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Welcome to Redemption Unveiled where we are dedicated to teaching Christians how to have great relationships.

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Welcome to Redemption Unveiled where we are dedicated to teaching Christians how to have great relationships.

    Bringing Purpose From Your Pain with Shelly Shepherd.

    Bringing Purpose From Your Pain with Shelly Shepherd.

    Whether we have been betrayed or are the betrayer, we have to understand where the choices and actions come from. We need to dig deep and ask God to reveal our brokeness to us or to gain understanding of someone else's brokeness to move forward in this life, beyond the betrayal.
    I have my mom, Shelly Shepherd, on the podcast this week and she shares a very personal experience she had in her marriage that was incredibly difficult and a lonely season in her life, but she also shares how it has become one of the greatest seasons of her life because of what God taught her about herself.
    Reminder to sign up for my free masterclass, where we will be learning how to understand betrayal from all angles so that we can heal, love and move forward. 
    Visit  understandyourbetrayal.com
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    When Your Marriage Isn't What You Expected

    When Your Marriage Isn't What You Expected

    When we get married, things can start off feeling like we have the perfect, magical marriage that we always dreamed of and then we hit our first real tough season together. We feel divided, confused, angry and we can be thinking to ourselves, "I don't even like this person anymore."
    You are not alone if you are in or have had a similar experience. I have my friends Hannah and Blake on the podcast today sharing some tough seasons they went through in their marriage and how their unmet expectations of each other created a divide and distance between them. Their story is a great one to listen to because not only do they get real about how challenging things got, they also open up about how they did and continue to do the work to reconnect and become a team through the tough times. 
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    What to Do If a Friend Betrays You

    What to Do If a Friend Betrays You

    www.YourBetrayalGuide.com to download your free Betrayal Guide!
    Betrayal sucks. AND it REALLY sucks when it is a close Christian friend who betrays you! Today, on the podcast, I have my great friend Chrysten Ferrell here to share one of her experiences with betrayal. (Believe me, we can all relate to this one!)
    Relationships are hurtful. We all want to do the "right" thing, but sometimes it is really confusing to figure out what the "right" thing to do is! Redemption Unveiled is here to help you have confidence that you are taking the right next step! -Haley
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    Here is more info on Chrysten!
    Chrystan began her official online writing journey in 2010, with a tiny blog about her journey from life as a single mom to life as a wife. God changed that tiny blogspot into a website, into an online ministry, speaking career and now a book.
    Over the last few years Chrystan stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer for Imperfectly Brave, a quickly growing midwest women’s ministry that equips women in prayer, sommunity and God's word. Through this leadership experience and her own prayer group, Chrystan developed a passion for empowering women in the truth from God’s word. Out of this passion for the truth, Chrystan co-authored a book titled Sister, Walk in Truth to encourage women to pursue God’s truth in this upside down culture. She has also launch Not Your Momma's Bible course and podcast.
    Outside of her own website she can be found guest blogging for: Life Around the Coffee Cup, For Every Mom, Real Raw Redeemed, Imperfectly Brave and MOB Society. Chrystan has also been a featured speaker at the Imperfectly Brave Weekend events in Kansas City yearly and across the nation for the past 6 years. She has been the keynote speaker at a number of women’s events.
    Most weeks you will find Chrystan passionately teaching an ever-growing group of women around her 8-foot farmhouse table in Missouri, serving her local community and pouring into her family of six because her first true love is Jesus.
    Online Connection:
    Gram: @chrystanferrell
    FBook: @chrystanferrellfaith
    Tiktok: @chrystanferrell 
    Podcast: Not Your Momma's Bible Study 

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    78. Doubting Ourselves After Betrayal

    78. Doubting Ourselves After Betrayal

    Visit https://YourBetrayalGuide.com to download your free betrayal guide!
    Every single one of us has been betrayed at some point. Whether it was hurtful or gutwrenching we have all been through it. One of the crazy side effects of being betrayed is experiencing self-doubt. We trusted this person and they crossed us. What does that tell us about our ability to read people? Will this happen again? Could we have stopped it? So many moments of self-doubt.
    This podcast will remind you that you are not to blame for your betrayal and DON'T take responsibility for it!
    Remember to find me on social! 
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    Christians Should Be the Leaders of Relationship Health

    Christians Should Be the Leaders of Relationship Health

    Visit YourBetrayalGuide.com to download your free Betrayal Guide.
    I am so excited about this episode because I truly believe that Christians should be the leaders in Relationship health. We should know how to handle our betrayals and know how to implement boundaries. 
    This is a very exciting topic and I can't wait to dive in.
    Please visit me on my socials!

    • 22 min
    Does Life Feel Heavy?

    Does Life Feel Heavy?

    How are you handling life? Are you feeling out of sorts as the end of summer break is here? Have you been lazy or productive? We have been struggling to live disciplined this summer! Anyone else?

    • 25 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

elleflowers ,

The encouragement I need

I’ve admired Haley from afar when I first met her almost 10 years ago. This podcast is almost like meeting with a mentor for a quick talk/ encouragement/ challenge twice a week. Thankful for her wisdom as a wife and mother through the lenses of her faith.

jelbysho ,

Relatable and Applicable 💛

I found this podcast through an old college classmate who made a guest appearance on the show. As a young wife/mom I find the discussions on these podcasts so relatable, and I actually learn something or confirm an existing thought that I can apply to my marriage or my relationships with family and friends. I catch myself laughing at stories, and it feels like I’m having conversation with a familiar friend. I highly recommend this podcast. 🌼💛

susash87 ,

the best !!!!

Haley is just the best! As a mid 30 year old woman who is happily married , a new mama , and a Christian she truly helps me with life’s big and little moments . I can relate to almost everything she discusses and it feels so good to know that I’m not the only one going through it! It takes a village to raise a mama!

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