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Join two high functioning geeks as they discuss just about anything under the sun. We can’t tell you what we’ll be talking about each week because we don’t know where our brains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation, though. So hang on and join us – here comes the Relentless Geekery.

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Join two high functioning geeks as they discuss just about anything under the sun. We can’t tell you what we’ll be talking about each week because we don’t know where our brains will take us. It will be an interesting conversation, though. So hang on and join us – here comes the Relentless Geekery.

    Episode 109 - New Tech

    Episode 109 - New Tech


    Even though we don’t cover all our chosen topics, we flow between talking about tech topics quite nicely. Stephen just got a new computer to put together and Alan got a new Apple Watch.

    In between we discuss old computer games with new tech and we discuss using car tech in ways that hasn’t been done before.

    Oh, and what about companies using tech to control their products to a degree that seems unreasonable.

    And what would a discussion be without throwing in all the great new shows coming out or the ones we’ve missed and need to binge.


    Micro Center – https://www.microcenter.com/

    Apple Watch – https://www.apple.com/watch

    BMW Seats –https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/bmw-clarifies-its-rules-around-subscription-based-heated-seats-and-it-s-not-quite-what-you-think/ar-AA10bSAV

    HP – https://news.softpedia.com/news/why-hp-can-remotely-disable-printers-if-you-cancel-a-4-99-monthly-subscription-528922.shtml

    Civ 3 – https://civilization.com/civilization-3/

    GOG – https://www.gog.com/galaxy

    Doctor Who – https://www.doctorwho.tv/news-and-features




    [00:00:00] Stephen: Ooh, nice tie dye shirt.

    [00:00:02] Alan: Exactly. You got the tie eye going. I there’s a lot of tie eye when I wear it it’s not really about concealment it’s not quite camo. Someone just commented online about, Hey girls ladies, when you wear pink camo. Exactly. What are you doing? Hiding among the flamingos or what’s the point of yeah.

    [00:00:20] Stephen: Oh, Hey whatever let each their own right. Met our, a word in the universe nowadays. So I really wanna hear about this new apple watch, but I’ve got an exciting, fun update for myself. so I still got my same background. I’m still in the corner in the hallway at the moment. Okay.


    [00:00:42] Alan: said you were working on the home office and so I was expecting to see new things. I didn’t change my doctor who yet, so I guess we’re still yeah, ,

    [00:00:49] Stephen: it’s a busy summer so I do have the office I’ve been working on getting that cleared out. I got nice new air conditioner in there, so I don’t die.

    I was gonna put up a scientist Skynet south I was at Microcenter last night, helping my cousin find a laptop for his grandson for biomed. He’s going in the third grade and they give these laptop requirements and I’m. Why did these third graders need a $600 laptop? Whatever, especially when there’s been several efforts to get like a hundred laptop available.

    [00:01:21] Alan: know,

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    Episode 108 - Comics, Magazines, and TV

    Episode 108 - Comics, Magazines, and TV


    Magazines, remember those? We talk about reading magazines and how that has changed. We talk comics and books – genre’s which are all over the board.


    Collectorz – https://www.collectorz.com/

    Pulpfest – https://pulpfest.com/

    Remo Williams – https://www.communizine.com/remo-williams-the-destroyer-books-worth-reading/#:~:text=Remo%20Williams%20is%20the%20main%20character%20in%20a,recruited%20into%20the%20secret%20USA%20government%20organization%20CURE.

    Torchwood – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torchwood




    [00:00:00] Stephen: Oh, we’re on the tar, huh?

    [00:00:03] Alan: Exactly. I think vintage too. You know what I mean? I’ve lost track of which exact doctor end season and so forth. But I discovered I, I keep finding cool backgrounds and I’m, I try to, I don’t know, just each time I try to wear a spice it up for for our podcast.

    We’re a different different background. Here’s the rock and roll hall of fame t-shirt for today. Nice

    [00:00:24] Stephen: the rock. There we go. I’ve got first of all, there’s a real cool, humble bundle right now that has all the modern doctors comic books series.

    [00:00:34] Alan: And you saw that as a matter of fact.

    [00:00:36] Stephen: Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So I was looking at that. I’m like, man that’s a pretty good deal for 25 30 bucks. But I finally have my office. That I can get moved into. It’s an old bedroom. That’s getting converted. It’s separate. And, but, oh my gosh. Not there yet. I got a really good quiet AC, so that’ll be nice.

    I got nice background so I can use backgrounds again. It’s just plain paint, but man, I had to crawl through the attic over 50 year old stuff, stored up there, dust and dirt and mouse poop and Cowe and I CA I had, I was like dust covered all over. I’m doing the like walking and puffs of dust are coming off of me.

    Wow. So it, I haven’t gotten everything moved. That’s why I still have the same background but you know what I was thinking of doing, I was thinking of taking a picture of this and using that as my digital background.

    [00:01:35] Alan: see that be funny to just, this is how it’s always been yeah. So how.

    You take a picture of the attic, and have that be this is where my office is. Yes. As I’ve mentioned I’m actually up in the attic, I’m on third floor of our house, up in Skynet. And it, I, the background is me at my desk surrounded by stacks of books.

    And however, I conduct my business, it’s getting crowded, I’m getting a little cluttered, where I just, I don’t know. I don’t need to keep everything arms length, but if I’m working on multiple projects or if I, it just seems to be that things accumulate around me in every year,

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    Episode 107 - Variety

    Episode 107 - Variety


    We are all over the board today. Even more than usual.

    The Webb telescope has allowed us to see back in time.

    Target shooting is fun, even if you don’t want to hunt.

    Missing the Mensa AG and Colloquium isn’t fun.

    String theory is cool and complicated.

    George Carlin is still relevant today.

    Elton John – ’nuff said.




    [00:00:00] Alan: Really.

    [00:00:02] Stephen: Okay. And it’s interesting you put dinosaurs because I was going mention the pictures from the web telescope, which is essentially seen back in time. Yeah. It’s I have just on the surface of what’s available, I browse through the first 10 or something like that, but they keep releasing things that are just magnificent and such clarity and such things we’ve never seen before.

    [00:00:26] Alan: And that’s what a wonderful chance for the public to get educated about how big the universe is and how that’s, how space works time works. That seeing things that are like they don’t exist anymore. We’re seeing things from millions billions of years ago, I’ve lost track of what it’s real

    [00:00:42] Stephen: range is.

    Yeah. It’s well it saw the. Or it saw a star that is now we see the star in the sky with telescopes or whatever the light’s there, but the telescope saw it gone, burnt out done. So to think about that’s time travel. That really is time travel. Yeah.

    [00:01:01] Alan: Yeah. I, there, I we’ve talked about little lists before I, is there something very cool about how mankind keeps expanding its senses?

    You know what I mean? That at first it was I, some people had better eyesight than others and then there was actually monoculars and binoculars that using lenses will be able to do that and microphones that can capture from far away. Yeah. And just pirates. that’s very cool that we have that desire.

    You know what I mean to influence not only listen to and have our senses expand, but then influence the world around us. So how can I throw something far away? Whether it’s the I don’t know a highlight I, what call CSTA? I think the CSTA go anyway. I lose track of my my sports firms, you and I are such sport heads know sports ball, but then just shooting.

    I, I think I mentioned know, I’ve only been shooting a couple times in my life, but there really is a cool feeling for being able to be 20, 30, 50 yards away and go blink and touch that thing. Yeah. And with accuracy I’m actually a pretty good shop. A 22 rifle. I couldn’t believe how good I was.

    I was getting like 28 outta 30 and stuff like that. So nice. Whatever that the steadiness, the squeeze, the however, my eyes work that really isn’t off or something like that. And as things got heavier, I wasn’t so good about big guns. They got away from me, that they had so much recoil.

    Yeah. And But where it felt like I could still be in control and you can do that little out breath and all that stuff. I really was, this is cool blink. you know what I mean? Especially when you’re here and you get that first taste, there’s that little bit of time in between shooting and th...

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    Episode 106 - Updates and Organization

    Episode 106 - Updates and Organization


    Yes, we have topics planned, but we start off talking about drugs, and media control, and not accepting of facts, and how all these things tie in.

    Stephen has an announcement of a project he is working on that can benefit authors and bookstores.


    Bookstore Project – https://thebook-bookstoreproject.com

    Todoist – https://todoist.com/


    Pro football players Alan Page and Dan Dierdof were born in what Ohio city?



    [00:00:00] Alan: Hello. Good morning library. Let me get rid of this box. Get here we go. Pour myself a drink, add some drink here. So I have my diet pepper recommendation of relentless for, to caffeinated. I recommend diet Dr. Pepper cause the delicious taste of prude juice or whatever the active ingredient is. And actually I read that long ago.

    It’s been proven not to be true and yet whatever the 17 herbs and spices recipe that is inic Dr. Pepper. It’s hooked me my favorite thing. So we

    [00:00:33] Stephen: need to get sponsored.

    [00:00:35] Alan: there, there must be like, I know that people serious coders talk about, they swear by like mountain Dew code red, or whatever the most like jot Cola.

    There’s a couple that buy for. What’s the most caffeine that you can put in something, without it being ammunition, without it being some terrible drug. And I’ll tell you soft drinks are still pretty safe. When you look at what’s in those little power shots that they have, near the checkout counters of all the various different bars and places.

    Now they really are a drug there’s, it’s like the fact that it’s in a little like party favor type container doesn’t mean that you’re getting an incredible amount of not only caffeine, but all kinds of other things that because they’re not registered as a pharmaceutical they don’t have any regulation going on.

    And yet I’m trying to think what I’ve seen in them, like yo Himba and kombucha, and you know what I mean, things that are known to be natural stimulants, like these are the things they give people to lose weight because it jacks your metabolism up so much that you’re just kinda like vibrating in place while you sit.

    I don’t think I’m pretty sure . That there must be studies that say your health is not helped by having your whole body be like ready to fight, or flight adrenaline response. Whatever’s going on there. You’re just vibrating with an up metabolism. We talk a lot about health in that and from what I’ve read, learn, think whatever the caffeine yes.

    [00:02:10] Stephen: Gives you that jolt, but it’s a minor temporary thing. And it’s because it’s combating other things that if we would be watch our weight, watch what we eat more of the right good stuff. Exercise we’d have that same amount of energy without having to get the caffeine, but right,

    [00:02:30] Alan: with the spikes in the valleys exactly to

    [00:02:32] Stephen: America, that’s way too much work to actually be healthy.

    So we’ll just drink caffeine. And

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    Episode 105 - Missing Mensa AG and State of the Nation

    Episode 105 - Missing Mensa AG and State of the Nation


    Alan should be going to the Mensa AG and giving his talk. Instead, he needs to fly to California about family business. We discuss what an AG is like and what we enjoy the most.

    Then the discussion turns to some of the issues facing our country and how they have magnified over the last several years.







    [00:00:00] Stephen: There we go. How is Alan today besides wet

    [00:00:05] Alan: and actually it’s so first of all the big sad news is why should tomorrow and actually already today, BSC men annual gathering. Yeah. Anticipating being, being at that for a year, it was shaping up wonderfully. We had a really great committee this year and people were just, they gathered tons of programs from members and non-member.

    So we had all that’s. My favorite part of the thing is just all these one hour immersions into something that person, someone is an expert in that they’re passionate about. You just get so much. A cornucopia of wow I didn’t know that I wanted to know more about Hercule, the other city, besides Pompe, they got buried or whatever else it might be. Great special events this year we had our gala dinner speaker was Shely, who’s the woman that wrote the book, hidden figures. I think we talked about this before. Yeah. Yep. As well as a talent show, a comedy show, a drag brunch, the cryptic crawl, just so much cool stuff going on.

    And today the annual gathering actually runs Wednesday to Sunday. Today would’ve been the colloquium. And I don’t know if we talked about this that much before the colloquium is a really cool event that me men up puts on where it’s deep immersion into a single topic. And it’s it’s the stereotype of what people think we do at MEA conferences.

    Who was giftedness through the, through the life, through the lifeline. And like talking about many people have questions about gifted children. How do I know, how do I, the care and feeding of them if I have them and stuff like that. But also mentions are very aware. We are our own support group.

    That doesn’t turn off when you get to be a teen or a 20 something in the workforce or a a mature haha adult with kids and stuff like that. There’s still things that are different about Smarties that you have to be aware of. What kind of smarts do you have? Are you the curious type?

    Are you the deep silo knowledge type? Are you, do you have, as we’ve laughed about some traces of Asperger’s or things where you’re the stereotype of the geek, the nerd is that we’re poorly socialized and that’s of course only a stereotype, but for some people they fill the stereotype quite well.

    I, and it’s not only you have great speakers from outside, like the professors, the authors, the people that really know about that topic. And then you have good Q and A’s after each of their presentations. And then often there’s a big panel discussion at the end where, and anybody who was at the colloquium, like really wanna be there.

    They’re interested in the topic and the you and I have laughed about this.

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    Alan is once again flying, so we discuss how flying has changed over the last several decades. Using websites and apps and the ability to get up to the minute updates and seat changes.

    We discuss pandemic games that we’ve played.


    Plague Inc – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/plague-inc/id525818839?itsct=apps_box_link&itscg=30200



    [00:00:00] Stephen: you’re sitting sideways on the airplane. it’s

    [00:00:04] Alan: I got, I bought three seats so I can stretch out a little bit. Exactly. Yeah. Should put the arm rests up. So

    [00:00:12] Stephen: it looks so realistic.

    [00:00:16] Alan: I’m quite proportionate. You know what I mean? I’m in a little kid seat or something, but right. . And so obviously prompting us to talk about this.

    I’ve been doing tons of travel because of coming out to see my parents in California, at least my mom, because my father passed away. And boy, there was a golden period about 10, 15 years ago where websites really had every airline and they really accounted for every feature and every price you might pay and you could go on and find the best deal.

    And if you’ve done any of that kind of travel search lately, It’s next to impossible. The number of airlines don’t cooperate with the big aggregators, they do their own thing or whatever, the information they supply to the aggregators is the basic will get you a seat on the airplane. And then it’s oh, you wanted oxygen.

    You wanted like food and drink is a thing in the past. Everybody charges for those kinds of things, but you can choose to pay for a different seat. They now have a little thing, where depending on what your preference is and it’s amazing you get a the price differential between just getting on the plane and then how they try to upsell you.

    I’ve been because I’ve been doing it so often. I’ve been trying to use spirit frontier not so much jet blue, because I don’t seem to fly where I want to, but they’re the more budget airlines Southwest compared to the big Delta and American, whoever else. But having said that, it’s just amazing how once you have a seat, every time you go to the website, like if you wanna put in your TSA pre number, it walks you through a whole bunch of screens that say, Hey, did you want to add a bag?

    You’re sure that you don’t have any bag. You know what I mean? And if you have a bag, you’re sure you don’t want another bag and here’s the seat on each of your legs. And it’s just amazing how I find it next to impossible. And so it’s kinda who have I learned to what’s the combination of trust and least hassle, and I know I’m gonna get screwed, but who screws me the least.

    You know what I mean? It’s just. I want it to be that the some website would say,

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