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i'm not like a regular bitcoin podcast. i'm a cool bitcoin podcast.

supermoney - bitcoin for beginners deana burke

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i'm not like a regular bitcoin podcast. i'm a cool bitcoin podcast.

    Crypto Art 101 with Blake Finucane

    Crypto Art 101 with Blake Finucane

    In this episode I interview Crypto Art scholar Blake Finucane. If you know nothing about Crypto Art - even if you’ve never heard those two words being used together in the same phrase - no worries. We’re covering the very basics of this thing. What is it? Where did it come from? Who is doing it? Blake is so wonderful and smart so even if you have no interest in Crypto Art I recommend listening just to experience her particular brand of loveliness.

    Mentioned in the show:

    Blake Finucane on Twitter 

    CryptoGraffiti, Nakamoto 

    Primavera de Filippi, The Plantoid 



    Marcel Duchamp, Tzanck Check  



    Andy Warhol, The Factory 

    Tate Modern, Dada.art Collaboration



    OpenSea, A Marketplace for Crypto Collectibles 

    Ai Weiwei / Kevin Abosch, Priceless 

    • 42 min
    episode 4 - frequently wondered things about crypto

    episode 4 - frequently wondered things about crypto

    This episode answers a few questions that you've maybe always had about crypto, but were too shy to ask. We're covering some of the very basics here like....what about these other cryptocurrencies? what is mining? who sets the price? and, how do I get started? 

    Solid places to buy Bitcoin, which I mentioned in the episode:

    - Gemini

    - Vertbase (for buying with Pound & Euro) 

    - Cashapp

    • 13 min
    episode 3 - bitcoin in crisis

    episode 3 - bitcoin in crisis

    This episode looks at the scandals of Silk Road and Quadriga, and explores lessons learned from each. This is good prep for handling the Bitcoin skeptics that will probably try and use these cases to convince you that Bitcoin is only used by criminals. It's just better that you're prepared, ya know? 

    Additional reading:

    - The untold story of Silk Road, part 1 

    - The untold story of Silk Road, part 2 

    - Ponzi Schemes, Private Yachts, and a missing $250 Million in Crypto: The Strange Tale of Quadriga

    In next week's episode I'll be answering Frequently Asked Crypto Questions! Email me @ supermoneypodcast@gmail.com with ANY QUESTION that you may have. No question is too basic! hmuuuu

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    episode 2 - bitcoin's daddy

    episode 2 - bitcoin's daddy

    Who invented Bitcoin? Who is ~~Satoshi Nakamoto~~ and what happened after they published the original Bitcoin white paper? This episode journeys through Bitcoin's crazy origin story and early days. 

    No crypto experience necessary! 

    • 14 min
    episode 1 - what even is bitcoin?

    episode 1 - what even is bitcoin?

    What IS bitcoin? Like, really. What IS IT? This episode gets to the very basics of what bitcoin is and how it works. No crypto experience necessary. 

    • 11 min
    introducing supermoney

    introducing supermoney

    Are you sort of curious about bitcoin, but can't bear the thought of sitting through another jargon-filled lecture about the blockchain and how "disruptive" it all is? I get that. I'm here for you.  supermoney is a not-annoying podcast about Bitcoin, for total beginners. 

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4.7 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

natashahoskins ,

Awesome podcast if you are trying to learn about bitcoin

I've been wanting to better understand cyrpto and bitcoin for years. Up until now, all of the podcasts I've tried are heady and hard to follow. But this one is super engaging and accessible!! It is really a fresh approach to understanding this space. High recommendation!

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