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Say You Swear Daniel Soprano

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    Kindred Spirits With Isabel Flower

    Kindred Spirits With Isabel Flower

    Episode 43 is with editor, writer, and researcher Isabel Flower!

    Isabel's work across editorial and advertising is (usually) about art, style, and consumer culture. Her writing has appeared in places such as Kaleidoscope, Cultured, The Wall Street Journal, Garage, Double, Artforum, and Bookforum, and these days she’s executive editor of Deem Journal. 

    With her best friend and longtime collaborator Marcel Rosa-Salas, she is co-author of the “The Nameplate: Jewelry, Culture, and Identity” which was published by Penguin Random House this past summer and began as the open-call archiving project Documenting the Nameplate. The two of them also cohost the Top Rank Podcast.

    We discuss culture journalism in the digital age, life as a new (working) mom, running podcasts, nepotism, etc etc etc !

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Sophisticated Adult Entertainment With Peter Sidlauskas

    Sophisticated Adult Entertainment With Peter Sidlauskas

    Episode 42 is with Queens native, Peter Sidlauskas of Bronze 56k!

    We discuss Peter's skate origin story, the significance of his block in Queens, and his early influences at the time. He explained that he always loved video cameras, making edits from a young age, and editing videos on two vcrs. He shared about his life-long relationship with his friend Pat, the many iterations of companies they were going to start together, and then finally the process of starting Bronze together. 

    I definitely asked a bunch about his unique editing style, as I feel Bronze editing is the most unique in skateboarding. UTZ chips. America Online. The curation of the "clips-between-the-clips" is unmatched and shows a true level of attention to detail in Peter's psyche that's humbling.

    There's more ofc. 2 hours here. Blah blah blah!

    • 2 hr 2 min
    13 Skaters, 1 Airbnb With Will Miles

    13 Skaters, 1 Airbnb With Will Miles

    Episode 41 is with London-based skateboard videographer, Will Miles!

    Recently coming off of filming and editing Nike's full Length 7-Ball; this episode is a deep dive into Will's journey. From shit like giving up playing football at around 12 for skating, Ben Raemers selling him his first camera for the cheap, and his first day out with the camera Kyron asking him if he wanted to spend the next couple months filming a part!

    Will began to film edits that would end up on free skate mag and grey skate mag. These grey edits would partner with Nike in order to bring together and showcase the Nike London team. Over time, Will was getting his personal style down for his own future classic videos on Vimeo such as Billy Trick and Lambrusco. There's a lot I am skipping here obviously, but Nike decided to give him the reigns for 18-months both filming and editing for 7-Ball! No small feat!

    We go quite in depth with the videos and Will teases a future Nike project on the way!

    Much love XD

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Q&A With Aya Brown

    Q&A With Aya Brown

    Episode 40 is with visual artist, Brooklyn's very own, Aya Brown!

    Beginning to make art at a young age, she developed her style over years personal experimentation and time at Cooper Union. Aya consistently taps into the deep roots of her family, sexual identity, blackness, and community to illuminate an honest and beautiful depiction of her lived experience.

    We discuss the intricacies of growing up in the church, her dad being somewhat of an influence on her style (hehe), her unequivocal passionate love for Spiderman, and Gush!
    Aya sheds much light on the importance of having positive representations for black lesbian love and relationships, how brands can truly support communities, and the lovely environment and family of Telfar. 

    We've been tryna get together to do this for almost 2 years, sheeeesh. Hope you enjoy XD

    • 53 min
    Honing Your Craft With Bradley Carbone

    Honing Your Craft With Bradley Carbone

    Episode 39 is with Bradley Carbone, who works in the space of brand strategy and management. Bradley has a keen ability to utilize his genuine connection with creatives in their spaces, his years of business/corporate expertise, and bridge the two. This allows both extremes to form more symbiotic relationships for their futures. 

    Bradley has worked on SNEEZE magazine for the past 13 years, alongside founder Nic Fensom.  In recent years, he has been working closely with Born x Raised, based in LA, and Andrew, based in Miami. 

    We discuss honing your craft, relationships, overcoming trauma, and a bunch of other lovely things! 

    Bradley is not a businessman, he's a business, man...jay voice. XD

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Bois de Vincennes With Greg Cuadrado

    Bois de Vincennes With Greg Cuadrado

    Episode 38 is with my Parisian brother, Greg Cuadrado!

    We start by discussing Greg's roots in skating, manuals, the inception/creation of Les Blobys, and the route to going pro in 2018 for National Skate Co.

    The interview then moves into discussing Greg's transitioning role in the skate world. He talks about the importance of Pussy Gangster, the Supreme store opening in Paris, and beginning to work for the company. Now Greg is Supreme's European TM and he talks about the intricacies of this position!

    Working on the Stallion video during lockdown in Italy, wearing Vans to a LV x Sup shoot while still on Cons, James Cruickshank's SENSIBLES video, and a bunch of other shit sprinkled in therrr. 

    Merci beacoup mfers 3

    • 34 min

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