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Sarasota Dog audio edition features interviews with authors and experts in the world of dogs. Learn about training, nutrition, wellness and how to have a dog gone good time with your pup in Sarasota.

Sarasota Dog Mary Lou Davidson

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Sarasota Dog audio edition features interviews with authors and experts in the world of dogs. Learn about training, nutrition, wellness and how to have a dog gone good time with your pup in Sarasota.

    What is Holistic Vet Care?

    What is Holistic Vet Care?

    Have you wondered about the differences in vet care? Complementary, Alternative or Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine? We chatted with Dr. Wendy Ying, of Holistic Veterinary House Calls about these modalities, how they can help and where to learn more. Check it out!

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    Have a question about your dog? From behavior, healthcare, training and the human-animal bond, The Rover Reporter is on the trail of information that can help you and your dog. Send us a note to: MaryLouDavidson@gmail,com, and we will research your question.

    Announcer:  Welcome to your DogCast, where we feature news just for dog lovers. Here’s your Rover reporter, Mary Lou Davidson. Hey everybody. Welcome to the Rover Reporter 

    RR:   Today. we’re going to be looking at a topic that we all are concerned about. Everybody wonders about, and that’s veterinary healthcare. Most of us have a traditional veterinarian for our pet. , and at times we’ve gone to see a specialist, whether it be an orthopedist or an ophthalmologist, but there’s another kind of veterinary care, which is traditional Chinese veterinary medical care. It’s a holistic practice. It looks at the entire pet, but it offers some complimentary treatments and, alternatives for rehabilitation and suggestions for nutrition. And I was lucky enough to be able to find an expert Dr. Wendy yang, and she is not only a doctor of veterinary medicine, but also a Chinese veterinary medicine practitioner. Hey Wendy, how are you? 

    Dr. Ying:  Thanks for having me on 

    Thank you so much. This is one of those topics that people get confused about. And when you think about a holistic or Chinese veterinary medicine vet, you wonder, do I still need to have my regular vet? And the answer is 

    Dr. Ying:,you should have a great relationship with your regular pet! Our dogs hide a lot of their medical issues, right? So sometimes we don’t see that they’re hurting until the disease has progressed along quite far. So I think it’s really important that people have a solid relationship with their veterinarian and they should go in at the minim once a year, whether you’re, you know, for just a checkup. So whether you need vaccines at that time or not, , it’s great for your vet to be able to see your pet when they’re healthy. So then when your pet is sick or acting a little funny, as in vet medicine, we call it ADR and doing right. Then they have a baseline to see where they are. Like, sometimes you might think your dog’s a little like lethargic, but if I don’t know what your dog looks like, normally it’s hard for me to assess that maybe that he’s just a personality. Maybe he’s just a lazy guy, 

    RR: You know, that acronym that you just used a quite right. , are there other things everybody’s, everybody’s pet has a folder at the vet office, right. And it’s always frantically scribbling notes and I’ve always wondered what they’re saying. Are they writing things like something ain’t quite right or 

    Dr. Ying:  ADR? That’s the term that, we, a lot of farm people use, like, it’s like, I don’t know, “Doc, he ain’t doing right.” So we use ADR meaning,, the client suspects, the clients suspect something’s wrong,

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    Dog Nutrition with Kyle Baker

    Dog Nutrition with Kyle Baker

    Kyle Baker is the Senior Nutritional Specialist for DOGPerfect.  He has 17 years of research into the world of dog health and nutrition.    It all started with his dog Toby whom he found living on the streets.   Kyle understands that food and nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all practicality.  Different pups have different needs.    Check out our conversation here for some quick tips – and insights about improving your dog’s quality of life.

    Click here to book your FREE Nutrition Consult with Kyle

    For your convenience, we’ve included a transcript of our chat with Kyle.

    Rover Reporter: Welcome to the podcast. I’m excited today to welcome Kyle Baker. Kyle is the Senior Nutritional Specialist for DOGPerfect. Welcome Kyle.

    KYLE BAKER (00:20):

    Hey welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me here.

    Rover Reporter (00:23):

    I’m so excited to talk about this because dog food and the nutritional aspects can be so confusing for dog lovers. And so I’m hoping that you can dispel some myths and give us some background that we can use moving forward. I know that you’ve been working in the area locally here in the Sarasota Bradenton area. Tell me what sparked your interest in nutrition?

    KYLE BAKER (00:48):

    Just kind of like, like, like listeners in you. My love for my animal. I found a dog, a dog on this, on the street that had a compromised immune system. He had no fur body was a body was pink, so you can see all the information coming out of them. So I took that dog and took him to the vet. I got him checked out to see to see what if they could figure out what was going on with them. The veterinarians couldn’t figure out exactly how to heal that except with the use of steroids and prescription diets. Me, I couldn’t handle that as a, a true answer. I knew there had to be another result out there that could help my Toby out. So I kinda started doing my own research. I found a book called barf it’s biologically appropriate, raw feeding.

    KYLE BAKER (01:35):

    It’s written by a gentleman named ends in billing worth. And that was kinda my my eyeopening to nutrition. I put that doc, that diet ideology towards Toby and within weeks of time, the pink information started to go out of his body. First started growing back. So of course I was super, super, super excited about the results I was getting. And then when I took a Toby back to the veterinarian to get a checkup kind of show him the results. My, my answer to him, his answer to me was totally opposite what I thought I was going to get. He told me that you know what, these were all diets that could be possibly killing my animal. That right there scared me. But I didn’t understand that because I seen the results.

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    Kristen Collins of the ASPCA – Communicating with your Dog

    Kristen Collins of the ASPCA – Communicating with your Dog

    Kristen Collins is the Director of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Services for ASPCA.  Ms. Collins’ work with the ACBT focuses on the evaluation and proper placement of animals seized in dog fighting, puppy mill and hoarding cases. Through specialized behavior assessments, the team gathers information to ensure the best outcome for victims of animal cruelty and provide supporting evidence for prosecution.     Kristen was on the scene in Joplin, Missouri last year during the pet relief program for tornado victims helping to re-unite and re-home more than 1300 pets.

    In this episode of the Dogcast, Kristen talks with our Rover Reporter about how to read your pets emotions through body language,  breaking bad habits and the ASPCA’s virtual training site.  The web site is a vast resource of articles and solutions that are searchable by type of pet and the type of problem your are experiencing.  Available 24/7 it offers pet owners a chance to research and understand their pets by accessing expert opinions.

    About the ASPCA:  Founded in 1866, the ASPCA was the first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere. Our mission, as stated by founder Henry Bergh, is “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.” The ASPCA works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws and share resources with shelters nationwide.

    Click on the arrow below for Kristen’s insights

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    Natural Dog Training with Neil Sattin

    Natural Dog Training with Neil Sattin

    Join Rover Reporter and Neil Sattin as they discuss an alternative training method that make sense. Become the center of your dog’s universe, so that he has complete focus on you, and feels relaxed in his relationship with you — – instead of the domination-alpha training method as espoused by Cesar Milan. Learn more about Neil’s training at NaturalDogBlog.com

    Just click on the little arrow here to play the interview, and learn to be the Moose!

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    A condition of an abnormally high heart rate.  Dr. Anne Chauvet of Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists explains in this audio definition.  Click on the arrow to play.



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    Pituitary Glands

    Pituitary Glands

    The Pituitary Glands as explained by Dr. Anne Chauvet of Critical Care and Veterinary Specialists of Sarasota.

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