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Skeptiko.com is an interview-centered podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover six main categories:

– Near-death experience science and the ever growing body of peer-reviewed research surrounding it.

– Parapsychology and science that defies our current understanding of consciousness.

– Consciousness research and the ever expanding scientific understanding of who we are.

– Spirituality and the implications of new scientific discoveries to our understanding of it.

– Others and the strangeness of close encounters.

– Skepticism and what we should make of the “Skeptics”.

Skeptiko – Science at the Tipping Point Alex Tsakiris

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About the Show

Skeptiko.com is an interview-centered podcast covering the science of human consciousness. We cover six main categories:

– Near-death experience science and the ever growing body of peer-reviewed research surrounding it.

– Parapsychology and science that defies our current understanding of consciousness.

– Consciousness research and the ever expanding scientific understanding of who we are.

– Spirituality and the implications of new scientific discoveries to our understanding of it.

– Others and the strangeness of close encounters.

– Skepticism and what we should make of the “Skeptics”.

    Anthony Peake, Ferryman? |565|

    Anthony Peake, Ferryman? |565|

    Anthony Peake is a bestselling author and consciousness researcher.



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    Tucker’s response to Sudduth


    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On, this episode of Skeptiko… A show about arguing.

    Clip: And then you guys quiz each other. Mr. Winer, is that really the best use of our time? Seems like the value of having you here is I think my value as a teacher is to teach you how to learn. I think you’re telling us we should teach ourselves. I don’t think you’re gonna learn. If I tell you how to think.

    I think if you tell us what you think, then we’ll learn that. I thought you should break into groups, but you fail to learn that. So your theory is invalid

    Alex Tsakiris: Even ,arguing with people you like.


    [00:00:31] Anthony Peake: Used the term cranky? You said he was cranky.

    [00:00:34] Alex Tsakiris: In my,

    [00:00:35] Anthony Peake: and you have experience work yet. You’re consider him cranky.

    [00:00:38] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. Well, probably I’d say high probability of

    [00:00:41] Anthony Peake: cranky really, but you need to read it and you need

    [00:00:43] Alex Tsakiris: toand.

    I do. I do. I do. I do need to read it, but

    [00:00:46] Anthony Peake: I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t call somebody cranky. If I’d not read their

    [00:00:48] Alex Tsakiris: work.


    That first clip was from Joel McHale and community. And the second one was from today’s guest, Anthony peek. , who I genuinely like and respect, even though I think he stretches the metaphor a little bit too far. He always brings a lot of good research to the table. And I certainly like that. Stick around for the interview.

    [00:01:12] Alex Tsakiris: ===

    Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. I’m host Alex scarce. And today we welcome Anthony peak back to skeptical. Tony has a new book. A new book is an old, an old book that has a new book, but it’s, it’s just interesting.

    I’m I’m looking forward to diving into this with him. The book is cheating, the ferryman, the revolutionary science of life after death, the sequel to the best selling is their life after death. So, uh, that’s the new book. I, I gotta figure out how you got so much in that title on Amazon.

    They let you do that. That’s great, man. Good for you, Tony. Welcome back. Thanks for being here.

    [00:01:56] Anthony Peake: Yeah. Always enjoy Alex, our discussions. I always find them the most stimulating I do basically because you do your research and you really do know your stuff. And what I always admire about you. That you don’t tow the line.

    If somebody says something you don’t agree with, you’ll tell them. And I think that’s profoundly important, you know? But funnily enough, in terms of the, the actual title in there, it’s extraordinary, isn’t it? This is, I don’t do this. Isn’t my publishers. I, I didn’t even know they’d done this. So clearly it’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it really?

    [00:02:23] Alex Tsakiris: It’s good. It’s good. It, it, it kind of brings, it brings us around because that’s what the book does is it brings us around to the idea that here’s a guy who’s had this...

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    Dr. Rob Williams, Beings Human |564|

    Dr. Rob Williams, Beings Human |564|

    Dr. Rob Williams, has a PhD in Environmental History and is an expert in breathwork.



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    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On, this episode of Skeptiko… The power of story.

    [00:00:07] Clip: you say to him, well, I gotta get me a real geek. He says, ain’t not doing okay. You say like crap, you’re doing okay. You can’t draw a real crowd, faking a geek you’re through.

    And you walk off

    All the while you’re talking, he’s thinking about sobering up, getting the crawling shakes, screaming terrors. You give him time to think that over while you’re talking, then you’re throwing the chicken you geek

    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: And how it may be being used against us.

    [00:00:48] Dr. Rob Williams: this is exactly , what the transhumanists are doing. , they’re harnessing our informational predilection. Shall we say to try and tell a compelling story to push our species in directions? I do not think. We should.

    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: That first glyph was from nightmare alley. Willem Defoe still got it. And the second one was from today’s guest. Dr. Rob Williams SU. You may remember was on a few weeks ago, but he’s back to talk about his book. Beings human. And ABAB a lot of other stuff that you will relate to this intro. And T really think about it.

    [00:01:28] Alex Tsakiris: Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics. I’m your host, Alex scarce. And today we welcome back Dr. Rob Williams to skeptical. A few weeks ago, if you recall, Rob was nice enough to invite me on his show plan V TV. And I really, really enjoyed the conversation that he and Brandon and I shared.

    And I think we all felt like we wanted to go further and we will go further. And today is gonna be kind of a first step in that we’re gonna talk about Rob’s new book that he sent me being human. A most miraculous conspiracy. We’re also gonna talk about his very, very interesting work at the peak flow, , a wellness company that he co-founded.

    And if you recall from the first conversation. Rob really makes some amazing connections that I really appreciated. And we’re gonna get back into between breath and health and spirituality, but also with science and environmentalism and some other things that. Maybe some connections that you wouldn’t normally associate and Dr.

    Rob does those quite beautifully and quite convincingly, not just, uh, kind of fluffy stuff. What else? Of course he has a very distinguished academic career at the university of Vermont has taught courses in a number of subjects, including environmental history, where he got his PhD a few years back.

    And, uh, what else, who knows, who knows? What else we’ll get into Rob is one of these people, and you’ll see from this show, uh, he’s just so full of life. So full of energy and brings forth this light and energy with him. It’s just a, a gift and a joy to talk to someone like this. And I love the perspective.

    He brings to some really, really hard topics during some really, really hard times. So. Part of my goal here is to get Rob, to convince him not to succeed and, and not to pull Vermont and his cohorts out of the union. Cuz we need you buddy. We, we, we need you, Rob. Thanks for joining me, man. It’s great to have you here,

    [00:03:57] Dr. Rob Williams: Alex.

    It’s so good to be back with you and uh, thanks for making the time and really looking for...

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    Dr. Robert Davis, Consciousness Connection |563|

    Dr. Robert Davis, Consciousness Connection |563|

    Dr. Robert Davis, is a scientist who has deeply explored extended consciousness.



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    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On, this episode of Skeptiko… A deep, deep dive. Into consciousness.

    [00:00:08] Clip: Once you experience it, you can’t go back. You suddenly, you know, that reality. Unbelievably bizarre. And the dimensionality of consciousness is going to move us into advancing who we are as humans. But we await the paradigm shift, which is critical in terms of our understanding, the science of the subjective, integrating it with the science of the physical, in order to better understand consciousness reality.

    And maybe a little bit more about what, what life and reality is, is all about====


    That’s today’s guest Dr. Bob Davis. Talking about his new movie, the consciousness connection.

    Hold on tight. Lot of level three inside baseball to follow.


    [00:00:58] Alex Tsakiris: ====.

    =Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics.

    I’m your host, Alex Kars. And today we welcome Dr. Bob Davis back to skeptical, you know, I just went and re-listed to episode four 19, when Bob was on, he was talking about his book unseen forces. And I was like, oh my gosh, how have I dropped the ball off? I not had this guy on since Bob is great. You’ll hear that again here, but go back and list that other interview.

    I thought it was just a phenomenal interview that he gave. Uh, he’s incredibly smart. He is a real. Top notch scientist, like highly regarded in his field, PhD, Ohio state, multiple NIH grants, dozens and dozens of papers and presentations at top universities, Harvard, Cambridge, all that stuff. I mean, he is the real deal as a scientist in his field.

    And I guess the reason that I emphasize that so much is because you are not gonna believe the conversation we’re about to have, this is a guy who should be super mainstream, keep it down the middle of the road, do what I’m told kind of thing. And he is not doing that at all. He’s talking about his contact experience that he had that led to his first book, the UFO phenomenon, an experience I should say, I should mention this.

    I mentioned this in the previous episode. You know, there’s not a lot of people. Some, a lot of people say I saw UFO. There’s not a lot of people that say I had this vivid, very close encounter with the UFO, with my wife there. We both saw it for five to seven minutes. And then add to that. He’s gonna talk about near death experience because he had a near death experience.

    Believe it or not. It led to his second book life after death. And then he kind of tied all that together into a book. The last book, the one that I said, we talked about in four 17 unseen forces. And you might even say that this book is tied to a Kini experience he had, and he does a beautiful job and a really unique, suddenly unique job of re understanding these extended consciousness experiences or recategorized them, I should say, as peak experiences.

    And we won’t go into that. Cause that would just be kind of a rerun of the last interview. But what Bob has done there is given us a different way of really thinking about a lot of these different experiences and why are they peak experiences? Why are they so transformational? So go back, listen to that, read that book.

    There’s a lot, lot to gained there, but there’s just so much to talk about today ...

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    Bruce Fenton, 788,000 Year Old Science |562|

    Bruce Fenton, 788,000 Year Old Science |562|

    Bruce Fenton is an author and researcher of our ancient past.



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    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris:

    on this episode of skeptiko. A show about what’s going on in space. Now.


    [00:00:08] Clip: How big, it’s what we call a global killer. Nothing would survive, not even bacteria and a scene straight out of the movie. Armageddon, real life. NASA scientists are going to Ram a spacecraft. Into one massive astrol ===

    And 788,000 years ago.

    [00:00:28] Bruce Fenton: And again, because this very reason that they, they, they understood disappeared to be already glass and to have come from space. So a lot of the NASA guys were arguing. This had to be Luna material. That theory collapsed when we retrieved Luna materials and realized it did not mesh but their argument was very sound. One of the guys actually sort of said, well, look, what about if it came from into planetary space or somewhere further out, they said, well, that’s product. No only tell that seriously, because. What’s the chances that it ends up in a geocentric orbit.



    that first clip was from the today show. And the second one was from today’s guests, Bruce Fenton. Who you’ve heard on this show before, and I can pretty much guarantee you, you will hear from him again. He’s doing, I think just about the most important scientific research into E T UFO, the phenomenon, if you will then, well,

    Really just about anyone else I can think of.

    And I think the reason for that comes through in this interview. Stick around. It’s a good one

    [00:01:35] Alex Tsakiris: ==

    Welcome to skeptical, where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and theirs.

    Today. We welcome back Bruce Fenton to skeptical. Bruce is the author of several books. I pulled up. One of them you can find on Amazon exogenesis hybrid humans, a scientific history of extra terres what’s the rest of that genetic manipulation. Uh, there’s a couple other books you’re gonna wanna check out.

    I won’t bother reading all those into the show, but into Africa hybrid humans. And then Bruce and I a couple years ago, because I met Bruce through skeptical and I was so blown away at the quality and importance of this work that I took it upon myself to do a little movie we did. And here it is on prime VI video.

    You can watch it 780,000 years, our alien origin story. So go check that out if you want. Bruce gets a couple little pennies if you do, but his work, I just have to give this little bit of introduction, Bruce. And you’ve been on the show a couple times. People can find you a lot of different places, but like, where I wanna go with this is really.

    Help people understand why I think you’re one of the top UFO researchers in the world and why I think that is like makes you one of the top scientists in the world. And I think that’s really hard for people to swallow. It sounds like hype. It sounds like, gosh, I’ve never heard of this guy or this guy’s just, you know, he’s so minor, you know, how can you say that?

    Well, let me explain my logic, cuz I think it will play into the show in a, in a couple of important ways. So Let’s say you were gonna take a big picture view of the UFO issue. Biggest possible picture you could take, you’d say, okay, do UFOs exist? Where do they come from?

    What do they want? Right. So these three would probably be the biggest,

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    Michael Wallach, Rabies, Damn Rabies |561|

    Michael Wallach, Rabies, Damn Rabies |561|

    Michael Wallach is a writer, film producer and creator of the Viral Dellusion.



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    On this episode of skeptical. Rabies. Damn rabies.

    [00:00:08] Clip: A woman shouldn’t have to be hit by a car to learn that she may have rabies, but that is where we are in America. And that does not sit right with me. And that is why I am hosting a fun run race for the cure for rabies to raise awareness of the fact that there is a cure for rabies of disease that has been largely eradicated in the us, but not very many people know.===


    [00:00:36] Michael Wallach: there is simply no proof that there is a virus called rabies that causes the dogs to go nuts. There’s just, there, there is no scientific proof of that. That’s a story.


    So of course that first clip was Steve Carell from the office, but the second one was from.

    Today’s guest Michael Wallach, who joined me to talk about his new documentary series? The viral delusion. Hope you enjoyed the show.

    [00:01:05] Alex Tsakiris: Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. I’m your host, Alex cares. And today we’re joined by documentary filmmaker and creator of the new series.

    The viral delusion. Mike Ballek and joining us as well is Mike Stone, who is kind of a interesting guy, knowledgeable guy knew about the film. And Mike invited Mike along to kind of add maybe some input on some of the more technical, scientific parts. But I have a feeling that Mr. Wallock will be able to handle a lot of that himself.

    So to both of you, thanks so much for being.

    [00:01:50] Michael Wallach: Alex, thanks for having us. , you know, the part of the reason of making of making this documentary series was to be able to have conversations like this. And, uh, so I’m really thrilled to be.

    [00:02:01] Alex Tsakiris: Great. Well, I, I just couldn’t agree more and, you know, I, I wanted to maybe play a little clip from the documentary, but I also wanted to read this part because I think this is really the, the energy and the spirit that I’m totally in sync with you guys on.

    And I think we have to always step back and realize just how. Powerful and unique. What you’re saying is here no matter where we go in this discussion, cuz we might not always agree on everything, but here’s from your website,

    as scary as our times are they’re pregnant with possibility. The possibility for a wider understanding of our health and our politics, the possibility of working together to free ourselves from misguided medical authorities, disastrous health protocols and the corruption in injustice that leads to poor access to healthy food, limited access to fresh, clean water, dwindling opportunities to breathe fresh, and the unstop detoxification of our planet, , the known cause of disease. , well written powerful stuff. It’s maybe even the jumping off point for.

    Where you guys are coming from any comment on that?

    [00:03:20] Michael Wallach: no. I mean, I, you know, if there I’m really glad you pointed this out, because if there was any takeaway you know, that people could have, uh, on viewing the doc series, I would want it to be that paragraph. That’s exactly. , what, what we’re trying to focus on.

    And even though we dive into some, some really technical science, uh, and you know, there’s a learning curve for a lot of people, uh,

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Jessa Reed, NDE Comedy? |560|

    Jessa Reed, NDE Comedy? |560|

    Jessa Reed is a comedian, podcaster, with a NDE and contactee experience.



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    [00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: On this episode of skeptiko. Can NDEs be Funny? Well, I guess that depends on who’s telling the story.

    [00:00:12] clip: I’m gonna tell the story. The last time I drank piss.

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one

    [00:00:19] Alex Tsakiris: That’s comedian, Jessa Reed. She’s our guest today.

    [00:00:23] Jessa Reed: you know, when I got addicted to meth, it was kind of an accident.

    And then I was actually relieved. Like when, when my family was like, don’t go down this path. You know, I felt so disillusioned with the reality where I was just like, everyone’s when I got old enough to find out that magic, wasn’t real. I’m like, so life is just working a job that you hate so that you can afford a house.

    You don’t give a shit about. So you can stay in a relationship. That’s already run its course, like, let me off of this train meth addiction. Cool.


    this was a fantastic conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

    [00:00:57] Alex Tsakiris: ==

    welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics.

    I’m your host, Alex Caris. And today we welcome comedian podcaster, Jess to skeptical Jess. So welcome. Thanks for being here.

    [00:01:17] Jessa Reed: Thanks for having

    [00:01:18] Alex Tsakiris: me. Y you know, um, I love when listeners help me, uh, book guests or, you know, recommend guests. And then particularly, I always put people on the spot. I go, Hey, you reach out.

    You know, if it works, then get them involved. So Rob did that, but I kind of feel like the more I got into this, I kind of felt like two people were getting forced into a blind date. You know, it’s like, okay. You know, it might be exciting and good, but it might not work. So. Cool. Cool. Tell folks about yourself.

    Uh, probably most of my listeners, you know, a few of ’em have been, are familiar with you and the scene and, you know, I’m all about spirituality deep into the whole, uh, alien. I hate the term alien, but you know, what are we gonna do, et contact experience, especially from an extended consciousness standpoint, super into NDE.

    We’ve probably done a hundred shows on NDE science and all that stuff. So we have a lot of points of intersection. Tell people, jump us into this, what you do, what you’re all about.

    [00:02:28] Jessa Reed: , I, uh, primarily focus on, uh, the elevation of consciousness. I hate the words for all of this stuff. I imagine you probably feel the same.

    I don’t resonate with the new age movement, but I feel like a lot of the things I’m talking about sound like they are from the new age movement. Just, um, I’ll try to give the shortest version of this, cuz it’s all over the internet. , and longer versions. I had a near death experience in 2000. I was on a meth bender.

    So I am as open to the idea that the experience I had as a result of this was some sort of psychosis, but I had a near death experience and I went back to a blue ball of light that explained that reality is some sort of. Game, I guess, for lack of a, a way to explain it. And that the consciousness that had been playing the game on this planet had been playing all the way back to the dinosaurs and that we were about to switch to a different game.

    And, , after I came back from this near death experience,

    • 1 hr 13 min

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686 Ratings

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good show

just started listening and i was going thru the 1st ep w william ramsey, i was at least past half the pc when it stopped n when i checkd the ep was no longer available. was this a glitch of some sort ? was it removed by alex ?
seemed weird to me. i couldn’t finish that ep and it was getting really good haha.

Rusty Runfree ,

Out of Dozens of Pods I listen to One of the Best!

Alex is one of the best at challenging his guests which not many hosts do. It makes for amazing conversations, along with interesting topics and Alex’s views on religion make this one of my favorite podcasts of all.

Witch Tracy ,

This show!!!

This podcast is a provokingly exciting exercise in critical thinking. Thank you. However, the narrative on SD is in error. It did in fact shut things down. Schools, businesses, and healthcare facilities were extremely proactive initially in addressing the potential dangers presented by Covid. Evidently, the governor received talking points from
her corporate overlords stopped any proactivity She has been gruesomely gaslighting for months. The devastation that has been wreaked by this sickness, the vile canards promoted by the state’s elected officials, and deep corruption are incalculable. Thank you for allowing me to clarify.

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