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A horrifying and hilarious podcast! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.

Strangeful Things Strangeful Things

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A horrifying and hilarious podcast! We cover mysteries, true crime, and generally weird topics from a humorous perspective.

    Pauline Dakin

    Pauline Dakin

    So if when you were a kid you had to move all the time and worry about assassins and your mom pulled you out of school in the middle of the day to hide from kidnappers would you find it exciting?

    I ask because that is exactly what happened to Pauline Dakin growing up.  The story of what she went thorough is crazy and you have to hear it to believe it!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Elma Sands - The Manhattan Well Murder

    Elma Sands - The Manhattan Well Murder

    Take a young couple who might be in love, the bustling city of Manhattan, and a mystery and you have a good story.

    Make the year 1799, add Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and add a liberal serving of the first recorded murder trial transcript in the history of the United States and you have a GREAT story!

    Join as as we tell the tale of Gulielma "Elma" Sands and Levi Weeks.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    The Disappearance of Larry Griffin

    The Disappearance of Larry Griffin

    We take the letter carrier who gives us our bills and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for granted, but back in 1929, Larry Griffin, the postman for Stradbally, Ireland, got taken in a very different way.

    Join us for the tale of how some townies ruined the Christmas of a genteel (and drunk) civil servant!

    • 1 hr 8 min


    The glory that is elephants is really something to behold. They are smart, empathetic, and sometimes deadly!  Join us as we look into why elephants kill, who they kill, and get all judgey about whether or not the killings are justified.

    The whales of the land are ready to be explored!

    • 1 hr 13 min
    The Anasazi Part 2

    The Anasazi Part 2

    We wrap up Native American Heritage Month with the second half of the story of the people in the Southwest who built an amazing society and then just sort of melted away.

    Where did they go?  Well that's what we are going to try to find out in the conclusion to our coverage of The Anasazi.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    The Anasazi Part 1

    The Anasazi Part 1

    There are wonders within the boundaries of what is now the United States that way too many people don't know about. Continuing our dedication to Native American History Month we present the first part of the people that are known by some as the Anasazi.

    Also, we learn what happens when a cowpoke decides poking cows is not as fun as being an amateur archeologist.  Join us!

    • 1 hr 10 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
62 Ratings

62 Ratings

lmsb26 ,


Hysterical and informative. I cry laughing most of the time

cold raw beans good ,


Great episode, very dark. Love all three of you. Bring Snoops back.

mamakurt ,

Midwestern put downs

Making fun of and putting down people from the Midwest just shows your ignorance. Just like profiling any group, race, or religion assuming everyone is the is same is wrong, you are too.

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