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Sweet Grace for Your Journey is the podcast for women who want to lose weight and live healthy—body, soul and spirit. Author Teresa Shields Parker shares tip and advise each week from her personal journey of losing over 250 pounds and having kept it off since 2013.

Sweet Grace For Your Journey Teresa Shields Parker | Christian Weight Loss Coach, Author and Speaker

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Sweet Grace for Your Journey is the podcast for women who want to lose weight and live healthy—body, soul and spirit. Author Teresa Shields Parker shares tip and advise each week from her personal journey of losing over 250 pounds and having kept it off since 2013.

    16. The Breakup

    16. The Breakup

    Episode 016—The Breakup
    Do you have a relationship with sugar? If so what kind of relationship do you have? I had a co-dependent relationship. That means I have an excessive emotional and psychological reliance on my partner, which was sugar. It was this relationship that became an addiction.
    It’s important to understand several things to understand the level of your indulgence and your own relationship with food or sugar. Answering questions like: Where you learned your relationship with food or sugar? What is that relationship specifically? 
    Do you have a casual flirtation, an occasional date, one of those once a week dates, a date that goes too far way too often, an every night affair or a co-dependent relationship where you can’t live without it and think you’ll die if you have to give it up.

    The level of your indulgence will speak loudly to what you need to do. If it hasn’t already sugar addiction will lead to obesity, which will lead to diseases like cancer, stroke and heart disease. Read more about Sugar Addiction and Cancer HERE. (https://teresashieldsparker.com/sugar-addiction-cancer/).
    Tips on how to break the chains of sugar’s hold is available in my free course, KickSugar. Go here to get immediate access. (https://Teresashieldsparker.com/kicksugar/). 
    To get on the waitlist for Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Academy go HERE. (https://TeresashieldsParker.com/overcomers-christian-weight-loss-academy/)

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    15. I Was a Rebel

    15. I Was a Rebel

    Episode 015—I Was a Rebel
    When we don’t follow what God shows us to do, even if it is just in one area, we are a rebel. Of course I didn’t see myself that way. It would take some inner healing work to even find the lies I believed that were holding me back from trusting God completely.
    I went so far as to ask God how I could lose weight. He gave me a plan, but it was a plan I didn’t like, so I rejected it. I continued to do everything else I knew to do, the easy things like going to church, reading my Bible, leading groups and even praying, but my relationship with God was dry.
    It was dry because I knew I was in rebellion. The only cure for rebellion is surrender and yet, I felt like I had to fix the mess I had made of my life when I gained up to 430 pounds. Hear how I got through that and how you can find that same cure.
    My free course #KickSugar is available now on my website. It contains 10 videos that lead you through a process to surrender this issue to God. Go here: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/KickSugar/. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review on Apple Podcasts (itunes).

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    14. Rhonda Burrows: Overcoming Food Addiction

    14. Rhonda Burrows: Overcoming Food Addiction

    Episode 013—Rhonda Burrows: Overcoming Food Addiction
    Rhonda Burrows, an Overcomers Academy member, a trained addiction counselor and ordained minister, knows addiction well. Still, she was sober from alcoholism for over 30 years when the truth hit her that she is also a food addict.
    She has been walking out of food addiction for almost six years after joining my various coaching groups and courses. Today she has lost over 50 pounds off of her small 4-foot, 11-inch frame. She says there are mental, spiritual and physical components at play that she has to navigate to walk in the freedom Christ is bringing her.

    Along the way, she learned she had to give up her “golden calf” of comfort. “I thought food was my golden calf, but God showed me it really was what I thought I was getting from food and that was comfort.” Today she’s learning how to live in the real, true comfort of the Holy Spirit.
    Right now Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Academy is open for new members only through Feb. 7 at noon. To join Rhonda, Teresa and the other members go here: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/Overcomers-Christian-Weight-Loss-Academy/

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    13. Kieawnie Clar: Going Forward

    13. Kieawnie Clar: Going Forward

    Episode 013—Kieawnie Clar: Going Forward
    Kieawnie Clar is a lifestyle consultant who is finally going forward on her weight loss journey. Understanding the basics was difficult for her. She discovered a rebellious streak that she had to deal with in order to surrender her will to God’s.
    She had obstacles to overcome, but working on her mindset, her emotional eating issues and her relationship with God helped her finally begin her journey. She’s lost 30 pounds and says she finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel. 
    Overcomers Academy has helped challenge her and redefine her as a bold, courageous woman of God. This is a big change from how she saw herself for years. Her journey is one everyone can relate to.
    To connect with Kieawnie, email her at Kieawnie.clar@gmail.com. Or check out her Beauty 4 Ashes page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kieawn/
    To join Overcomers Academy or get on the waitlist, go to https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/Overcomers-Academy/ 
    I’ll see you in the group

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    12. SundiJo Graham: No More Diets

    12. SundiJo Graham: No More Diets

    Episode 012—No More Diets
    When SundiJo Graham’s seven-year-old cousin told her his Christmas wish was for her to be able to ride the roller coaster with him, she was devastated when she failed to give him the gift he wanted the next year. 
    It took time, lots of struggle, dealing with issues in her past and getting real with God before she would finally lose enough weight to give him his gift. She has lost 145 pounds, but she did not diet and still doesn’t. Hear SundiJo’s amazing story on this week’s podcast.
    To contact SundiJo, go to SundiJo.com. Get a free download of her book at http://www.sundijo.com/stepaway. Check her out on Facebook.com/SundiJo. 
    Here’s the link to join or get on the waitlist for Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Academy where Teresa and SundiJo hang out: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/Overcomrs-Christian-Weight-Loss-Academy/

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    11. Lasting Weight Loss: Peggy Burgess Loses 79 Pounds

    11. Lasting Weight Loss: Peggy Burgess Loses 79 Pounds

    Episode 11—Lasting Weight Loss
    Peggy Burgess Loses 79 Pounds
    Peggy Burgess, 69, is a single mom of five, grandmother of seven and great-grandmother of six, with another one on the way.  Since coming into my coaching courses and groups she has lost 79 pounds. She’s doing it the right way, slow and steady and incorporating habit changes as she goes. That is resulting in her lasting weight loss.
    She’s gone from constantly using a wheelchair, not driving and being housebound to walking, volunteering, driving wherever she wants and even babysitting her great-grandchildren and other children. Listen to her remarkable story of transformation.
    Join Peggy and the other members of Overcomers Christian Weight Loss Academy when doors open Jan. 30. Get on the waitlist to be notified when doors open and receive free resources while you wait. Go here: https://TeresaShieldsParker.com/overcomers-christian-weight-loss-academy/

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klclex ,

Love this podcast!

Love this podcast! Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us!
So encouraging and helpful- God Bless💗

Chick Singer ,

Such an honest and yet practical way to view our body journey with food!

Teresa is so down to earth with all her sharing about food, her life journey with weight and how all of us can view our own weight journey. I love that she points us to the ONE who can help us in every way—including our emotions and choices in regards specifically to food and our health!

jamonamia ,

Simply Wonderful

This podcast moves me to take action and change my life. My spirit is lifted every time I listen. I don’t miss an episode. Love it!

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