - Kusto Query Language
    Cube Functions in Excel
    Rob on Twitter – to allow more bashing on the compact view

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Technophobes Make Amazing Technologists, w/ Kerry Kolosko

    Technophobes Make Amazing Technologists, w/ Kerry Kolosko

    Hello friends! On the show today, we have a special treat for you. Straight from the Outback, recorded past midnight, and punny as hell, Kerry Kolosko, freshly minted, accidental Microsoft Data Platform MVP. An avid fan of JIT learning (Just In Time) and a follower of the teachings of Google, Kerry is a self-professed technophobe whose desire to remove redundancies just won’t let her disconnect. She has a storied past of chasing answers and creating solutions. She truly is living the dream by dabbling in every interesting technology that comes her way. From Array formulas to Deneb, learning on the fly to save time and frustration is Kerry’s superpower.
    That’s not all! Today, we also dig into the age-old question of what hidden fear do many Power BI users share? That great shared doubt when someone asks for the .PBIX file. The irrational trepidation.  The spurt of adrenaline. What one small, inconsequential fear do most OG Dax pros share?
    BADAXAPHOBIA: The fear of being judged for less attractive DAX coding.
    Well, friends, we are here to tell you that it is an unfounded fear is. OG DAX was more readable, easily digestible, and inherently more interesting before it was streamlined into mere code. Rob and Kerry agree that bad DAX should enjoy a comeback, and nobody should fear embarrassment for writing human-style DAX.
    All this and more on today’s episode.
    Don’t forget, if you enjoyed this episode, send a link to a friend. Friends don’t let friends miss Raw Data by P3 Adaptive where we celebrate data, with the human element.
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    "MVPness" Doesn't Sound Quite Right w/ MS MVP Ed Hansberry
    Deneb - Declarative Visualization in Power BI
    What is Data May Never Die w/ Scree
    Kerry Kolosko Blog - Visualisations
    Leaders Need Not Be Flashy, w/ Microsoft VP Dave Gainer
    LetterKenny: Power BI Workout
    Abbey Road
    Mullet Man - Dax The Way

    • 52 min
    Tinkering is a Way of Life w/Darinee Louvau

    Tinkering is a Way of Life w/Darinee Louvau

    Today’s guest, Darinee Louvau, is twice retired from Microsoft and one of the few people who admit to an admiration of testing in production. Darinee is an amazingly gifted person. From hosting LAN parties in her Tween and Teen years to designing and building gaming crates for those parties, she is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. A self-proclaimed fan of lowering the cost of iterations, she moved up quickly through the ranks to become program manager for Microsoft on projects such as Answers, Bing, and even the streaming service, Mixer. She is a hands-on thinker, doer, and creator. We can guarantee you will never find anyone else with her can-do attitude.
    Darinee shares how she personally prepares for inevitable mistakes in one of her hobbies by sewing with thrifted sheets to reduce costs. Using thrifted materials empowers her to make mistakes and continue to iterate. By using cheap materials to power each testing iteration she can lower the overall cost of iteration to get straight to the thing that matters, testing a solution against the actual live circumstance of what you really need to know.  (Psst! Darinee . . . your inner developer is showing. 😊)
    Also in today’s show, we learn the answer to the age-old question of “What happens to the code when Microsoft kills it” as well as the secret behind how search engines return answers. The one thing you won’t find in today’s episode is a binary answer about success. Darinee explains that it doesn’t exist and if you think it does, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Sage advice for our listeners.
    If you enjoy this episode, be sure to leave a review on your favorite platform as reviews help new listeners find us. And be sure you subscribe to receive new episodes in your inbox every week. You never know what you will hear when data gets raw!
    Also in this episode:
    Command and Conquer
    Duke Nukem 3D
    LAN party
    Mixer – Microsoft streaming shuts down
    Home School Valedictorian by Adelitas Way
    Chris Rae Podcast Episode
    Raspberry Pi
    The Useless Box
    Microsoft Bob - Killed by Microsoft
    Halo Reach in Firefight mode
    Toyota Century
    Darinee on P3 Adaptive Blog - A 48 hour case study from Bing - Zero to Sixty :)
    Lost wax method in 3d printing

    • 1 hr 13 min
    "MVPness" Doesn't Sound Quite Right w/ MS MVP Ed Hansberry

    "MVPness" Doesn't Sound Quite Right w/ MS MVP Ed Hansberry

    With a background in finance and a history of great communication and a passion for problem-solving, Ed Hansberry, an Assistant Director with P3 Adaptive, embodies the spirit of P3 Adaptive.
    Ed was recently awarded his 13th Microsoft MVP Award so of course, we wanted to know more about his achievement, his passions, his adaptability, and most of all, his insights on change so we invited him to join us today for a chat. Early on, in the conversation, Rob and Ed delve into defining change and that led to a lively discussion on the process of change, the successful process of change, and the difference between them. Here’s a hint, it’s always the people! Knowing that people drive success, Ed extensively volunteers his time in the Microsoft Power BI User Community supporting users around the world with problems and questions around Power BI and, since he has been recognized as a Super User by Microsoft, we really can say that helping people is his superpower. He is leading change one question at a time.
    This episode isn’t just about change, though, the evolution of technology and software is embedded throughout the conversation from cube functions to the hidden power of the innocuously named OLAP dropdown in Excel. And finally, we get some great insight on formerly cutting-edge technology that has since gone obsolete. We hear a firsthand account of the tragic end of the Microsoft phone.  You never know what you will learn when the conversation starts to flow.
    As always, be sure to leave a review on your favorite podcast platform and tell a friend about Raw Data by P3 Adaptive, where data meets the human element.
    Also on this episode:
    N NTP
    Not Necessarily the News
    NNTNs: All about Sniglets
    That Tufte book . . .
    MDX in Excel
    Cube Functions in Excel
    Disconnected Slicers with DAX Variables & SELECTEDVALUES
    Field Parameters in Power Bi
    Yoda Chong and the Treehouse of Wonder, w/ Donald Farmer
    Tabluar Editor
    DAX Studio
    A Single Complete Leader, w/ P3 Pres & COO Kellan Danielson
    Who Moved My Cheese

    • 1 hr 22 min
    You’ve Gotta (Bruce) Buffer Your Data w/ Alex Sanabria

    You’ve Gotta (Bruce) Buffer Your Data w/ Alex Sanabria

    As we continue to share the personal stories of the exceptional people who make up P3 Adaptive, today’s guest is a little less visible in the company, not because of his skills or reputation, but because he is not a member of our visible client services team. Alex Sanabria is a member of the GroDiv team here. His team is on the backend, taking care of marketing, digital assets, and all things PR. While he may not be the public face of P3, he perfectly embodies the spirit. He is scrappy, dedicated, determined, and most of all, he has a big heart to bring to any challenge. Today, we are bringing you the story of a man from a humble background who followed his family’s advice and struck out to make his own luck. And make his luck he has.
    As our Digital Marketing Architect, Alex puts the adaptive in P3 Adaptive. With a long history of just-in-time training and dedication to skills acquisition, he has made it his business to learn whatever skill is necessary to get the job done without waiting around for someone else. He is self-taught and capable of finding outside-the-box solutions and is often finishing the project while others are still spooling up. His motto: Interaction leads to opportunities.
    While we hope you enjoy this episode, we also hope that these personal stories let you see the people behind the reputation. At P3 Adaptive, we are and always will be people first. If you are looking to make a change and have crazy skills in the Power Platform, take a look at our careers page. Perhaps the next great story we share will be yours!
    As always, if you enjoyed this episode, feel free to leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform.
    Also in this episode:
    Jelly Belly case study
    Good Will Hunting: Education vs. Intelligence
    P3 Adaptive name change
    Coverhawk: Hawking Data and Stymying Offenses, w/ Coach Chase Hargis
    P3 Adaptive Foundations: Power BI course
    P3 Adaptive Level Up Series: Power Query for Power BI course
    September by Earth Wind and Fire
    Shark Tank – training fight
    The Crazy 88s
    The Longest Yard

    • 1 hr 3 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

Cajuncody ,

Can’t get enough

This is the most amazing podcast about people in data. It shares their stories with a humorous take. He hosts are great and have a fantastic rapport with each other. Raw Data also covers new software.
Overall this is a great show. I listen weekly and look forward to each new release.

SSU Chem ,

Data stories with the human element

If I had to pick a favorite Power BI podcast—this would be it!

If you love business intelligence, you should listen to this one. Anyone who has a data gene—latent or active—should subscribe.
Hosts Rob & Tom are the finest interviewers in the business. They tease out a wonderfully human story with every episode.
The production quality is first rate—carefully edited and tight. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dixie Butler ,

Great Story Teller

Rob brought a concept I had never heard of before down to a level I could follow along and understand. Found it pretty fascinating. His first two guests had such a cool story that I recommended this podcast to others. Can’t wait to see who he brings on next.

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