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Roofing Contractors Need SEO To Thrive in Their Local Service Area. Roofing Webmasters' New Podcast: Roofing SEO Podcast, Allows Contractors Access To The Most Cutting Edge Marketing Techniques for Roofers. With Each Episode, Pros Can Learn More About How To Market Their Business & Increase Lead Generation & Sales!

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Roofing Contractors Need SEO To Thrive in Their Local Service Area. Roofing Webmasters' New Podcast: Roofing SEO Podcast, Allows Contractors Access To The Most Cutting Edge Marketing Techniques for Roofers. With Each Episode, Pros Can Learn More About How To Market Their Business & Increase Lead Generation & Sales!

    Hail Damage Roofing Leads Gone Wild

    Hail Damage Roofing Leads Gone Wild

    Most roofing contractors covet high-quality leads for their business. For those who’ve been in the industry for a long time, they know that hail storms often spark an increase in estimate and inspection requests. But those calls typically go to only a few roofers within the damaged community. So how do you become one of those roofers? One of Roofing Webmasters’ top clients recently reaped the rewards of a storm in their primary service area. 

    Lead Sources for our Client

    As you can see from this breakdown, organic searches are the top lead source. But a highly diverse set of leads came in through various channels. It’s important to realize that even on non-organic clicks, the user still found the phone number on the website or Google My Business page. That’s where reviews, reputation management, and brand optimization become critical. This contractor was already well-known in their community and had plenty of social proof to confirm their standing.

    Google Maps 3-Pack Clicks15%Organic Search Clicks10%Real Estate Agent Referrals10%Insurance Agent Referrals10%Facebook Advertising10%Nextdoor Advertising10%Yard Signs10%Trucks & Neighbors10%Church Members7%Pay Per Click Advertising3%

    Level 2 Branding

    Organic search is hands-down the best return on investment for roofers. Organic refers to both traditional organic search results and the local 3-pack. However, the second-best ROI is something called Level 2 Branding. It may not work as quickly as PPC, but it provides a far better long-term return. Our client received several hundred hail damage leads in large part due to Level 2 Branding.

    What is Level 2 Branding?

    Level 2 Branding is a compilation of high-return marketing efforts, including referral partnerships, pixel tracking, and selective online advertising.

    The Long-Term Impact of Level 2 Branding

    Level 2 Branding has impressive long-term benefits over time. It may take a hail storm to reveal the real impact of its reach, but even without storms, it outperforms PPC advertising. 

    Why PPC is Overrated

    This roofing client shows that PPC is highly overrated for lead generation. This customer cleaned up on hail damage leads, and only a small percentage came from PPC. With years of data to support our claim, SEO and Level 2 Branding dominate PPC across the board. It helps if you have yard signs, truck wraps, and a community presence in churches and other local intuitions. PPC can never make up for branding in the world of lead generation.

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    Why You Need Leads for Roofers

    Why You Need Leads for Roofers

    Things have changed quite a bit since Nolen started Roofing SEO Webmasters 10 years ago. At that time, roofers would often call looking for “Roofing SEO” or “digital marketing for roofers.” After years of being screwed around by trash marketing, things changed. In 2020, most people inquire about roofing leads. While leads are certainly a valuable currency for contractors, it is essential to differentiate a quality lead from a harmful one and find a lead source that consistently produces the former.

    Avoiding The Roofer Gig Economy

    Living lead to lead puts roofers in a gig economy scenario. That’s one of the most significant downsides of buying roofing leads from lead brokers. While sources like HomeAdvisor may produce a quality lead now and then, the process of fighting for shared leads over and again takes its toll on any business. Roofers who generate consistent, high-quality leads from their digital properties are the ones who go out on their boat trip each year. You can do the same if you avoid trash leads.

    Go for Branded Leads

    Branded roofing leads are the best available. What does branded mean? It means the consumer found your services through one of your branded properties. Offline, this might be a lawn sign or a billboard. Online, a property can be any digital asset, including a website, a business listing, or a social media profile. Branded leads are exclusive and have a much better chance of creating repeat customers. Word of mouth is another branded channel, and one created through reputation management.

    Focus on Organic Search

    Typically, roofers look for the cheapest leads. Sometimes they forget to consider the ROI of those leads and how sustainable they are going forward. Leads from organic search provide the best ROI for several reasons. First, they are “Free” to acquire. Unlike PPC, organic clicks don’t cost money per click. Once you establish a presence on top of search results, you receive regular clicks for no fee. Over-time, free clicks that become repeat customers double, triple, and even quadruple your ROI.

    Don’t Forget The Local Map Pack

    Sometimes “organic” search results are confused with only being the ten blue links beneath the ads and map pack. That’s not the case at all. Map listings are “organic” search results, and it is critical that roofers appear in the top 3 (in their service area) for consistent lead generation. Leads from the map pack are even higher quality than traditional organic links. Since GMB listings include reviews, contact information, and the precise location, consumers who call are almost certain to become a repeat customer. All you have to do is perform great roofing services, and they are yours for life.

    Branding + SEO = Lead Generation

    Once roofers understand that branding directly translates to lead generation, they begin to invest in SEO. You can check out our roofing SEO guide to learn more about the exact process and how it can help your roofing company. Ultimately though, the change in philosophy must be rooted in a desire to achieve more remarkable results and earn more revenue. Roofing companies can choose to dominate their service area online or resort to a gig economy business style that barely keeps them afloat. The choice is yours.

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    How To Keep From Being Screwed By Roofer Marketing Companies

    How To Keep From Being Screwed By Roofer Marketing Companies

    Getting screwed by roofing SEO companies is par for the course in 2020. The amount of disingenuous marketing “experts” has reached its peak. The sad part is that hard-working roofing contractors get hosed by whizkid marketers with bad intentions. Aside from the simple fact that roofing marketing costs too much in today’s market, the actual services are also garbage. From template websites to the PPC shelltrick, marketers are getting away with everything. Roofing SEO Webmasters has made it our focus to counteract this trend by providing affordable roofing services with strategies that actually work. We help roofers rank on Google ethically. Take a listen:

    Learning for Bad Marketing Experiences

    At Roofing SEO Webmasters, we understand the frustration of roofing contractors. We actually were in the service industry ourselves back in the early 2000s and got screwed around by some hack marketers who hosed us out of thousands of dollars. That’s when we decided to do digital marketing ourselves and eventually converted it into a full-time business. So unlike most marketing companies, we actually empathize with the client. We’ve been on their side of the spectrum and understand what getting screwed looks like in the world of digital marketing. We’ve made it our pledge to not screw roofing contractors who need proper web work.

    SEO “Experts” Are Often Novices

    The problem with buying roofing SEO services is that many so-called marketing experts are actually novices. They bought a social media marketing cost for $297 after getting remarketed to on YouTube and Instagram. They think now because they took a course from an individual who is not even an expert themselves, that they can now provide a competent service to clients. Furthermore, their focus on social media won’t help them provide SEO as it is meant to be. Social media can help SEO through signals, but it is not the foundation of SEO which involves more hands-on practices that require real training and experience.

    Don’t Trust Marketers Who Can’t Say No

    Another problem with hack marketers is that they don’t say no to any request. If a roofer comes to us and asks us to perform black-hat SEO we tell them that we don’t do that. First of all, it doesn’t work and secondly, we aren’t going to perform a service that we have no experience with. Many of these marketing gurus will attempt to do anything you ask of them, and will then do it poorly. Worst of all, they are likely to get your website or GMB penalized by Google, further draining your bank account in addition to the overpriced yearly contract that gamed you into signing. Don’t fall for it. Always do your homework before signing a contract.

    How to Spot a Marketing Scammer

    We talked a little about the signs of a bad marketing service but there are other tell-tale signs to look for as well. First, does the company or individual have a website? If so, does their website look professional? Is there a company name, address, and phone number? What do their rankings look like? If they can’t even rank on the first page for relevant keyword terms, what makes you think they are going to be able to rank your website? If you find someone on YouTube, make sure their success translates to organic SEO. You can’t simply apply a YouTube SEO strategy to Google since they are two entirely different algorithms. Let’s consider some red flags:

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    Google Hates Trash Content for Roofers

    Google Hates Trash Content for Roofers

    When it comes to roofing SEO, things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. There was once a time when Google would reward content for the sake of it. Why? Because they had so few choices of what to crawl, index, and ultimately; rank. But since the whole “content is king” mantra became mainstream SEO, everyone and their mother has created some form of web content. Since Google’s success is dependent upon the satisfaction of its users, trash content no longer does the trick. Not only does Google have countless amounts of superior pages to rank over yours, but your over-saturation of their index is also only polluting their search engine and making your website less appealing overall. In today’s Roofing SEO podcast, Nolen Walker goes off on trash SEO content for roofers and why you should transition to other forms of content that are far superior for both the end-user and Google’s search crawlers alike.

    Do Roofers Still Need Content?

    Roofers still need content marketing in 2020 but the type of content is now much more dynamic. Mediums like video, podcasts, check-ins, user-generated reviews, and testimonials are just a few of the new waves of content that roofing companies should focus on to grow their business. An inherent problem with text-based content is that it’s boring. But quality text content can actually still serve a purpose. However, the vast majority of content published online in 2020 is pure and unadulterated garbage. And no other industry is more guilty of exercising this practice than roofing contractors. Luckily, they now have new ideas about what content is.

    New Types of Content for Roofers


    If you didn’t know by now, reputation management for roofers is very important. But one aspect of reputation is proof. And with online check-ins powered by BrandRevu, roofers can enjoy the social proof of job site check-ins. Every time you perform a service at a verified location (via your BrandRevu tool) you will see that check-in populated on the corresponding page of your roofing company website. As users and Google see that you’ve worked on specific services in specific areas, they will be more confident about using your services in the future. Additionally, Google will acknowledge your location pages as legitimate since verified check-ins in the corresponding locations now populate the content of the web page. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


    When you perform a check-in, for example, you can snap a photo of your job site and of the roof you are working on. As you showcase to your audience real-time imagery, you prove your worth as a legitimate roofing contractor and gain their initial trust. When you combine images with reviews, videos, and check-ins, you begin to establish a level of credibility that your competitors lack. Images are important for SEO as well and are made more impactful by the inclusion of alt text which describes the image to Google and also to users with visual impairment. Having unique images is critical since stock photos are pure trash and will make your roofing business look like a joke and an utter disgrace to society. Furthermore, nobody will trust you. Commit your focus to images of your team, trucks, equipment, and logos.


    As you may know,

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    COVID-19: The Death of Door Knocking

    COVID-19: The Death of Door Knocking

    Covid-19 has taken many things away from our society. However, it’s also given us something important: perspective. We now know just how quickly our daily life, routine, and business can change.

    The roofing industry was a relatively lucky one. Even during the crisis, homeowners continued to require roof repairs, installations, and replacements. What Covid-19 did change was the marketing options roofers had to work with. The practice of door knocking, in particular, took a big hit, forcing countless roofing professionals to explore other opportunities for sharing their brand.

    Today, we’ll explore the death (or at least the induced coma) of door knocking and what that means for your roofing business. We’ll also dig into your other options for marketing your company in the meantime. Listen in to our latest podcast and take notes as we discuss the changing landscape of the industry, and how your business can continue to thrive.

    Takeaways for Enterprising Roofers

    * Even before the crisis, door knocking effectiveness had waned.

    * Today’s newest generations don’t answer the door for many people.

    * Covid-19 is an opportunity to reevaluate your marketing strategy.

    * Local SEO offers more lucrative gains than it did a few years ago.

    Is Door Knocking Effective Now?

    In the throws of Covid-19, door knocking has come grinding to a halt. Put simply, door knocking isn’t even an option right now. If you happen to come back and read this article in the future after the crisis has resolved itself, odds are door knocking still hasn’t recovered to its former glory.

    It’s not your fault. Much of society has shifted away from answering the door bell anyway.

    Even prior to the Covid-19 crisis, the death of door knocking seemed to draw ever closer and closer as younger generations took on the mantle of home ownership. The practice may never fully pass away, but its waning effectiveness means that your roofing company will likely need to focus in another direction for your marketing efforts.

    What are My Marketing Options?

    We could pour over the dozens of advertising options available on the market right now, but that would take too much time. Right now, your number one goal should be putting your brand in front of the people who are most likely to need your services. This begs a couple questions:

    * Where do you need to put your brand so that those people see it?

    * How do you focus specifically on people in your service area?

    More than ever, homeowners (and commercial prospects) are looking online for their day to day needs. That includes big budget purchases like roof replacements too. So if you want to get your brand in front of the right eyes, that’s going to happen on a digital landscape.

    Connecting with people in your specific service area is going to force you to think locally. This limits false leads from outside your community and maximizes your chances of converting to sales. No more driving an hour from your office just to perform shingle repairs (unless that’s something you really like doing).

    Now that you’ve established online marketing offers the best brand exposure and you know locally-targeted marketing offers the best sales potential, that leads us to our final question. What digital marketing solution targets the greatest number of people within your service area?

    The answer is Local SEO.

    How Local SEO Works Now

    If you want to develop a consistent stream of roofing leads, the most practical method to do so is local search engine op...

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    Showcasing Great Customer Service During Coronavirus

    Showcasing Great Customer Service During Coronavirus

    As we are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our thoughts tend to be scattered, and we are having to re-evaluate our priorities. As a roofing contractor, you have probably experienced this. While your business is important to you, it can be hard to devote mental energy to ways to sustain it; much less improve it. But don’t fool yourself – even in this time of crisis your business can grow and thrive. It may not seem like it, but the pandemic is affording business owners the opportunity to showcase outstanding customer service.

    We work with roofing contractors every day. We have seen the value of great customer service during these times and what it can do for a business now and in the future. As we are taking precautions to safeguard ourselves, our families, and our businesses, take some time to consider customer service in the here and now. Doing so will help your business not only survive during these times but thrive.

    Here at Roofing Webmasters, we are here for you every step of the way. If you are ready and willing to utilize this crisis as an opportunity to demonstrate value to your customers, then read our customer service tips.

    Let People Know

    If you are running your business during these times, it would be extremely helpful for existing and potential clients alike if they knew that you intend to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. In this time, the last thing anyone wants is to have a bunch of roofers on their property who are coughing and possibly spreading the novel Coronavirus. So the first step you should take towards maintaining a high level of customer service during this pandemic is letting your customers know that you will take the necessary steps to keep them safe. Update your website to reflect the safety practices you and your crews will be implementing, let people know when they call, and ask about your services and you can even send emails to your current customers updating them on your safety policy.

    Follow Through

    It’s one thing to say that you will keep your customers and team safe, it’s quite another to actually follow through. The first concern on everyone’s mind as they venture into the public or have people come to their homes or businesses is face masks. Make sure you and your team have plenty of face masks when they are on the job. You can also let your customers know that you will be mainly outside and that if you need anything, you will simply knock on the door. Physical distance is important so try not to be too “in your face” when you are speaking to a customer in person. While that may be your normal style, it will make your customers wary and unlikely to use your services again in the future.

    Modernize your Communications

    Your customers will appreciate your efforts to limit physical contact. If you don’t have to physically be on the job site, try not to be. Instead, try to communicate with your customers over the phone or, if the situation calls for visual aids, reach out to them over Zoom, FaceTime, or other video chat apps. As a roofer, it may be hard to let your customers know what needs to be done over the phone so these video chat apps can be beneficial to get on the same page as your customers.

    Keep Things Basic

    This one may be hard since almost everyone is feeling the effects of the economic crunch. But if all possible, try to limit the number of workers you have on a job site to those that the job actually needs. People may get uneasy if they see a big crew on their property unless the job really necessitates such a workforce. By keeping your team scant, you are showing the customer that you care about their safety and health.

    Reach out Online

    Just because we are social distancing during this time doesn’t mean that w...

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