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Single Dads Are Sexy: Your Guide to Thriving in Your First Solo Year. Life hacks, advice, and stories to amuse and inspire from guys that have been there and done that. They say that kids don't come with a user's manual. Well, they do now.

Single Dads Are Sexy Chaz Thorne

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Single Dads Are Sexy: Your Guide to Thriving in Your First Solo Year. Life hacks, advice, and stories to amuse and inspire from guys that have been there and done that. They say that kids don't come with a user's manual. Well, they do now.

    S.2 BONUS Ep. - Live SDAS Book Launch - Nancy Regan & Chaz Thorne

    S.2 BONUS Ep. - Live SDAS Book Launch - Nancy Regan & Chaz Thorne

    On June 15th we did a live taping of the podcast at the official launch of my book, Single Dads Are Sexy.

    My good friend, Nancy Regan, the host of the Soul Booth podcast, turned the mic on me for the evening.

    It was an intense chat and I am extremely grateful to Nancy and our audience for coming out to celebrate with me and my publishing partner/producer, Paul MacInnis.

    In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about my childhood, my relationship with fear, and my thoughts about single parenthood and being a man in these challenging and changing times.

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    S.2 Ep.6 - Zenneth Nevers

    S.2 Ep.6 - Zenneth Nevers

    Today we’re speaking with fellow single dad, Zenneth Nevers.

    Zenneth is a comedian, motivational speaker, and founder of a children’s charity called the Nevers Foundation.

    He has two kids Zenneth Jr. 13 and Isabella 11.

    Zenneth and I talk about different parent styles, parenting full time, keeping a positive view of your ex in front of your kids, recovering from childhood abuse, and forgiveness, healing, and moving on.

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    S.2 Ep.5 - Robbie Randolph

    S.2 Ep.5 - Robbie Randolph

    Robbie is a realtor, a stylist, a YouTuber, a cyclist, a father of 4 and a gay Christian advocate from Greenville, South Carolina. He says he’s been through a lot in the 30 plus years he’s been here and hopes his pain and successes can help others along their journeys.

    He is a single dad of 4 – three girls, Blair (10), Eloise (7) and Maxine (5). And his eldest is a boy named Davis who’s 12.

    Robbie and I talk about being a gay single dad after 14 years with a woman, getting a formal agreement in place before you leave the marital home, getting to the other side with your ex after the most difficult of circumstances, the challenges of single parenting an infant, dating men as a single dad AND a southerner, the paralyzing fear of losing your kids for being gay, and staying connected to your faith after coming out.

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    S.2 Ep.4 - Randall Chesnutt

    S.2 Ep.4 - Randall Chesnutt

    Today we’re speaking with fellow single dad, Randall Chesnutt.

    Randall is a loving father to his daughter Zerrah who is ten.
    He’s a Best Selling Author of the book “Open Your Mind and Let Doubt Out”, a Professional Speaker and Social Media Strategist. In 2015, Randall founded Spoken About, A Digital Marketing Firm specializing in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Advertising. He truly believes that Social Media networking sites have paved the way for communicating across the globe. Randall feels passionate about how social media can be used wisely to empower small business owners and enjoys talking about the pros and cons of social media participation.

    His personal and professional philosophy stems from his own shortcomings.

    “Strive to understand thyself and respect those who are different. For those who are different, just might have the answers you’re seeking.”

    Randall and I talk about wearing a Chicago Cubs hat in Houston, parenting long distance, accepting your new situation, supporting your ex’s happiness, making home for your child in an unusual place, missing out on early childhood moments, trying to read your daughter’s mind as a man, and making sure you maintain consistency with your kid for the benefit of you both.

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    S.2 Ep.3 - Mike Maloney

    S.2 Ep.3 - Mike Maloney

    Today we’re speaking with fellow single dad, Mike Maloney.

    Mike is a very close friend of mine as well as a partner in my consulting company, Barn Raisers Facilitation. We’re so close, I’m even the godfather of his twin girls, Cassie and Chloe.

    My buddy Mike is a PR and Comms expert who has worked at several of North America’s top PR and ad agencies. With a particularly deep expertise in the tech, lifestyle and enterprise spaces, Mike’s work has gone onto win international awards, fuelling millions of dollars’ worth of coverage in media outlets across North America.

    Most importantly, he is a dad or step-dad to a total of six kids – Cierra (23), Amaya (22), Simon (13), Layla (6), and Cassie and Chloe (3).

    He’s a busy dude.

    Mike had a stretch there where he was a single dad to his son, Simon, so he knows the ups and downs of that journey all too well.

    Mike and I talk about a lot of stuff including: how to be a great co-parent from a different city and even country, splitting when your kid is still an infant, the fear of missing out that’s triggered by a breakup, moving too quickly in new relationships, worrying about how your family will react to divorce, getting along with your new girlfriend’s kids and their ex, and managing the chaos of twins.

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    S. 2 Ep 2. - Rebekah Higgs

    S. 2 Ep 2. - Rebekah Higgs

    Today we have something a little different. Though she is now engaged to a wonderful new guy, Rebekah Higgs, was a single mom for quite a while to her daughter Lennon, who is now 6.

    Rebekah has made a name for herself in the home renovation & decor scene. Her unique design perspective and budget friendly DIY’s have been recognized nationally as DIY MOM pics are popping up all over the internet.

    Rebekah is building her empire, one Air BNB at a time, and in recently aired DIY MOM season 2, renovating an old basement apartment into a short term rental.

    Rebekah put her design powers to good use, raising money for the YWCA by opening her home up to the public for the Holidays. The holiday decorating frenzy inspired the DIY MOM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL released on Bell TV on Demand in December of 2018.

    2019 promises big things for Rebekah as she throws herself into more home renovations, future Air BNB' reno’s and a whole new season of DIY MOM.

    Rebekah and I talk about being a single mom, struggling to make ends meet on your own, reinventing your career to match your new circumstances, becoming a parent before your friends do, making room for someone new in your life, trying to see things from your ex’s perspective, and how to make your house a home for your kids.

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Single dads are sexy

Podcast is great! Glad I found a place with other like minded dads.

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