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A podcast for soul-guided women entrepreneurs ready to grow their income, impact, and inspiration.

She Grows with Allyson Scammell Allyson Scammell

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A podcast for soul-guided women entrepreneurs ready to grow their income, impact, and inspiration.

    Ep #34: How People Pleasing Blocks Business Growth

    Ep #34: How People Pleasing Blocks Business Growth

    Do you find yourself going out of your way to please others (often at the expense of your own needs or desires)?

    Do you struggle to set boundaries with your clients? They book an hour with you, but before you know it two hours have passed?

    Do you take on the full workload for your family (cooking, cleaning, errands, kids) without asking for help?

    I get it. It's so easy to fall into the trap of people pleasing. We want to make others happy. It's something we've been taught from a young age and it's a tricky pattern to break. But it's crucial that we begin to set boundaries, especially if we want to take our businesses to the next level.

    That's why this week on She Grows we're talking about the four ways people pleasing can stunt the growth of your business.

    I share my own personal experiences with people pleasing and how it impacted my business. We also talk about how to identify the patterns of people pleasing, why we often struggle with setting boundaries for ourselves, and I offer some practical suggestions to stop this pattern so your business can soar. 

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    Ep #33: Connecting to Your Spirit Guides in 5 Steps

    Ep #33: Connecting to Your Spirit Guides in 5 Steps

    Are you a spiritual entrepreneur who wants a stronger connection to your spirit guides?

    Or maybe you're not quite sure what a spirit guide is, or how to activate that connection?

    After gathering stories from my own experiences and the experiences of my peers, teachers, and clients, I was able to identify and outline the five steps you must take in order to connect to your guides.

    In this episode, I'm sharing these five steps with you. I outline the step-by-step process everyone experiences when they activate their connection to their guides. I also share practical ways for you to implement these steps, along with a few barriers to watch out for that might trip you up along the way.

    I share a personal story of how my connection to my spirit guides was activated and we wrap things up with a challenge for you to begin connecting to your spirit guides today.

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    Ep#32: Clarify Your Message and Increase Your Sales with Dane Sanders

    Ep#32: Clarify Your Message and Increase Your Sales with Dane Sanders

    You want to keep growing your audience, but it feels like such a struggle. 

    Maybe your message is not clear enough, it's too complicated, or maybe it's full of "insider speak" and those who are new to your world don't understand  the niche language.

    Whatever the issue, Dane Sanders, CEO, teacher, writer, and consultant, is here today to share a simple framework that will clarify your message, grow your audience, and increase your sales. 

    In this episode, Dane shares the most common mistake most entrepreneurs make in their marketing and sales copy and what you can do instead.

    He gives us his #1 tip to help create a clear message that calls in our ideal audience and he explains how clarifying your message will lead to an increase in sales. We explore the common debate between speaking directly to your niche or speaking broadly to everyone in your potential market. This episode is full of gold nuggets to help your hone your message and grow your business. I hope you love it!


    After studying business as an undergrad and philosophy in grad school, Dane Sanders taught leadership and character development at Westmont College. On the side, he began a photography business, shot professionally for about 12 years and authored two books for photographers looking to make a living when everyone already has a camera. Seth Godin called his writing, “a precious gift.” As the CEO of tellmeyourdreams.com, Dane now teaches, writes, consults and coaches on the business of creativity and narrative marketing. He lives with his wife and kids in Newport Beach, California and online at danesanders.com.

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    How Writing Your Heartfelt Book Will Spread Your Vision and Wisdom to a Wider Audience with Nikki Starcat Shields

    How Writing Your Heartfelt Book Will Spread Your Vision and Wisdom to a Wider Audience with Nikki Starcat Shields

    Do you have a message to share and know that writing a book would help get that message out to more people?

    Do you know you want to write a book, but don't know how to get started or think you don't have time? 

    Or perhaps you've considered writing a book, but feel like you aren't the expert on the topic, so you shouldn't do it. 

    If any of that rings true, this episode of She Grows is for you.

    Today's guest, leading author a book midwife, Nikki Starcat Shields shares the #1 reason most people don't get started writing their book (and the real reason that secretly hides beneath the surface). She offers practical tips on how to get started writing when you feel like you don't have time, plus dives into her creative process for birthing two books.

    We explore how to cultivate a writing habit and how to create a ritual around your writing practice. Nikki offers some some daily practices to help you move past your imposter syndrome, get started writing, and build momentum. Finally, she explains how publishing a book can help you spread your vision as soul guided entrepreneur to a wider audience so you can make a bigger impact.

    Nikki Starcat Shields is an author, book midwife, priestess, and leader of transformational writing retreats. Nikki teaches people to be Thriving Artists, writing their heartfelt books while also nurturing themselves and their creative lives. She lives in Maine and adores spending time by the ocean.

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    Ep #30: The Research-Supported Way to Trust Your Intuition with Heather Alice Shea

    Ep #30: The Research-Supported Way to Trust Your Intuition with Heather Alice Shea

    As a soul-guided entrepreneur, you know your intuitive hits provide powerful guidance, but part of your logical brain would also like to see proof that your intuition is "real."

    You wish there was scientific evidence to support what you already know: intuition isn't just a hopeful wish or a hypothesis.

    Intuitive life trainer and business development mentor, Heather Alice Shea has done the research to provide that evidence and is here to share it with us today.

    In this episode of She Grows, Heather bust the myths surrounding our intuition and explains how to use research-based intuition methodologies to integrate intuition in your life and business.

    Heather shares the research findings that support the idea that intuition does, in fact, exist and is something we can all access. She explains that our neurological, linear brains like to analyze and make sense of things, but that's only half of who we are.

    We explore the research proving that our intuition is an organ within us and that there is a hardwired biological process for how we receive our intuitive hits and then process them in our body and mind. Heather shares advice for people who struggle to trust their intuitive voice and gives us daily practices to help build a deeper trust to our voice of intuition.


    Heather is an Intuitive Life Trainer and Business Development Mentor who certifies emerging coaches into purposeful and prosperous coaching practices thatthrive. She is the founder and CEO of Atmana Coaching Academy, the world’s first research supported Intuitive Life Coach Certification and Business Development Company that formally integrates intuition into the coaching process. She is the creator of theAtmana Method,™ and the Intuitive Development Pathway,™ and the Intuitive Interpretation Matrix™ frameworks that concretize the intuitive process and provide practical instruction on using intuition for effective personal and professional growth.

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    Leveraging Your Human Design Type When Marketing Your Business with Ashley Wilhite

    Leveraging Your Human Design Type When Marketing Your Business with Ashley Wilhite

    You’ve started learning about Human Design and you find it so intriguing, but you’re ready to go deeper.

    You know your energy Type, but you’re wondering how you can use this information to help grow your business.

    You want to start applying this knowledge to your marketing strategies so you can attract more ideal clients with less work.

    If that’s you, you’re going to love today’s episode. I’m so excited to introduce you to Ashley Wilhite, a Human Design specialist. Today we’re diving into how to leverage your Human Design Type when marketing your business.

    Ashley shares specific marketing strategies for each Human Design Type, how to write engaging copy that’s in alignment with your Design, and how your innate energy influences your ideal clients.

    We also dig into your specific Strategy for interacting with people and we leave you with a step you can take if you’re ready to dive deeper into your Design.


    Ashley Wilhite has combined her Human Design expertise with her love of online business to give women like you the power to change their lives and businesses. She shares her work through 1:1 Human Design chart readings, online workshops, and daily free inspirational content on Instagram. She's a native of Austin, Texas and when she's not reading Human Design charts, you can find her training for her next half-marathon, binging on Schitt’s Creek, and practicing yoga.

    • 47 min

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4 Ratings

BE Lindsey ,

Inspiration !

I love this podcast & am consistently inspired to infuse my life with more of my own goodness & gifts. Thanks for supporting such expanded growth !

Miriam Schulman ,

Wonderful interviews!!!

Allyson rocks the podcast with important topics and concersations.

Bold/ability !!! Love it 😍

Especially enjoyed the interview with Patty Lennon.

@schulmanArt host of The Inspiration Place Podcast

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