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At Small-Minded, we are flipping the script on what it means to be small-minded because we believe that being small is a good thing. Small steps lead to big impact. Small towns have a big heart. And small businesses play a big role in our modern way of life. Here at small-minded, we share stories and strategies to help small towns and small businesses flourish. Here’s to a life well-lived being small-minded.

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At Small-Minded, we are flipping the script on what it means to be small-minded because we believe that being small is a good thing. Small steps lead to big impact. Small towns have a big heart. And small businesses play a big role in our modern way of life. Here at small-minded, we share stories and strategies to help small towns and small businesses flourish. Here’s to a life well-lived being small-minded.

    Birthday Mailbag Episode

    Birthday Mailbag Episode

    Hey there, listener!
    This episode comes to you from my NEW BUILDING on my birthday! In a previous episode I shared the BIG NEWS that MKM has purchased a brick and mortar location in downtown Cascade. We took possession on June 1 and I’m hanging out here every chance I get!
    This will eventually include an ACTUAL podcast studio but for today I’m improvising.
    We’re throwing it back to a tried and true mailbag episode! Thanks for sending your questions to me on social media! I got a little enthusiastic about only a few questions, so this might have to need a part 2! 
    Let’s dig in.
    What are you doing with the building?
    I know, right? Especially when all the rage is to get out of the office and have freedom! It’s important for me to put my money where my mouth, and I want to be part of the revitalization of downtown. The new MKM space will facilitate a flexible work schedule. I’m not requiring anyone to come in, but I want the option if they want the option!
    This HUGE building came up and I’m looking forward to a personal office, flex spaces for my team, and a large conference area. I’d love to host our workshops and programming in person!
    Not an office-office, definitely more of a hybrid situation.
    TikToks and Reels?
    I so empathize with you here! TikTok and Instagram are not friends and don’t play nicely together. Short format video is big right now and each platform has something to offer.
    Some pointers:
    Even though you can, I don’t recommend downloading a video from one platform and posting it on the other. The video quality is poor and the platforms suppress video made in the other. I get around this by editing video in In Shot and uploading it separately to each platform How do I increase engagement this summer?
    It’s such a weird time in the algorithms right now!
    With 1500 followers I could expect 200-500 reach on Instagram posts and 400-500 posts on Facebook. This year at this time I’m lucky to get 100! I’m figuring out Facebook and but my Instagram is still weird Instagram is going through some stuff right now. I’m calling it their teenage years. Instagram has rolled out some changes that people aren’t liking. I think if we stick with it they will roll those back in a few months. Post where your heart is and your people are! Find new ways to measure success like DMs.  Success is in engagement, not exposure Show yourself raw and candid. Focus on the people you’re helping. Keep Facebook posts simple and start conversations. With all the ways I could be growing, how do I manage my time?
    Let go of timeframes and established dates: We can rewrite the rules! Priorities shift based on the season How do I avoid shiny object syndrome?
    Focus your vision and ultimate desire for your business. When opportunities come your way you will be able to identify them as valuable When to pivot without leaving people behind?
    Take it slowly and surely Reflect on if it’s just burnout or if it’s a building feeling that you are not where you want to be Remember it’s okay to change your mind! Give yourself the gift of time You honor you. It’s your business. July Social School
    MKM is breaking down ads on Meta so they don’t have to be so darn tricky anymore! Sign up for 7 days of bitesize trainings and tutorials. This is for the small town business owner who is empowered, excited, and READY to understand paid advertising. You’ll be setting up and running your own ads and you’ll understand what the heck those stats mean.
    July’s membership is focusing on ads only, but we’d love you to take advantage of the annual membership discount!
    DM me on Instagram with questions or visit the shop to sign up!
    MKM Business School
    School is in session, my friend! MKM business school is for the female small town business owner in years 2-7 of her business. She’s established and needs guidance to grow! When sho

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    Managing Your Money Mindset with Sheila Hansen

    Managing Your Money Mindset with Sheila Hansen

    Hey there listener!
    I’m so excited to introduce someone I love and admire. Sheila Hansen is on the podcast! We’re chatting money mindset.
    Ooo. Did you cringe? Did your gut drop a little? Why IS it that money can make us feel so weird? That’s why Sheila’s work is such a gift. She focuses on mindset around money instead of just dollars and cents.
    Sheila has her own business, Sheila Hansen LLC, that helps small businesses, especially service-based businesses, make sense of their money.
    Key Takeaways
    Sheila and her husband, Bo, live on five acres near Omaha, Nebraska with their three kiddos. Sheila loves country living but still being close enough to a city to enjoy all it has to offer. She originally thought she’d be a teacher, but loved her high school accounting classes. She enjoys her position now and personally teaching people about their finances. Sheila studied accounting at UN Lincoln and climbed the public accounting ladder. Starting a family changed her career outlook! A miscarriage shifted her focus and gave her the courage to start her own business. I mention a previous podcast guest: Robin Boudreau of No Foot Too Small and Honoring Angels Every business has a different start! Sheila worked as an assistant with her husband while she built her business. Money mindset is so important to Sheila! She challenges us to think about money messages we observed growing up and how they affect us today.  Sheila says to turn into your body’s intuition and to question that “icky” feeling you get when you think about money. “Money comes money goes but it will always flow!” There are a couple of steps to get started before reaching out to a professional like Sheila. You need basic data so someone can help! Get a business bank account Get some way to track data (A spreadsheet at the very least but she recommends Quickbooks) When should you hire a professional for money matters? Reflect on the value of your time. Just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean you should! Sheila says that anyone with needs beyond basic W-2 tax preparation should hire a professional for their taxes. When should you hire an employee? This depends on your model. Consider the potential of growth by bringing someone on. You don’t have to go all in! You can start with a contractor, or hire someone who wants flexible hours. Price on your value, not your hours. Know your ideal audience. Sheila recommends the Biz Chicks Podcast and was a guest on the coaching episode. She said the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks helped her mindset. Connect with Sheila
    Contact Sheila through her website or Instagram.
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    Finding Your Financial Partner with Melissa King

    Finding Your Financial Partner with Melissa King

    Welcome back to the Small Minded Podcast, listener!
    I’m excited to welcome my friend Melissa King of Dupaco Credit Union. It won’t take long into the episode for you to see how we always have fun together! We giggle as much as we talk shop, but we DO talk shop. Melissa is here to talk about her career in financial services. She emphasizes the importance of forming a partnership with your financial partner and makes finances make sense.
    Key Takeaways
    Melissa King lives with her family on an acreage near Bernard, and Cascade, Iowa. She was raised on a beef farm just a few miles away where her parents live now.  Melissa says she is the “Queen of Pivoting” along with many entrepreneurs! Yes! Volunteering and hard work was important to Melissa growing up. She continues to stay involved in the community. She found her position at Dupaco as a temporary employee at age 18 and has been with them since. She originally didn’t think she would do college but now holds an MBA! Community is important to Melissa and one of the best takeaways from business school was the connections and friendships she made. Melissa loves meeting with small business owners in every stage of the game and following their progress. Your relationship with your financials is an important one! Check in at least as often as you connect with your accountant or attorney. Melissa says your financial should get to know you and discuss custom solutions. Look to America’s Small Business Development Centers for professional business advice by state. Melissa has become a small business owner herself! She and her family raise miniature golden doodles. Connect with Melissa
    You can reach Melissa by phone at five-six-three-581-9081 or email at mking@dupaco.com
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    BIG NEWS from Molly

    BIG NEWS from Molly

    Hey there, listener. Welcome to this BIG episode of SMALL Minded!
    I think this will be the first in a long series of big news and updates. It’s so exciting because my dreams are happening in real time!
    This episode is a little shorter than usual, but it is so big it needed a space all its own.
    Listen to the episode and DON’T skip ahead on the notes!
    Key Takeaways
    Before I share our BIG NEWS let’s take a journey back in time to my beginnings as a business owner! I loved my job as a middle school English Language Arts in 2013 but when I found out I was pregnant with our third baby I really wondered if I could balance my job with teaching. I finished out the school year and had our baby in August 2014.  2014 was a blur! In addition to adding Baby #3 we built a house! My littles kept me plenty busy! In 2016 I had our fourth baby and started to wonder if there was an identity for me beyond “Mom.” I wanted to make some money for our family so I took on some subbing jobs and helped with administrative help in my dad and cousin’s business. Part of my administrative tasks was marketing. I didn’t really know what I was doing but made a Facebook business page. I just shared what I wanted to know about businesses: What projects were they working on, stories and faces behind the business, etc.  Whatever I did must have worked! They got great results! By late 2016 a third person contacted me and I made the leap to becoming a “real” business. March 2017 was my official launch. I continued to grow and in November wrote a 5- and 10-year plan. It seemed SO far off at the time, but for my five years I dreamt of: A historic brick-and-mortar location in my hometown Employing moms in a flexible setting Childcare Boutique coffee A one-stop shop for small business startups with service provider recommendations, digital marketing services, and a startup sector You guys. I can’t believe how much of this is coming true! MKM has added podcasting, graphic design, copywriting, web design, and as of June 1, 2022: A BRICK AND MORTAR LOCATION!! Seriously. In early 2022 I noticed the beautiful old bank next to my coworking space up for sale on a Tuesday and we had an offer in by Saturday morning! Last week it officially became ours! Follow on the socials for lots of updates on the renovation process! I’m so excited to bring you along. Mailbag episode scheduled for later this month! Submit your questions! (Business) School is Session!
    MKM Business School Mastermind is for women in years two through seven of their business who are ready to scale from startup to sustainable. Connect with a circle ready to elevate you to create something that lasts.
    What you get:
    Guest “professor” with a focus topic each month Two guest experts (“adjunct professors”) throughout the month with a special focus. Hear from HR professionals to start hiring, attorneys to answer legal questions, and more Monthly Hot Seat Session Bonus 1-on-1 coaching with Molly Access to MKM video training library DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email at hello@mollyknuthmedia.com with subject MKM Business School.
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    What’s Working Right Now on Social

    What’s Working Right Now on Social

    Hey friends! 
    This podcast tackles a common topic… What the HECK is working right now on Social in spring of 2022!
    You probably noticed major shifts on Instagram and Facebook earlier this year. With access to client accounts I could extract common themes across the board. I reached out to my network, ran some experiments, and I feel like we have it down. For now. 
    I shared what I learned in a Facebook Live training and have that recording for you today. I’m a total talker and explainer, but I think I have it down to 45 minutes!
    Key Takeaways
    This session focused on six main topics.
    Back when I started in 2017, social media was as simple as posting a video! But as more and more people shared content, the algorithm started to pick and choose what to promote. Now it’s important to strategize so more people see your posts. It’s not as simple as just showing up. Watch your stats to figure out what your followers like and interact with. Map out what you will post each day to make customers know, like, and trust you Make a quarterly and monthly map Photos
    I love brand photos and recommend having at least one head shot and maybe a few more. But don’t feel like you always have to be beautiful and branded! Balance perfection with reality. Multi-image posts are getting great engagement. Not collages, but photos for people to swipe through. This increases your engagement. Show yourself! Viewers interact more with people than products. Video
    Video is so hot right now!  You don’t have to record a video. Consider just adding a video instead of static background to the content you already have. Storytelling
    Storytelling always works! Book recommendation: Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller Even if someone doesn’t need your product or service in the moment, stories make you memorable. Bring viewers into your life and through your day. Think about parts of your day that can inform and guide. Platforms
    Don’t try to be everywhere at once! You will burn out and it’s just too much work! Consider owning a space away from the platforms with a blog, website, or email list. “Keep your platforms simple but drive them to the big goals for your business” Relatability
    “If you wait until you are ready you will always be waiting” The perfect polished post is not really what’s working right now Dive into what you are doing today and document it! Follow for More
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    Tassel on the Rearview Mirror Graduation Stories

    Tassel on the Rearview Mirror Graduation Stories

    Hey, listeners!
    In this episode I’m sharing high school stories, especially from my senior year. It was just graduation weekend here in Cascade and there is excitement in the air! I hope the kiddos (young adults?) who graduated appreciate what a special time this is! There is a reason we call those years the best of our lives (which I don’t full-on agree with… more on that later)!
    This was super fun. I had a great time making the episode, and I think it will be super relatable for elder millennials! Remember burning CDs? Or the first iPod and how dumb everyone thought they were… until they didn’t? 
    I don’t think 17-year-old me could have imagined using a digital camera ON MY PHONE to take pictures of these old pictures to share on a BLOG for my PODCAST! 
    I would love to hear more about your small-town high school days! I’ll link up the socials below!
    Key takeaways
    Senior year is so special in pop culture and it was for me too! My high school had 7-12 in the same building and I remember thinking the seniors were just so cool! I share some of my favorite outfits. Remember how everything in 2005 was 70s inspired? I’m cool with bell bottoms coming back around but low rise jeans need to STAY AWAY! My school had a tradition of a senior skip day and senior prank but my class was a buncha’ rule followers! I spent so much time grounded my senior year, which was no fun, but then I somehow didn’t get voted most likely to get grounded? I was so upset about that! I share some of markers of the time… My Dodge Intrepid, hanging leis from the rearview, burning CDs, and the first time I saw an iPod! I don’t think high school makes the best years of your life, but they are certainly the beginning! There is just something magical about being old enough to really get out there and have real fun but not the responsibilities yet!  June Social School
     It’s June and school is JUST getting started! Social School is now enrolling for June! This month we’re focusing on captions that convert. What is working for captions right now? How the heck should you format them? 
     This month’s Social School includes:
     Bite-sized video trainings Access to supplemental materials A Q & A with me Sign up at my website here. You can sign up for June or jump in for the whole year! An annual membership gets you two free months!
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Lindsay M. Leahy ,

Inviting and insightful!

Molly’s approach is consistently warm and inviting (like a big hug), and her guests and conversations are insightful. I walk away with new ideas and inspiration after every episode. It’s a pick me up and great way to start my day!

StacySueB ,

Always good information

Molly is great to listen to. Her love for small business’ and small towns and communities is so evident in every episode. She always has great topics! I always look forward to Tuesday’s to listen to the newest one!!!

Jade Boyd ,

Smart and Relateable

I always look forward to listening to Molly’s episodes because she makes each topic so fun and engaging! My favorite episodes are when she shares the behind the scenes of being a small-town social media marketer and small biz owner - so relateable.

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