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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a podcast hosted by Rob Collie, CEO of
P3 Adaptive-A Gold Microsoft Partner. Rob and his guests share their expertise and insight about Business Intelligence , Power BI, and the world of data...with the human element! The Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast fits our "mullet" approach: business in the front and a bit of party in the back!

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Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is a podcast hosted by Rob Collie, CEO of
P3 Adaptive-A Gold Microsoft Partner. Rob and his guests share their expertise and insight about Business Intelligence , Power BI, and the world of data...with the human element! The Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast fits our "mullet" approach: business in the front and a bit of party in the back!

    Shelly Avery

    Shelly Avery

    Shelly Avery is a member of Microsoft's Healthcare Solution Acceleration Team, helping Healthcare customers digitally transform their businesses.  As you listen to this conversation you'll realize, as we did, that Shelly knows the tech AND the human side of the tech very well!
    References in this episode:
    Tom Scott - There is No Algorithm for Truth
    Episode Timeline:
    4:30 - The high value of customization and integrations in BI in the current era of Middleware, Microsoft Teams and how good it is at connecting humans, The speed of Innovation at MS (some of which is directly customer influenced) 32:10 -  Microsoft's FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability) is revolutionizing the rather large problem of interoperability in the Healthcare space 49:30 - Microsoft Viva is born from My Analytics, Rob gets into Headspace, using data for nefarious purposes Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello friends. Today's guest is Shelly Avery. We've had a lot of Microsoft employees on the show and Shelley continues that tradition. The reason we have that tradition is because there are so many interesting things going on at Microsoft these days. And Shelley brought some super fascinating topics and perspectives to our conversation. For instance, she has a deep background and history with the Teams product for Microsoft. And so we got into the question of what is it that makes Teams so special? I really, really, really appreciated and enjoyed her answer.
    Rob Collie (00:00:31):
    And given her current focus on the healthcare industry and on health solutions, we talked a lot about how Microsoft's business applications and Power Platform strategy is actually a perfect fit for what's going on in healthcare today. We did touch on some familiar themes there, such as the new era of middleware, how a 99% solution to a problem is often a 0% solution to a problem. How even 100% of a solution itself is a moving target. And my only slightly partisan opinion that may be Microsoft's competitors in all of these spaces should just save themselves the trouble and tap out now. We talk about the virtual teams that exist on the Teams team at Microsoft. Sorry, I just had to work that into the intro.
    Rob Collie (00:01:17):
    I learned a new acronym, FHIR, which is the new upcoming regulatory and technological standard for data interoperability in the healthcare space. We talk a little bit about Veeva. Have you heard of Veeva? I hadn't. It's one of those technologies with a tremendous amount of potential to be used in a positive way and maybe a little bit of potential to be misused if we're not careful. And that conversation was also the excuse for our first ever sound effects here on the Raw Data Podcast. We spared no expense. An iPhone was held very close to a microphone. All in all, just a delightful conversation. I smiled the whole time. We also had the ever upbeat and awesome Krissy in the co-pilot's chair for the duration of this conversation. And with that completely unintentional rhyme out of the way, let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:02:04):
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?
    Rob Collie (00:02:11):
    This is the Raw Data by P3 Adaptive Podcast, with your host, Rob Collie. Find out what the experts at P3 Adaptive can do for your business. Just go to p3adaptive.com. Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is data with the human element. Welcome to the show. Shelly Avery, how are you doing this morning?
    Shelly Avery (00:02:35):
    Hey guys, doing good today.
    Rob Collie (00:02:37):
    Well, thanks so much for being here. Another brave soul, first time meeting us. You're willing to have it recorded. That's into the breach. I like it.
    Shelly Avery (00:02:45):
    It's good to meet you guys. I'm happy to talk to you today.
    Rob Collie (00:02:48):
    We brought Krissy today.
    Krissy Dyess (00:02:49):
    How's everybody doing?
    Rob Collie (00:

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    Alex Dupler and Alex Powers

    Alex Dupler and Alex Powers

    We welcome Power Platform expertise in the form of Two Alex! Alex Dupler and Alex Powers both work at Microsoft. The organization they work for and their first names aren't the only thing that these two share! They also both have a lot of experience with and passion for the Power Platform. Alex Powers is a member of the Power BI Customer Advisory Team (PBICAT), and Alex Dupler is a Program Manager focused on BI & Data Infrastructure. These guys know data!
    Follow Two Alex:
    Alex Dupler Twitter
    Alex Powers Twitter
    Two Alex Youtube Channel
    References in this Episode:
    Raw Data with Brad and Kai from Agree Media
    Episode Timeline:
    7:00 - The woes of Stack Ranking, Data storage options, more fun with names! 22:00 - What draws you to data?, The value (and drawbacks) of Excel, and the path to Power BI 36:40 - Two Alex-similarities and differences, Rob tells a story of someone crossing him, and one of Rob's favorites-the art of using BI to drive action 59:00 - When BI and IT collide, the 2 Alex's non-traditional BI path, the value of being an expert even if you aren't THE expert 1:16:00 - Two Alex LOVE helping people, is there value to documentation?, knowing the Business portion of Business Intelligence 1:37:00 - Advertising performance discussion Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello friends. Today's guests are Alex Powers and Alex Dupler, collectively known as Two Alex. They're both Microsoft employees in very different roles, but both have their feet rooted firmly in the power platform. You might be familiar with their YouTube show. I interact with them primarily on Twitter and a little bit on Reddit. And this is the first time I've had really any conversation of length with Alex Powers. And it's the first time I've had any conversation at all with Alex Dupler. And no surprise here, really, really cool people. We had a lot of fun, really dynamic and inspiring, interesting conversation that wound through a number of topics, including some show favorites, like non-traditional backgrounds, and closing the action loop, and imposter syndrome. We talk about how years ago Alex Powers wrote a review of my book that called out the intermission in the book and how, what a delight that was at the time to read.
    Rob Collie (00:00:57):
    And that leads to a conversation about how we're always essentially at our own little intermission in our expertise curve. You're always in the middle somewhere. And if we started doing metrics on this podcast, you'd probably find that this one ranked very highly in opinions expressed per minute. Ooh. What could he mean? Let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:01:21):
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please?
    Announcer (00:01:25):
    This is the Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast. With your host, Rob Collie, and your cohost Thomas LaRock. Find out what the experts at P3 Adaptive can do for your business. Just go to p3adaptive.com. Raw Data by P3 Adaptive is data with the human element.
    Rob Collie (00:01:49):
    Welcome to the show. Alex Powers and Alex Dupler. How are you today, gentlemen?
    Alex Dupler (00:01:54):
    I'm doing great. It's great to chat with you.
    Alex Powers (00:01:56):
    Rob, back-to-back meetings. I'm glad that Luke found us some time here. I was so hesitant about this podcast, just cause I love listening to it. I was like, "I don't know, should I do it? Should I do it? Should I do it?"
    Rob Collie (00:02:08):
    The answer is yes, you should do it.
    Alex Powers (00:02:10):
    I appreciate Alex D and Rob just pulling us all together. Yeah.
    Rob Collie (00:02:13):
    We've already backstage a little bit been laughing about this. So let's bring it out to the front stage. The two of you combined, what do we refer to you as? Are you the Two Alex's? Or something different?
    Alex Dupler (00:02:23):
    So we learned separately from our wives that the correct pluralization is two Alex.

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    Jen Stirrup

    Jen Stirrup

    When Jen Stirrup speaks, she speaks softly.  The meaning of her words, however, speak loudly!  Jen is CEO of Data Relish, a UK-based consultancy that delivers real business value through solving all manner of business challenges.  You don't earn the nickname the Data Whisperer without knowing a great deal about Business Intelligence and AI.  Jen certainly knows not only those topics, she knows SO much more!
    References in this episode:
    Data Kind
    The Art Of War
    Blade Runner Tears Scene
    Episode Timeline:
    4:30 - The human element of data, Bias in data, implications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and COVID data 27:00 - The BI goal is Business Improvement, escalation and taking principled stands, Data-Driven vs Data Inspired 46:00 - Seeing the hidden costs of some business strategies, the value of even small successes, Diversity and Inclusion, and online bullying 1:29:30 - Jen's mugging story (!) Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello friends. Today's guest is Jen Stirrup. Jen and I have had one of those long-running internet friendships that are so common these days, especially in the data world and in certain communities. But we've also had the opportunity to meet in person several times at those things that we used to do called "in-person physical conferences." She's an incredibly well-seasoned veteran of the data world, but if you're expecting us to be talking about things like star schema and DAX Optimization, that's not really what we talked about. You know that our tagline here is "data with the human element," and we definitely leaned into that human element in today's show. Now, we do talk about some of the important human dynamics about data projects. For example, how the business intelligence industry kind of lost its way in the past and forgot that it's all about improvement and how we're as an industry waking back up to that today.
    Rob Collie (00:00:54):
    We also talked about the value of having even one signature success in a large organization that other people can look at to become inspired. And she has some very interesting and well-founded semantic opinions about terms like "data-driven" and why maybe, "data-inspired" is better. Similarly, she prefers the term "data fluent" to "data literate", and she explains why. But we also touched repeatedly on the themes of ethics and inclusivity in the world of data. Now, I have a personal idea that I haven't really shared on this show before that I call "radical moderation." It's the idea that you can be polite, you can be reasonable, while at the same time advocating for sharp change. Now, this is personally what I would like to see emerge in our political sphere, for instance, a form of polite radicalism. We need to change, but we need to be nice.
    Rob Collie (00:01:52):
    There aren't many readily available examples that I could point to if I wanted to show you "this is what radical moderation looks like." But now if someone asked me for that, I can point them to this conversation we have with Jen. She is soft-spoken, she is polite, she is open-minded, including the open-mindedness that she might not always be correct. And yet, underneath all of that, is a very firm conviction that we need to be better. And I think that's the best introduction I can give this because I don't want to spoil anything upfront. So, let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:02:28):
    Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please?
    Announcer (00:02:32):
    This is the Raw Data By P3 Adaptive Podcast, with your host, Rob Collie, and your co-host, Thomas you know. Find out what the experts at P3 Adaptive can do for your business. Just go to p3adaptive.com. Raw Data By P3 Adaptive is data...with the human element.
    Rob Collie (00:02:56):
    Welcome to the show, Jen Stirrup. It is such a pleasure to see you again, virtually, talk to you. I'm really glad we were

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    Adam Harstad

    Adam Harstad

    We were absolutely thrilled to be able to sit down with Adam Harstad, who is basically Rob's secret weapon to dominate every year in our office Fantasy Football league!
    Fantasy sports is just one avenue that allows Adam to display his incredible art of storytelling through data.

    References in this Episode:
    Football Guys Forums
    Football Outsiders
    Imperial March Major Key Version
    The Map Is Not The Territory
    The Treachery of Images 
    Reactive Armor
    Zidane Headbutt
    Joey Harrington Article
    Blotto Game
    Ted Lasso Dart Scene(FOUL LANGUAGE)

    Episode Timeline:
    3:30 - Adam is a HUGE fan of path dependency, SSOG and The Crying Elephant, the ups and downs of being a sports fan 17:05 - Data and Storytelling, Business data vs. Sports data analytics, 46:40 - Risk assessment, The NFL Draft, Sunk Cost examples, Adam finds his niche with Fantasy Football 1:08:10 - Single trial experiments, Calibrating predictions and models, and Super Forecasters Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello friends. There was an old Monty Python movie titled And Now for Something Completely Different. I think that's an excellent tagline for this show, and today's guest, Adam Harstad. Nominally, Adam, is a fantasy football writer and analyst, but I think you'll see that that title or really any succinct title really struggles to describe and contain the human being that is Adam. A better term for him might be something like curious adventurer, because that really seems to be the way he approaches everything.
    Rob Collie (00:00:34):
    We went in a lot of weird and nerdy directions, as you might expect. Yes, of course, we talked about football. So if you're not into football, well, you can tune those parts out. But even there, when we're talking about football, we're really talking about the fundamentals of how to think and specifically how to think in the face of uncertainty. We also talked about the differences between sports analytics and business analytics, which of course are significant. And we revisited an old favorite topic that of Nate Silver versus elections.
    Rob Collie (00:01:04):
    I learned a lot of new vocabulary along the way, and I really must say that I felt pushed in this conversation in a good way. He was pressing us to be better, unintentionally, politely, but that's what happens when you have really intelligent, vibrant, capable people in your conversation. We all should be seeking out the Adams in our life because they pull us forward on that journey of improvement. And he's an entertaining fellow too, so let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:01:35):
    Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please.
    Announcer (00:01:39):
    This is the Raw Data By P3 Adaptive podcast with your host, Rob Collie and your cohost Thomas Larock. Find out what the experts at P3 Adaptive can do for your business. Just go to p3adaptive.com, Raw Data By P3 Adaptive is data with the human element.
    Rob Collie (00:02:03):
    Welcome to the show. Adam Harstad, how are you, sir?
    Adam Harstad (00:02:08):
    I am super happy to be here today.
    Rob Collie (00:02:10):
    Well, I appreciate that. You're a really good sport. Talk about just blindly wandering into something like a volunteer. No one has had as little context for coming on this show, as we've given you, we've really given you nothing and you're still just all smiley, ready to go.
    Adam Harstad (00:02:27):
    Yeah. We got a family motto for our little kids, we wanted to create a sense of identity. This is who we are as a family and our family motto is Harstads try new things, so I'm pretty much up for whatever.
    Rob Collie (00:02:39):
    Damn, that's how this came about is I saw a tweet from you a while back that said, "Hey, if you're looking for a podcast guest..." You had this long list of things that you were down for. And I'm like, "I'm going to take him up on it. Let's see if he actually me

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Greg Beaumont

    Greg Beaumont

    We didn't know what to expect when we sat down with Greg Beaumont, Senior Business Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft specializing in serving Microsoft's Healthcare space customers' technical Power BI issues.  What we got was an insightful, delightful, and impactful conversation with a really cool and smart human!
    References in this Episode:
    The Game
    Azure Health Bot
    The Future Will Be Decentralized-Charles Hoskinson
    Spider Goats
    Episode Timeline:
    3:10 - The magic of discovery with the Power Platform, It's all about the customers(and Greg has a LOT of customers!), and Greg's Data Origin Story 21:10 - The IT/Business Gap, Getting good BI and keeping data security is a tricky thing, The COVID Challenge hits Healthcare 43:00 - Power BI-Not just a data visualization tool, a very cool discussion on Genomics and using data to save lives, the importance of Data Modelling 59:10 - The Bitcoin Analogy, The VertiPaq Engine and when is Direct Query the answer 1:08:30 - We get a little personal with Greg, Azure/Power BI integration and Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Sentiment Analysis Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello, friends. Today's guest is Greg Beaumont from Microsoft. Like one of our previous guests, hopefully, Greg has one of those interface jobs. The place where the broader Microsoft Corporation meets its customers at a very detailed and on the ground level. On one hand, it's one of those impossible jobs. More than 100 customers in the healthcare space look to Greg as their primary point of contact for all things technical, around Power BI. That's a tall order, folks. And at the same time, it's one of those awesome jobs. It's not that dissimilar, really, from our job here at P3.
    Rob Collie (00:00:45):
    In a role that, first of all, you get broad exposure to a tremendous number of organizations and their problems, you learn a lot super, super quickly. When you're doing it right, your work day is just nonstop magic. The power platform is magic and not really because of the technology, but instead because of its impact on the people who use it, who interact with it, who benefit from it, whose lives are changed by it. And again, I can't stress this enough, software usually doesn't do this. And as we talked with him, Krissy and I just couldn't stop nodding, because we could hear it, he lives it, just like we do. And I hope that just leaps out of the audio for you like it did for us.
    Rob Collie (00:01:32):
    No surprises here, Greg didn't start his life as a data professional. He's our second guest on this show, whose original training was in biology. And so, some familiar themes come back again, that good data professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds, that the hybrid tweeners between IT and business are really where the value is at today. And I love this about Greg, that we made a point of talking about how much easier it is today to break into the data profession than it's ever been and what an amazing thing that is to celebrate.
    Rob Collie (00:02:06):
    We talked about COVID and specifically its impacts on the industry. How that has served as a catalyst for many organizations to rethink their analytic strategy, the implications of remote work, data privacy and security. And of course, it wouldn't be an episode of Raw Data, if we didn't nerd out about at least one thing. So, we get a little bit into genomics and the idea of DNA and RNA as forms of biological computer code. And as you'd expect, and want, Greg is far from a one dimensional data professional, just such an interesting person, authentically human, a real pleasure to speak with, so let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:02:47):
    Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please.
    Rob Collie (00:02:51):
    This is the Raw Data by P3 adaptive podcast with your host, Rob Collie. Find out what the experts at P3 Adaptive can

    • 1 hr 22 min


    Beyonce, Prince, Madonna...Like so many of these iconic one word name celebrities in the music world, Chandoo is as unique and talented as they come in the data world!  His story is quite inspiring, his heart and soul are warm, and his brain is brimming with great ideas!
    All Things Chandoo:
    Chandoo.Org Chandoo's Youtube Power BI Playdate Budget VS Actual Articles Some Creators and Channels that inspire Chandoo:
    ElectroBoom Weezy Waiter Hybrid Calisthenics Ali Abdaal  References in this episode:
    Mike Miskell Tribute To The Wolf Episode Timeline:
    4:40 - Chandoo's introduction to Excel was born from necessity (like many of us!), The birth of Chandoo.org (often imitated, never duplicated), and the uniqueness of Chandoo that makes him a huge success 31:50 - Chandoo's Excel Dashboarding is exquisite, his transition to Power BI, and what really matters in one's career 54:10 - Chandoo the Excel celebrity and the Power BI celebrity, Lambda functions, and a curveball question for Chandoo about working for Microsoft 1:06:25 - Chandoo and Rob cross paths, Chandoo's iconic hair, the Game-Changing features of Power BI, and some Power BI hacks 1:33:45 - What's next for Chandoo? Episode Transcript:
    Rob Collie (00:00:00):
    Hello friends. Think for a moment about the people that you're aware of, who only go by a single word name. They're usually musicians, Prince, Madonna, Cher, Beyonce. There are a couple of non-musician examples that come to mind like Oprah, for instance. These tend to be celebrities on the world stage. Well, today's guest is the rare exception that pulls that off within the Excel, Power BI, and data community. And I'm talking, of course, about Chandoo. Chandoo is one of the completely original early stage MVP-type celebrities within our community. He blazed a path that now hundreds, if not thousands of people have followed. And sometimes with things like this, it's really that first-mover advantage that really sets someone apart and he did, in fact, have that kind of first-mover advantage. But he is still, to this day, so incredibly unique that I challenge anyone to actually truly duplicate him.
    Rob Collie (00:01:06):
    He is legitimately one of a kind. And for me, he's been there literally since the beginning, even physically, since the beginning. He and his family came to live near us in the United States for a summer. That first summer after which I had formed P3 as a company. With someone as gifted as Chandoo, it's always easy and tempting to sort of assume that they've always been doing what they're doing. And he is very gifted, but it's not like those gifts, where always from the beginning, oriented towards something like Excel. Just like many of us, he had to have his collides with moment, the moment where you bounce off of Excel or you stick to it and obviously, he's stuck. So, of course, we go back to and explore that origin story. And also, like many professionals in this space, Chandoo has, over the years, branched out from Excel into Power BI, creating such wonderful offerings like the Power BI Play Date, which we talk about a little bit.
    Rob Collie (00:02:07):
    So, we talk about that, what it's like coming from the Excel background and digging into Power BI. He had some unexpected observations there that once I heard them, I was just nodding. "Yep. Yep. That's right." And that conversation also then led to a familiar conclusion that again, I wouldn't have expected from Chandoo, but of course, I should have. And another part of the conversation, we also talked about where he looked for inspiration, where he looked for stimulation and new ideas. It was great to catch up with an old friend, who was also just a wise and dynamic soul. So, without further preamble, let's get into it.
    Announcer (00:02:48):
    This is the Raw Data by P3 Adaptive podcast, with your host, Rob Collie and your cohost, Thoma

    • 1 hr 45 min

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5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Dixie Butler ,

Great Story Teller

Rob brought a concept I had never heard of before down to a level I could follow along and understand. Found it pretty fascinating. His first two guests had such a cool story that I recommended this podcast to others. Can’t wait to see who he brings on next.

Kai.Hankinson ,

CEO Rob shares his revolutionary vision for BI

Rob Collie sold me on a revolutionary style of BI that has truly transformed my business. And in the process we became best friends. Sit back and let Rob regale you with his brilliant story telling.

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