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The best recorded panels and seminars about analog game design and publishing

RPG Design Panelcast Jason Pitre

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The best recorded panels and seminars about analog game design and publishing

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4.3 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

ConcreteDog ,

Great panels

Hope you can keep up the feed. I'm really learning a lot. Thanks!

jtspgs ,

Alt-Left Views On RPGs

What they don't tell you is this is extreme liberal view points on how RPGs should be made and ran. for exsample. In one episode, they talked about how games should handle women "monthly problems". In another they spoke on how RPGs should never let any player play a bad guy becuase it might qutoe "trigger" someone. In another episode, they spoke about how male players should never over play female players and so on. you get the idea. Needles to say they inject politicals talking points and Alt-Left views into what should be a neutral zone. Gaming should be a area where everyone can come together and have fun, Not about worrying that my Darwf preist will trigger some Half-Orc Paladin becuase he complamented a lady's dress. (yes they have used exsamples like this and said they are problematic). I gave it a fair shake as i do all podcast, but after 10 episodes of all being the same, yeah it's not my type. now you know.

Ranger in the sky ,

Wanted to rate better

There was some helpful info, enduring the political and social justice warriors was just way too annoying . Stopped listening after one podcast. Please keep your extreme political views out of our hobby.

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