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Speak Up St. Louis is an interview based podcast that amplifies the voices and perspectives of leaders in the St. Louis Community. We elevate the diverse group of individuals who hold down the cultural fabric of our region, and represent the Heart and Soul of St. Louis.

Speak Up St. Louis Quinton Ward + Lucas Signorelli + LRKR

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Speak Up St. Louis is an interview based podcast that amplifies the voices and perspectives of leaders in the St. Louis Community. We elevate the diverse group of individuals who hold down the cultural fabric of our region, and represent the Heart and Soul of St. Louis.

    Episode 58: Mark Saxon (Cardinals Baseball Writer)

    Episode 58: Mark Saxon (Cardinals Baseball Writer)

    Mark Saxon is a local baseball writer who covers the St. Louis Cardinals. He's worked for decades in the industry as a beat reporter with organizations such as The Athletic and ESPN, and is a frequent contributor on local sports radio.

    Mark joins the podcast to have a "meta" discussion about Cardinals Baseball. Beyond just the day-to-day tactics of the team, Mark outlines the history of the franchise, and the nature of it's uniquely close relationship to the St. Louis fan base. We also talk about the state of the game of Baseball as a whole, and how it compares to other sports in the American psyche.

    Mark Saxon is one of the most insightful and FUN baseball commentators out there, and we thank him for sharing his thoughts with the Speak  Up St. Louis listeners!

    Follow Mark on Twitter @markasaxon

    • 1 hr 14 min
    Episode 57: KYJUAN (St. Lunatics)

    Episode 57: KYJUAN (St. Lunatics)

    KYJUAN is a rapper from the legendary Hip-Hop group the St. Lunatics!

    Hailing from U-City, KYJUAN and his brother Murphy Lee made it HUGE in the music industry, and put St. Louis on the map for hip-hop internationally.

    On the podcast, Kyjuan tells the legendary story of how  he met Nelly and the Lunatics were formed, recording early songs at Saints roller rink, what is was like to blow up on Country Grammar, advice for navigating the business side of the industry, and the INDEPENDENT release of Murphy Lee's new album 2nd Time Around, featuring a track with Kyjuan.

    This may be my favorite episode so far! Kyjuan is a legend and personal hero of the podcast.


    INTRO - 93 Riverfront Flow
    OUTRO - 2nd Time Around

    • 1 hr 38 min
    Episode 56: Katie Finch (AmeriCorps)

    Episode 56: Katie Finch (AmeriCorps)

    Katie Finch is the Director of AmeriCorps at Mission St. Louis, and oversees 150 AmeriCorps service members across 30 nonprofits in our region. As a result, Katie has her finger on the pulse of the St. Louis nonprofit ecosystem.

    In this episode, Katie joins us to discuss the AmeriCorps program: it's purpose, history, and impact on the St. Louis region. She also tells the story of her journey into service, and shares her optimistic view towards St. Louis, and our ability to solve the problems we face in our community.

    Katie is a passionate and dedicated servant of St. Louis, and we thank her for sharing her story on Speak Up St. Louis!




    • 1 hr 6 min
    Episode 55: Jeffrey Blair (EyeSeeMe)

    Episode 55: Jeffrey Blair (EyeSeeMe)

    Jeffrey Blair (and his wife Pamela)  are the owners and founders of EyeSeeMe African American Children's Bookstore. While raising children of their own, they sought to change a key problem with their education: the absence of books that reflected their own history and cultural heritage.

    Jeffrey and Pamela began curating books that featured African American children as main characters, so they could SEE themselves in the stories, protagonists, and overall narratives. Not surprisingly, their children became incredibly high achievers, attending Harvard, Columbia, and Bard colleges.

    Seeing the success that these books brought to their own family, Jeffery and Pamela started EyeSeeMe African American Children's Bookstore to bring it to the larger community. Their store in University City features thousands of titles by black authors, featuring black children, and accentuating African American history and culture.

    On this episode, Jeffrey discusses his family's journey of discovery, philosophy towards education, role of books in cultural life, and the founding of the business.

    Please visit the EyeSeeMe bookstore located at 6951 Olive Blvd in University City, and browse their WEBSITE to look at their many books and titles.

    Thank you to Jeffrey and Pamela for sharing their WONDERFUL bookstore, and philosophy, with the St. Louis community and beyond. We appreciate and support you!

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Episode 54: Senator Brian Williams (Missouri State Senate)

    Episode 54: Senator Brian Williams (Missouri State Senate)

    Senator Brian Williams represents the St. Louis region's 14th District in the Missouri Senate.

    Brian joins the show to discuss his entrance into politics, what drives him as a lawmaker, how he creates legislative impact despite being in a super-minority, navigating the dynamics of Jefferson City, and what St. Louis can do to move forward as a region.

    Senator Williams is a brilliant political mind, and hardworking change agent who brings the voice of the people to the halls of power. We thank him for his work serving his constituents, and for taking time to come on Speak Up St. Louis!

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Episode 53: Dr. Art McCoy (STL.Works)

    Episode 53: Dr. Art McCoy (STL.Works)

    Dr. Art McCoy is a trailblazer, educator, entrepreneur, evangelist, and leader passionately empowering people. He is the former Superintendent of Ferguson/Florissant and Jennings School District, and is currently the Champion of Workforce Development at STL.Works.

    On this episode, Dr. McCoy describes his journey from becoming the youngest teacher in the state of Missouri, to a Superintendent, CEO, and community leader. He shares his philosophy on life and career, while tying everything back to his new role at STL.Works, and their mission of providing high paying jobs to thousands of St. Louisans.

    Dr. McCoy is a charismatic speaker, brilliant multidisciplinary thinker, and passionate advocate for change in St. Louis. Whether your interests are education, leadership, or community development, you will thoroughly enjoy listening to Dr. McCoy!



    • 1 hr 22 min

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4.9 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

In the tall weeds ,

Informative and entertaining

Lucas and Q do an excellent job of selecting and interviewing a cross-section of impactful and interesting St. Louisans. Politicians, developers, artists, activists, executives, farmers and many others have found their way onto this podcast. Lucas and Q have a knack for asking very relevant questions and they also give their guests plenty of time and space to tell stories and explain who they are.
Oh, and the audio quality is quite good....it is one of the few podcasts that I can actually hear through headphones when I mow the grass. Well done gents!

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