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🧬 You are SENTIENT ⚖️ Fulfilment is Your Endgame ❤️ Define, Weight, & Apply Your Values ♾ 184.2 Years / $4.7 Billion Saved for Individual & Organizational Clients 👤 Allen Funston, P.Eng, MBA, LSSBB 🌎 Sentient Process Network Theory

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🧬 You are SENTIENT ⚖️ Fulfilment is Your Endgame ❤️ Define, Weight, & Apply Your Values ♾ 184.2 Years / $4.7 Billion Saved for Individual & Organizational Clients 👤 Allen Funston, P.Eng, MBA, LSSBB 🌎 Sentient Process Network Theory

    EP 87 - Micro-Attention Commitment

    EP 87 - Micro-Attention Commitment

    After having been the first person in the world to track their Macro-Attention 24/7 for over a year (as of Aug 15, 2019), I’m committing to tracking my Micro-Attention. I am studying my own attention to support others through the emerging Attention Economy, as part of my much larger effort to eradicate the problem of Regret from our lives.

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    EP 86 - Brainstorming for Attention Year #2

    EP 86 - Brainstorming for Attention Year #2

    Mike Pratt (a good friend) and I reflect on what I learned from tracking my attention 24/7 for 1 full year (Aug 2018-2019). We then brainstorm what should be next, and conclude the following evolutions: micro-attention (thought) tracking instead of macro-attention (context/action), regular documentation of my journey and how I'm feeling emotionally (the whole point, really), tracking my emotional state (thinking 4 daily scores for 4 core emotion dimensions: Joy/Sadness, Trust/Disgust, Anger/Fear, Surprise/Anticipation), creating free self-guided documents to help others achieve "Good" results while scaling my impact and generating interest in Mastery (paid consulting services for individuals and organizations), then reflecting on what's working and iterating. Let's see how this goes!

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    EP 85 - Lecture: Save Years with Sentience

    EP 85 - Lecture: Save Years with Sentience

    IMPORTANT: If you get value out of this one-of-a-kind talk on fulfilment and regret-proof decisions, PLEASE comment your answer to this question:

    *** “How much longer would you need to live to be willing to forget these insights on fulfilment and this process of making regret-proof decisions?” ***

    Your answers mean the WORLD to me, as I measure the value of my life as the time I save in yours, and these ground-breaking insights/methods could save you YEARS of your life! I’m trying to live a “Fully Given Life”!

    Note that despite the question asking for a number, the answer is subjective. Only you get to decide how valuable this is to you. I will graciously accept any answer you offer and I’d love to support your ambitions any way I can.

    Please Like, Subscribe, and Connect. I will always try my hardest to save you more time than I ask of you.

    Email: Info@sentientfuture.earth
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    On July 3, 2019, I returned to the University of British Columbia (UBC) to deliver a talk titled, “Save Years with Sentience” to current students in the program from which I graduated in 2007, Engineering Physics. The talk achieved two goals: 1) teaching the audience how to think about fulfilment in each of their lives in a practical, actionable way, and 2) guiding the audience through a process of defining/weighting what each valued in life such that they could use it to make regret-proof decisions and balance their short-term schedules in a fulfilling way.

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    EP 84 - Save Yourself Years

    EP 84 - Save Yourself Years

    Hacks won't make you do
    What you don't want to do

    Tactics, Techniques, Technologies
    Save minutes here and there.
    But not for long.

    Eventually, hacks will not work,
    Because you don't care about the work.

    There is a better way.
    Do what you love.

    Do it on the side at first.
    Cut your expenses.
    Practice until you're a Pro.

    Feel happy starting today,
    with the process,
    of doing what you love.

    It will you save you years.

    Live, intentionally.

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    EP 83 - You Belong

    EP 83 - You Belong

    You belong.
    You always have.
    Your most important tribe,
    is not the most exclusive;
    It is the most inclusive.
    You are Sentient.
    We all are,
    yet we each value different parts of life,
    to different degrees.
    Your unique combination,
    of skills, experiences, and values,
    are useful to achieve,
    our tribe's shared goals.
    We NEED you,
    to BE you.
    Learn your self,
    Practice your self,
    Be your self.
    Live, intentionally.

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    EP 82 - One-Decision Life

    EP 82 - One-Decision Life

    WHY are you here?

    The ONE and only decision you must make.

    - Who you are;
    - Where you're going;
    - How you'll get there; and
    - What will you do...
    ... will ALL evolve with time.

    Once you decide why you are here, every decision you encounter will already be made, because your criteria will have already been set.

    Rise above temptation. Rise above the drama, the noise, the irrelevant to why you're here. Live intentionally or suffer the excruciating pain of regret.

    Why are YOU here? 👇

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